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State Of Kansas Demands Child Support From Sperm Donor

Deadbeat Dad Ordered No More Children

The Kansas Department for Children and Families has filed a lawsuit demanding child support from a sperm donor. William Marotta of Topeka, Kansas donated his sperm to be used in an artificial insemination procedure, but never expected to financially support the child.

It all started when Marotta answered an ad on Craigslist requesting sperm donation. A lesbian couple, Angela Bauer and her partner Jennifer Schreiner, placed the ad in March 2009. Marotta responded to the ad and, as part of the agreement, gave up all parental rights and financial responsibility toward the eventual child.

The couple, who have a total of eight children together, have been separated since 2010 but still share parental responsibilities and remain close. Unfortunately, due to an unexpected illness earlier this year, they were forced to contact the Kansas state welfare agency for financial assistance. The state immediately asked for the name of the sperm donor.

William Marotta’s name is not on the child’s birth certificate and the child’s mothers were reluctant to reveal the information. As reported in The Topeka Capital Journal, the state refused to provide any medical benefits to the 3-year-old child unless they named the “father.”

Angela Bauer explains how she felt, being forced to provide the state with Marotta’s name:

“This was a wonderful opportunity with a guy with an admirable, giving character who wanted nothing more than to help us have a child. I feel like the state of Kansas has made a mess out of the situation.”

Bauer further stated that she cannot thank Marotta and his wife enough for what his donation has meant to her and her family, and for that she will always be grateful.

According to NBC News, there have been several other states involved in cases of child support and sperm donors. While most states have laws in place that protect sperm donors, there has been at least one case in Vermont, Massachusetts, and in New York where the donors have been made to pay child support.

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9 Responses to “State Of Kansas Demands Child Support From Sperm Donor”

  1. George McCasland

    There are no acceptable defenses to being ordered to pay child support, including being an underage boy who was molested by an adult woman. The only protection that donors to Sperm Banks have is anonymity. This is not a sexuality issue, it is a gender issue. Unlike women, men do not have the right to abort responsibility for a child both before and after the child is born.

    The young man will be needing this.

  2. Josie Henderson

    8 children and NOW they need help due to an unhealthy circumstance…if she has any remorse for the sperm donor and his wife she WOULDN'T have given the sperm donors name and NOT get benefits for the 3 yr old…its people (woman) like that who shouldn't have children…why don't they get help from their families?

  3. Lauren Meyer Alexander

    I disagree. If he relinquished his rights properly and legally from the beginning, this should not be an issue now.

  4. Lauren Meyer Alexander

    I disagree. If he relinquished his rights properly and legally from the beginning, this should not be an issue now.

  5. George McCasland

    He did not relinquish any rights, as he had none from the beginning. No single father has an presumes rights in the US. However, unless there is an official adoption, they are still responsible for child support, retroactive. This is not the first case of this in recent years. Semen donation does not provide any legal protection. The only protection it provide is the inability to identify the donor, which was not done in this case.

  6. Josie Henderson

    Nothing of the sort was talked about…I'm pretty sure the man signed paperwrk…but still that is besides the point…the point is this woman thinks its ok to be artificially insiminated with some man's sperm cuz she or they wanted a baby and now due to an unforseen circumstance she thinks its ok to go after a sperm doner cuz " SHE WANTED A CHILD?!" she's responsible for her actions NOT him!

  7. Tony Griffin

    Josie Henderson – You might want to go back and read the article. It wasn't the women that went after him… they were reluctant to give his name. It was the state going after him, because they refused to recognize the fact that the two women were a family with their children, and wanted to recoup the welfare assistance that the child needed.

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