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AAA’s Tipsy Tow Won’t Take You And Your Car Home NYE For Free, AAA Says

AAA tipsy tow will pick you up

Today on Facebook, many friends are posting a picture that claims AAA’s “Tipsy Tow” program will, free of charge, transport drunk drivers home and tow their vehicles to prevent drunk driving fatalities on New Year’s Eve — but before you go drive out to drunken bacchanalia, there are some things you should know about AAA’s Tipsy Tow initiative.

If your plan is to drive to the bar or a party, drink up, and ring AAA’s Tipsy Tow this New Year’s Eve, please proceed with caution. You may have seen a Facebook picture that states the following, indicating that anyone can get sauced, call the 1-800 number, and an army of tow truck drivers are waiting to make sure no drunk driving fatalities occur on New Year’s Eve:

“No excuses, folks. Don’t drink and drive-and don’t ride with anybody who does. Tipsy Tow offered by AAA: You don’t have to be a AAA member, from 6pm-6am on New Year’s Eve/Day they will take your drunk self and your car home for FREE. Save this number… 1-800-222-4357. Please re-post this if you don’t mind.”

Skeptical of the claim, we called AAA’s Tipsy Tow service to ask whether the Facebook plea holds water — will Tipsy Tow really come get you, for free, no questions asked?

As it’s a weekend and basically a holiday, we were only able to reach a representative and not a higher-up at AAA — but potential drunk drivers should know this: I was shut down instantly.

tipsy tow NYE 2013

Where I live, New York State, no AAA “Tipsy Tow” service is available statewide — at least according to the rep to whom I spoke. Availability varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but the whole entire state of New York is a lot of people that are simply not covered by Tipsy Tow.

(Many of whom, thanks to over-eager Facebook sharing, may be laboring under the impression AAA is going to go fetch their drunk derrieres at 5:30 AM on New Year’s. No. And this could lead to people deciding to drive drunk once stranded, or people being stuck and drunk in unsafe places because they thought they had a ride home.)

According to a local Patch, AAA Tipsy Tow is actually only available in 17 states, and the whole of New England has no service like this free on nights like New Year’s. Bear in mind, it gets pretty freaking cold in New Hampshire and Boston once the bars close!

If you plan to drink New Year’s Eve, as always, drink responsibly — and know that there is a pretty good chance AAA’s “Tipsy Tow” won’t be there to bail you out when it’s time to go home.

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15 Responses to “AAA’s Tipsy Tow Won’t Take You And Your Car Home NYE For Free, AAA Says”

  1. Steph Bazzle

    Don't make this your plan unless you *know* it's available to you….and even then it should be a last resort back-up plan, because there are like a LOT of people out being drunk on NYE.

  2. Rob Piazza Sr.

    Um… Kevin, did you just post… the same link… that they just… did you even… *shakes head* forget it. You wouldn't 'get it' even if I explained it.

  3. Francis Assisi's

    When I lived in Albany, NY you used to be able to call a cab for free on New Year's and St Paddy's day for a free ride from 8p-6a I don't know if they still do that or not though.

  4. Brandon Koch

    m a tow driver an use to work for a company who contracted throught AAA my state never offered this but if it did I would refuse to let a drunk in my truck ill tow the car back but the drunk can figure out his own dam ride all these tipsy tow driver are tow truck drivers not taxis if you can afford to drink you can afford a 20 dollar cab ride home only time tonight I'm going to have a drunks car on my truck its going to be on its way to the impound lot for a dui.

  5. Jordan Noelle Howsden

    dumbass, if you worked for aaa on new years eve, for a club or area that is participating in tipsy tow, you ABSOLUTELY WOULD let drunk people in your truck, because you HAVE TO. because ITS YOUR FUCKING JOB. and if you dont your ass will be fired. idiot. dont try to act all badass because you have people overseeing you just like everyone else towing a fucking car. i almost guarantee that you wouldnt even TRY to stand up for yourself and say something to your supervisors about it. one you are probably a coward. and also because what, you like drunk driving fatalities? fucking idiot.

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