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Congress Gets A Pay Raise As Fiscal Cliff Nears

Congress is close to a deal

The United States is just a few days away from tumbling over the fiscal cliff, which means there is only one logical thing to do: Give everyone in Congress a pay raise.

The Huffington Post reports that President Obama gave members of Congress, federal workers, and Vice President Joe Biden an early New Year’s gift on Thursday. Obama signed an executive order to lift a pay freeze for Congress.

The order will give all federal employees a half-percent to one percent pay raise on March 27, 2013. It will be the first time that Congress has had its pay increased since 2009.

The Weekly Standard reports that Biden, who made $225,521 last year, will now make $231,900. Members of Congress will also see their pay increase. Members of the House and Senate will see their annual salary increase from $174,000 to $174,900. House Speaker John Boehner will see his pay raised to $224,500 and House Majority Leader Harry Reid will take home $194,400.

President Obama and members of Congress are currently meeting to discuss how to solve the nation’s debt crisis and avoid the fiscal cliff. Apparently taking a pay cut was not one of the options on the table.

On the bright side, The Inquisitr reported earlier that Congress has made progress and that a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff is imminent. That still doesn’t change the fact that, according to the Huffington Post, the 112 congress will be the least productive since the 1940s.

What do you think of Congress’ pay raise?

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36 Responses to “Congress Gets A Pay Raise As Fiscal Cliff Nears”

  1. Heather Johnson

    Those bastards!

    I don't do my job right, and I get fired. Congress doesn't do its job right, and they get raises.

    Maybe I should run for Congress. You don't have to do anything once you get the job.

  2. Megan Charles

    Politicians leave wealthier millions of times over…how dare they expect to get paid more to do less. They should be required to stay until a deal is struck, not blame one another like brats because others don't want to play ball.

  3. Jeff Goble

    They ought to just Fire Congress and Sell the White House And take all those Congressman and there Staffs Wages Pay the on Deficite and let each State take care of itselfand it's people!

  4. William Pierce

    I think that instead of getting a pay raise, everyone of these AS#$% should be removed from office, they have not done right by the people who sent them to congress.make sure thaat you do not vote them again.

  5. Sherrlyn Foster

    I recently completed a survey from our local congressman about how the National Debt be reduced,
    My reply was for the President, both houses of congress and the supreme court to go without their pay until it was.
    paid off. Also they were to replace the millions stolen from Medicare to fund Obamacare. Guess this was his answer.
    I've worked 11 years for the same company and I sure don't make their kind of money. This is why everone and their dogs are trying to get into congress, once there they don't have to do what they were sent there to do, and they get the same pay for the rest of their lives. That the real gravey train.

  6. Laura Stern

    That is just what congress should do to show Americans how much they "really" care. People all over the United States of American have taken pay cuts, cuts in benefits, lost their homes, savings, retirements and jobs. Ericans are paying taxes to pay congress trusting them to make correct decisions to get this country back on track. We need to be able to trust that congress cares and sees the suffering and will suffer as well. But no!!!! Have a Happy New Year Mr President and all of you that have received your pay increases. I hope that you will all work diligently for our money and start doing what is "right" for the true "Americans".

  7. Barry Hutchinson

    What a bunch of do nothing morons how could they look at themselves in the mirror they get raises while the american people struggel to keep our heads above water

  8. Georgia Lamonda

    These do nothing jackasses get a raise – please tell me what country I'm in – this is beyond disgusting, but I'll keep my comments clean.

  9. Stacey Lee

    Pay attention people. Executive Order, nice move Obama. Most people won't know YOU gave them the raise. I really like how Obama put fuel in the congressional fire like this.

  10. Scott Mills

    Unions are the very essence of free association and work to protect workers from rich owners who want to have their way with the workers eye sockets. Congress on the other hand is the rich wanting to have their way with our eye sockets a la that demon to that child Dave was supposed to protect in that game once.

  11. Nick Negron

    Amazes me how I had to google this after reading about it in the comment section of another web site. Found that this wasn't reported by ANY of the major new sites, and that this was LAST WEEK!

  12. Claudia Acha

    Even though this is a small increase, we cannot allow this to happen because it is essentially reinforcing Congress' unacceptable behavior. Let's show Congress that the we do not approve their unwillingness to put the American people's interests ahead of their party's interests. We're tired of Congress' lack of accountability and irresponsibility. Click to take action, then share widely!

  13. John Sadders

    19,210 retirees could have been paid a 1% pay raise for what the politicians gave themselves. Instead they want to lower the small/tiny pay raise retirees get with their cost of living increases…….Now they want to stop the military cuts and just cut 100% the only programs that are keeping people from living on the street. The same programs they forced us on………

  14. Mikey Faulds

    Del & I were floored to see that OBAMA signed that bunch of so called "Congressmen" (SOBs) a PAY RAISE" AT THE "WORST TIME FOR "OUR COUNTRY" and it's People. They aren't even working, but yet getting big wages? I think it's time for us little or middle class who pay their wages, to take a stand. It's obvious , This type of Government isn't working, so like the other lady said, It's 'TIME FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE TO MARCH TO THE WHITE HOUSE & FORCE SOME CHANGES. If that doesn't work also STOP PAYING TAXES! WHAT HAVE WE GOT TO LOSE? MOST OF US HAVE LOST JOBS, taxes raised, HOMES, MEDICAL , ETC. What is Washington DC going to do with all of us little guys? Put us in Prison? Remember there are more of us than them. Stop buying that Cheap China crap & invest our money in Business here in US & hire our people. It may cost us more, but the more we build, make , sell our products, the cheaper we can sell them, thus competing with China crap! & those "Congress (Wallstreet) morons " that are taking our Country down. But we're going to have to stick together to do it. Remember, we don't need the Government to do this, OUR TAX MONEY THEY WON'T GET, THAT WE CAN INVEST IN OUR OWN BUSINESS'. If the Government wan't to put a leign on it let them, they can't , all of them & pay the payments, or it will go Bankrupt!

  15. William Noack

    I thought I was the only one to respond to this.but thank god there is a lot of people out there.that still care but most of them still sit on there fat asses & do nothing dont they know this is our hopefully this gets all of us to do something &do any of these gongressmen read this yes but they dont care

  16. William Noack

    yes mikey they will put us all in jail.if there is not enough jails they will biuld them & use there money to keep us in there

  17. Jackie Greenwood

    They give us no thought, the Constitution no thought and they DO NOT Represent us as they are supposed to do. They don't deserve ANYTHING at all. We have no Representation in DC..we are taxed and rail roaded through fiat..with NO REPRESENTATION.

  18. Sue Smiley

    best to get a job as a senator or congressperson and you will be set for life, something wrong with this picture.
    my idea is that they should get what we get social security and medicare and then everything will get changed for the better.

  19. Judy Lynn Plaga

    Seniors on Social Security get a 1.7% raise and congress gets 5% what the hell. Too bad that the people that Congress is supposed to be for can't dictate their pay raises. What can we do? Write our Congressmen and tell them how angry we are over this? Right!

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