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Charlie Sheen Apologizes For Slur [Video]

Charlie Sheen talks about being broke

Charlie Sheen meant to say maggot. The Anger Management actor was caught using a homophobic slur over the weekend but Sheen swears it was just an accident.

TMZ reports that Sheen was opening a rooftop bar in Mexico when he used the slur.

The actor, who was trying to rev up the crowd, said:

“How we doing? …. You lying bunch of (gay slur). I said how we doing?”

Sheen later apologized for the offensive comment.

Sheen said:

“I meant no ill will and intended to hurt no one and I apologize if I offended anyone … I meant to say maggot but I have a lisp.”

The LA Times reports that Sheen wasn’t the only big name at the Epic Bar on the roof of the El Ganzo hotel in San Jose del Cabo. Slash performed for the crowd while Sheen mingled with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Sheen took to Twitter to post a picture of himself with the mayor, writing:

“From Boyle Heights 2 Mayor of LA..! …. Antonio Villaraigosa knows how to party!”

Here’s a video of the incident. (Obviously contains offensive language.)

Do you think Charlie Sheen’s comment was offensive? Or was the slur just an innocent slip of the tongue?

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38 Responses to “Charlie Sheen Apologizes For Slur [Video]”

  1. Jim Polwort

    Who cares? I think we've had enough of Charlie for 2012. Bring on the new year, and new stories where people actually give a shit.

  2. Allen Chase

    I don't believe either. In fact his apology saying he meant to say maggot was funny. If the news doesn't report it, no one even knows…what has happened to our freedom of speech?

  3. Anonymous

    Who really cares what that filty prick does. He deserves to be sent to the poor house He's a fucking ingrate.

  4. Anonymous

    I don't see nothing wrong with it. Faggot.Faggot, Faggot. Least he didn't say Queer.

  5. Sue Anne Ward

    Faggot…..To tie up or bind. My great Grandma taught me how to faggot stitch. Also……meaning a person spuriously entered on a military roll. So who changed the meaning?

  6. Anonymous

    what a dirt bag, glad to see he is off his TV show and will fall more and more.

  7. Jim Polwort

    I'm pretty sure you know what Charlie meant by "his" version of the word. I have never seen this word remotely used as anything, other than referring to a homo-sexual.

  8. Melvin Kocks

    All he has to do is say he has a friend who is gay and everything will be okay.
    That's more or less what a racist says when they call a black a nigger or a mexican wetback.
    As long as you have that "friend" as an ace in the hole, offend anyone you want.

  9. Scott Jinks

    You "don't see nothing"?? I'm so tired of reading shit from assholes like you who apparently dropped out of school in the 3rd grade. Try educating yourself instead of spewing your ignorant bile.

  10. Sam Beatman

    the saddest thing is seeing how BUTT UGLY CHALIE LOOKS LIKE NOW.


  11. Ra Rishikavi Raghudas

    Even Tolkien used ithe word "faggot" in "The Lord of the Rings." But Tolkien was a scholar who wrote the Oxford English Dictionary and he used it in its original seanse, meaning "a stick of wood." I doubt that Charlie Sheen reads Tolkien. I doubt that Charlie Sheen reads.

  12. Chip Palmer

    A cigarrette became a faggot or fag, because of tobacco being bundled. Sticks and assorted elongated materials bundled together were known as fags.. or faggots. Sticks and assorted elongated materials became akin to the male penis. The male having sex with another male was akin to bundling sticks together to make a faggot of sticks…. Queer used to mean "Odd" or "Questionable" And "Gay" meant "happy" And one of Elvis's early hits "Paralyzed" uses the phrase :I'm gay every morning, at night I'm still the same"…. ( get point, forgive spelling?)

  13. Linda Vawn

    Everyone in this world act as if they are so sensitive. Leave people alone and let them say whatever they want. I'm a believer in " if you can dish it. You better be able to take it". If you let words bother you then somethings wrong.

  14. Anonymous

    I don't see freedom of speech anymore. And if he does not like fags that his own opinion and hes entitled to it. Fags were frowned against at one time. Now with our liberal gay Government and gay Hollywood they are running ramped.
    We have fudge packers and Dykes flitting around everywhere in the USA recruiting kids in schools and any other weak minded person they can get there hooks or tongues in.

  15. Martin OBrien

    faggot! so what! calling a spade a spade will never going out of fashion. considering , faggots insult natural people every day. could the news report on that!

  16. Anonymous

    Its a shame that Charlie is the story and not those sleaze balls at TMZ who broke the story. I wish someone would follow them around looking for their dirt. Plus I don't think gays have a right to that word in every context. I don't see them bitching over the Brits calling their cigarettes faggots.

  17. Carol Smith

    Why does Charlie make the news for a homo slurs when they are abundant on the Comedy Channel Celebrity Roast.
    I have tried to watch but what they call jokes are disgusting and insulting.

  18. Susan Lynn Sanders

    who cares if he said faggot? In this country we have freedom of speech. If you do not like it, MOVE!

  19. Melissa Venters

    Charlie you are nothing but a rich POS… and an Inconsiderate little man wasting away in front of everyone.. Wow Alcoholic/Druggie Charlie, Opens his own bar in Mexico.. Well, isn't that something to be proud of.. I sure hope that you don't get alone time with your children, You are one of the lowest examples of a father/man that most of us have ever seen… And now Rick Calamaro? I'm sure you'll be next, and you know, there will not be one person suprised one bit… What a waste you are..

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