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Pizza Hut Demotes Delivery Driver For Defending Himself Against Thieves

Pizza Hut

Baltimore, MD – A Pizza Hut delivery driver has been demoted for defending himself against would-be attackers.

Since Sam Swicegood was forced to use a pole to keep thieves at bay, his manager decided to cut the driver’s hours. According to FOX News Insider, Swicegood’s boss explained that using the pole was against the company’s “no weapons” policy.

As punishment for defending himself, the Pizza Hut delivery driver received a cut in both his pay and hours. Swicegood was also reportedly demoted from driver to kitchen staff.

Eye On Annapolis explains that the delivery driver was attacked by five teenagers on December 17. In an effort to keep his attackers from doing permanent damage, Swicegood said he picked up a nearby tent pole and swung it repeatedly at the teens.

Although outrage over the incident continues to build on a number of social media outlets, the Pizza Hut corporate office has yet to weigh in on the matter.

A number of angry comments have been left on the Pizza Hut Facebook page by customers since the story broke. The company’s ads are littered with livid responses from people who are planning to boycott the chain.

“Never eating at Pizza Hut again, since apparently you prefer dead employees to ones who legally defend themselves from thugs. You forever lost my business until this is fixed — public apology and you make amends!” one upset former customer wrote.

Thankfully, Swicegood was able to get away without receiving any serious injuries. KION reports that three of the five teenagers involved in the attack on the Pizza Hut delivery driver have been apprehended by police. It’s also being reported that Swicegood was able to keep the company’s money out of the hands of these would-be thieves.

Do you think the Pizza Hut delivery driver was in the wrong for defending himself against attackers?

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5 Responses to “Pizza Hut Demotes Delivery Driver For Defending Himself Against Thieves”

  1. Sean Lance

    I, personally, think he should have caved in one of their skulls. It would send a clear message to any would-be robbers, in the future. At 13 and 14 years of age, you're plenty old enough to face the consequences, if you decide to tangle with someone for their money or property. If you're big enough to threaten someone's life, you're big enough to be killed, in self defense. Sorry, junior. You became an adult the moment you tried to commit strong arm robbery! Maybe mommy and daddy should have taken a more active role, in your upbringing, instead of letting the TV babysit you and letting you run wild with your friends.

  2. Joseph Gadberry

    But then the poor kids parents would blame swicegood for their thuggish ways.

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