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Boy Finds WWII Bomb With Metal Detector

With Metal Detector

A metal detector received as a Christmas gift led a young boy to find a WWII bomb buried in a British field.

Parents do not typically expect a stocking stuffer, this one a metal detector from National Geographic, to make the headlines. This holiday present is worthy of attention for leading to the discovery of a WWII bomb buried in a field in Norfolk, England.

During his first jaunt with the detector, seven-year-old Sonny Cater was scanning a field near his home when he discovered the metal capsule. The boy, accompanied by his parents and brother, was alerted to the buried object when the metal detector began beeping.

According to an article by The Daily Mirror, the family had no idea what the mud covered object was until they brought it home for closer inspection. The boy’s mother, 39-year-old Tracey Wood, said the following:

“It was a big muddy lump when it came to the surface so we stupidly thought, ‘Let’s take it home’. We feel a bit silly now we know it could have potentially been dangerous but its not often you go exploring and end up with a bomb.”

Bringing the object to their home and washing the mud away, the boy’s father became concerned and placed a call to authorities. Bomb experts from RAF Wittering quickly converged on the family’s Kings Lynn residence.

The Telegraph reports that the device was identified as a “10lb British practice bomb from WWII” before it was taken away for safe disposal. Thought to have been used for British practice runs during the war, the bomb still contained internal wiring. Fortunately, the device was not found to hold any explosive material.

Flight Lieutenant Donald Earl, an RAF Wittering spokesman, urges the public to alert authorities to any such objects found rather than trying to move them. He points out that this particular finding is a bit unusual:

“We find a lot of bombs in Afghanistan with metal detectors but we don’t tend to find them in the UK.”

What do you think of the young boy finding a WWII bomb with his metal detector?

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4 Responses to “Boy Finds WWII Bomb With Metal Detector”

  1. Ima Hick

    This article points out an interesting paradox. In England, handguns are outlawed and rifles very hard to obtain permits to own, but you can pretty much use a metal detector on any public lands (like commons) and private property with permission. The treasure trove law encourages people to find antiquities and while if the find is of major archeological importance, the government has the right to take it, they must pay the finder or property owner its fair market value.

    Contrast with the United States. Anyone can pretty much buy any gun short of a bazooka or machine gun, from all handguns to a 50 caliber sniper rifle, in many cases without any sort of background check if purchased from an individual. Metal detecting, however is severely restricted. All public lands are closed to relic hunting and federal laws provide significant criminal and civil penalties for removing any artifact over 50 years old. The mere possession of a metal detector in a national park is a federal crime. Not so firearms.

    If you want to use a metal detector, move to England. If you like to play with guns, move to the States.

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