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Robin Roberts Won’t Return To ‘GMA’ Until May

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Robin Roberts is still a few months away from her return to Good Morning America.

ABC has not put a timeline on Roberts return but TMZ reports that the earliest it will happen is May.

According to the gossip site, Roberts is making great progress but her doctors said that it will still be a few months before she can think about returning to TV.

An ABC News spokeswoman told the Orlando Sentinel:

“We have never put a timetable on Robin’s return to the show. We have always said that the decision will be made by her doctors when they feel it is the right time.”

Roberts had a bone marrow transplant earlier this year to treat a rare blood and bone marrow disease called myeolodysplastic syndrome. When she left the show, Roberts said that she would be back “as soon as I can.”

Roberts may miss her life on TV but she still has the love of her fans. TMZ reports that Roberts has been flooded with letters and emails from supportive fans. The TV personality has also found inspiration from NFL coach Chuck Pagano.

Pagano made his return to the sidelines this week after battling cancer.

Are you a fan of Robin Roberts? Do you hope she returns soon?

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11 Responses to “Robin Roberts Won’t Return To ‘GMA’ Until May”

  1. Alethea Gordon-Roberts


  2. Anonymous

    Am I a fan of Robin Roberts? HELL YEAH! I cannot wait for you to come back to my favorite am TV show!

  3. Patty Palm-Biller

    Love, love, love Robin! Can't wait til she gets back! I have stopped recording daily GMA shows til she gets back. The chemistry with her is so much better. God bless her. TEAM ROBIN!

  4. April Degraw

    for real people so sick of hearing about robin roberts. how about all the other poor people out there that cant get any help, stop bragging about yourself on gma or alot of people I no will stop watching gma. and with sam how foul can gma show them on tv getting married, will gma teach all these kids in school that its ok to kiss a man.and tell them its ok to have sex with a man, get a clue no more gma please its a morning show not a porn sight.

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