Some Of The Biggest Issues People Have With 'Les Misérables'

Some Of The Biggest Issues People Have With ‘Les Misérables’

Since it’s debut in Christmas day, Les Misérables has made $67 million at the box office. However, there are many people that have issues with the film. In fact, many people think that Russell Crowe ruined the film because he can’t sing very well.

According to Gawker, the Atlantic Wire described Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen’s performance as the Thénardiers as “an awkward sore thumb in an otherwise serious production.”

Amanda Dobbins over at Vulture also stated her feelings about the director succinctly as she said, “Tom Hooper ruined Christmas.”

The New York Times said that the chemistry between characters, as well as the entire movie, “lacked spark.”

But the one thing you can’t say is that Anne Hathaway didn’t nail her performance of “I Dreamed a Dream.”

Hathaway, however, was not very impressed with her “I Dreamed a Dream” performance. When she asked if she was pleased with her performance, all she said was “Eh.”

The movie’s director even had an issue with the movie. Tom Hooper’s issue is with Hathaway’s weight in the film.

Hathaway was so dedicated to her role in Les Misérables, that she almost sacrificed her own well-being.

Hathaway talked to about her dedication to her role:

“I see the sort of work that people like Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet can do, and I want to do that level of work so badly. But I don’t believe I’m as gifted as them. So the only thing I can control is how hard I work at it — how much do I commit to it? How far will I take it?… If I have an extra glass of wine the night before I shoot a scene. I don’t feel good about myself because of that. If I see it on-screen, the guilt is immediate. I feel like maybe I’ve let the scene down.”

Hooper said:

“To be honest, I thought she was going further than she should, and I tried to discourage her.”

Do you have any other issues with Les Misérables?