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Magic Johnson Denies Replacing ‘Old’ Employee With Younger Woman

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson has denied recent allegations that he fired a member of his flight staff because she was too “old” for the job.

In retaliation to the lawsuit against the basketball legend, Johnson’s lawyers said the woman was fired simply because she wasn’t very good at her job. Johnson reportedly called his former employee’s case “frivolous.”

According to TMZ, 40-year-old flight attendant Lanita Thomas claims she was fired from her position when Johnson decided she was too old for the position. Thomas alleges that she was wrongfully terminated after eight years of employment and replaced by a much younger woman.

The former flight attendant is suing for age discrimination. Reports indicate that Thomas’ lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court last October, also makes a number of other allegations.

Magic Johnson said in response to the accusations:

“[Lanita] failed to use ordinary care and diligence, or exercise a reasonable degree of skill [in her employment] … she failed to perform her job duties … and failed to substantially comply with all directions concerning her employment.”

Cinema Blend reports Johnson doesn’t feel financially responsible for Thomas’ termination since he didn’t actually make any of the staffing decisions. The basketball star’s response to the lawsuit states the former flight attendant was an employee of Clay Lacy Aviation.

In addition to dismissing the case, Magic Johnson is reportedly asking the judge to make Thomas to pay for all of the legal fees he’s accrued as a result of the lawsuit.

The basketball legend has yet to publicly respond to the Thomas’ lawsuit. Given that the case is still pending, chances are Johnson will refrain from releasing a statement until a ruling is made.

What do you think about the age discrimination case against Magic Johnson? Do you think he replaced one of his flight attendants with a younger woman?

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One Response to “Magic Johnson Denies Replacing ‘Old’ Employee With Younger Woman”

  1. Karen Banks

    I think he replaced a person who had become slack about doing her job properly with someone who was willing to put in the effort to do it right. The things she complains about are ridiculous. Why would you pay a private flight attendant good money if all they needed to do is show up and slap a stale sandwich down in front of you. I squeeze my redvines too, how else would I know if they are fresh. I also make a habit of eating foods I really like instead of any old thing. Basically, she is complaining about doing her job. Well, now she doesn't have to do it, so what's the problem?

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