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Katt Williams Arrest Yields Stolen Gun [Report]

katt williams child endangerment arrest 2012

Katt Williams’ Friday arrest on child endangerment charges was revealed to be at least in part due to guns allegedly found in the household — a claim Williams himself seemed to verify when he remarked after the incident that he doesn’t understand “how to keep kids safe without guns.”

TMZ broke the story of Katt Williams’ child endangerment arrest, and later spoke with the comic about the reasons behind it. Now the Los Angeles Times reveals that among the alleged discoveries when the actor’s house was visited by LAPD before the arrest were stolen guns.

According to the local news source, Katt Williams’ home contained more than one gun, and at least one gun found on the scene was revealed to have been stolen — but how the gun came to be in the comic’s possession was not disclosed:

“The 41-year-old was arrested about 8:30 p.m. after the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services did a welfare check at his home, said L.A. police Officer Norma Eisenman. Authorities found more than one firearm, she said, one of which had been reported stolen … The comedian, whose given name is Micah Sierra Williams, was released on bail Friday night, Eisenman said. The DCFS did not specify how many children lived at the home or whether they were removed, she said.”

Katt Williams Target Slap

According to the paper, in addition to his arrest for child endangerment, Katt Williams was also charged with possession of a stolen firearm. After the Friday night arrest, Williams’ children were reportedly placed in protective custody while the matter is investigated.

Possession of a stolen firearm in California is a felony offense.

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3 Responses to “Katt Williams Arrest Yields Stolen Gun [Report]”

  1. Brian V. Sitterley

    If you buy a gun at a yard sale or gun show, it might pay to check with the police to see if it was stolen. I have no idea how Kat Williams got ahold of this stolen gun, and he seems to have had a lot of legal trouble lately. But if he legally bought it one hopes he has data on where he bought it and from whom..

  2. Grandpa-Bill Mullen

    Great advice. I know for a fact that the gangs all have guys whose job it is to collect and hold guns to be distributed as needed by members and then returned.

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