New anti smoking ad in england could be upsetting

New Anti-Smoking Ad In England Could Be Upsetting

You’ve heard of anti-smoking ads that take your view of glamorized cigarette use and cram it straight into the ground. The TRUTH campaign was one of the big ones. Now England has a new one that could be disturbing all over again.

The new ads will tell smokers that all it takes is 15 cigarettes to cause a mutation that leads to cancerous tumors, by showing people taking a drag on one with a tumor on the end of it. This could be a play on the phrase “cancer stick”.

This graphic multi-million-pound ad campaign will be showing up until February on TV, online and posters.

Smokers will also be informed of NHS quit kits, available free from pharmacies, says BBC News.

Chief medical officer Professor Dame Sally Davies wants more smokers to understand that “each packet of cigarettes increases their risk of cancer.”

Davies adds:

“People will see a man smoking and then a cancer growing out of the cigarette. That is what happens in people’s bodies … We really want to catch all smokers but particularly the young who won’t have seen hard hitting campaigns before. They don’t understand what damage is happening in their bodies, what their risks are.”

This new ad campaign has received funding from Cancer Research UK, according to the Global Post.

graphic anti smoking ad

Dr. Harpal Kumar said:

“Hard-hitting campaigns such as this illustrate the damage caused by smoking and this can encourage people to quit or may even stop them from starting in the first place… Giving up smoking can be extremely difficult, so providing extra motivation and reminding people of just how harmful the habit is can help smokers to take that first step in quitting for good.”