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Swearing Woman Freed After Spending Christmas In Jail

Jailed For Swearing

Niles, MI – A woman who spent the Christmas holiday in jail after she swore inside the county clerk’s office has reportedly been released on bond.

While attemtping to settle a traffic ticket, 40-year-old LaRue Ford became a little upset. According to CBS Detroit, the woman allegedly used some colorful language as she was leaving the office. The clerks overhead her profanity and alerted authorities.

Ford was soon apprehended by police and placed in jail for contempt. As a result of the arrest, the woman was forced to spend the Christmas holiday behind bars. Her bond was initially revoked since she could not provide proof of a permanent address.

UPI reports that Ford said she was swearing to herself inside the country clerk’s office. The woman said she had simply become frustrated while she was attempting to clear up the issue with the ticket. When she came back with the money for the fine, police moved in for the arrest.

In an effort to get Ford out of jail, the American Civil Liberties Union issued an emergency appeal stating that the woman was only “muttering” to herself when she swore inside the government building. After her bond was lowered from $5,000 to $500, Ford was finally able to leave.

According to Follow the Leader, the swearing incident forced the woman to spend Christmas away from her family in Illinois. ACLU attorney Megan Reynolds said Ford shouldn’t have been arrested in the first place.

She explained:

“Contempt of court arises in the courtroom when it is directly observed by the judge. She was not in court, she did not direct any of her comments toward the judge, so the idea that she would be serving this much time for statements that happened in an administrative office, I think it is extraordinary.”

Do you think the woman should have been jailed for swearing inside the county clerk’s office?

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7 Responses to “Swearing Woman Freed After Spending Christmas In Jail”

  1. Kaitlin Deegan

    I hope she sues for wrongful detainment or something along those lines. That's some bullshit!

  2. Jenny Guttowsky Metcalf

    seriously? arresred for "freedom of speech" in a public building?
    have you ever been to the clerk's office in a courthouse? I believe the only place more frustrating – is the BMV/DMV.
    I can't believe this woman was jailed for expressing her frustration/opinion – I am guessing she was 'missing the correct paperwork – even though she likely had her drivers licence, ss card, birth certificate, the ticket, her blood type, a document promising her first born, and some means to pay the ticket…..
    I can honestly say, I have never left either of the above mentioned establishments 1. with a smile on my face, 2. with normal blood pressure, 3. without cussing, 3. without having to make a return trip because I didn't bring the proper paperwork (which changes with each visit)

  3. Still_pickin

    There once was a lady in Niles.
    to our faces she brought us smiles.
    she said to the court clerk.
    gee, you're an effin jerk.
    now she's off to the slammer and trials.

  4. Deborah Jo Siler-Williams

    No way! It is just another case of " police" abusing their power! And, they always get away with it!! And when they yell at you using profanity, their supervisiors dont beleave it!!

  5. Richard Welch

    I was born and raised there and I can tell you that the worst racism in the country is in Michigan. This judge is simply another one of the racists who feel they own the law. If I still lived there, I would have nothing but contempt for Michigan courts.

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