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Five Children Die In Mississippi Car Wreck

Five Children Die In Car Wreck

Five children and one adult died in a car wreck on Saturday when the sport utility vehicle they were in drove off a road in Mississippi and plunged into a creek.

Authorities say that the accident happened early Saturday morning about 20 miles southeast of Philadelphia shortly after midnight.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the victims were drowned after their Dodge Durango plunged into the creek, which was swollen from rain.

The five children who died in the wreck were siblings. They have been identified as Daysanna, 9; Duane, 8; Bobby, 7; Quinton, 4; and Kekiameas John, 18 months. A friend of the family, Diane Chickaway, 37, also died in the accident.

The father of the children, Dewayne, was able to escape the vehicle. He remains hospitalized for hypothermia and water inhalation. Deanna, the children’s mother, and Dale, Chickaway’s husband, also survived the accident. All of those in the car were members of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. They lived in the Pearl River community east of Philadelphia.

Fox News notes that Dewayne John was driving his family and the Chickaways to Conehatta, another Choctaw community, at the time of the accident. Initial reports show that none of the nine occupants were wearing seatbelts or were in child restraints at the time of the accident.

Officials are testing to see if Dewayne was under the influence of alcohol when the wreck that killed his five children occurred. They do not have official results in and will wait until at least Wednesday to file any charges connected with the accident.

Tribal Chief Phyliss J. Anderson stated of the accident:

“It’s always sad to hear of the death of a tribal member, but today our tribe experienced a great tragedy with the loss of six beautiful Choctaw souls. I cannot begin to imagine what the friends, relatives and loved ones are feeling. There are no words that can express our sincere condolences to such a horrific accident.”

The sheriff stated that the accident was not weather related because it wasn’t raining and there was no ice on the road Saturday night. The creek the vehicle landed in is normally small, but heavy rains in the area caused the water level to be much higher.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol will start reconstructing the accident on Sunday to see what caused the wreck that killed five children and one adult.

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30 Responses to “Five Children Die In Mississippi Car Wreck”

  1. Ella Ballard

    I understand your feeling of the issues about banning things in our country. but (6) lives were lost here!!!! Perhaps you should save your views for a time when people might appreciate them. This clearly is not that time unless of course you have no compassion!!!!

  2. Nina Soto Maldonado

    Right away they assume the driver was drunk…I hope they are not right. They don't have to say it just read between the lines…Like I said hopefully this does not end up being the case and if it is than the driver deserves to be under the jail father or not.

  3. Anonymous

    Since vehicles are not banned, you made a very stupid statement. Many lives were lost here and you show no sympathy for the children who died and if walking everywhere is the way to go. maybe you should walk into your nearest hospital and ask for a heart transplant because the one you have does not work.

  4. Nina Soto Maldonado

    Ella Ballard I like your style! You gave him a moutful with a just a few words…As for the children and the adult that died, I am so sorry…R.I.P As for the mother of these children, I hope you find some type of piece to help you through this. I know nothing I say will make a difference but we want you to know that most of us feel for you especially us mothers. Ignore the stupid comments it only shows people's real racist self

  5. Breagha MacQuarrie

    I would like to know how three adults weren't able to save ANY of the children, especially the parents.

  6. Anonymous

    Four adults + five children in a Dodge Durango? What were they thinking? There's definitely a lot more to this story.

  7. Dorothy Grantham

    Ella Ballard Mike was talking about (in his own way) the ban on guns. Guns are not the only things that kill people. There are deaths every day and not all of them are killed by guns. My guns are for hunting and protection.

  8. Diane Cooper

    Mike Belair,You think walking everywhere… really???would stop accidents people die everyday from walking somewhere trying to cross a road,standing on a corner ,jogging,riding a bike!if you can't say anything to help ''Shut the hell up!!!''

  9. Caren Havekost-Miller

    Right away they assume the driver was drunk… SO WHAT? When an adult drives a car full of unbelted children so wrecklessly that he kills then all, I think its a pretty good deduction that the guy was either drunk or a complete moron. Of coarse its going to be one of those two things.

  10. Erin Piccolo

    A Dodge Durango is a giant SUV, something that seems quite unlikely to tip or get lost in a swerve.

  11. Monica Elise Shaw

    I'm praying that alcohol was not an issue. Five children and a adult has loss their lifes. I don't like hearing that someone was driving under the influrence.

  12. Monica Elise Shaw

    I'm praying that alcohol was not an issue. Five children and a adult has loss their lifes. I don't like hearing that someone was driving under the influrence.

  13. Jeanne Foley

    No seatbelts or restraints but yet they couldn't get ANY children out. OMG. 3 adults get out but not one child. I'm not saying he was drunk but I bet he fell asleep. When traveiling someone should always stay awake to talk to the driver. RIP sweet ones. I do understand they were panicking but I believe each adult that got out should have each grabbed a child. Chances are mom was holding the youngest and that many in that vehicle. They should have been packed up close together. My prayers go out to them. I could not bear to lose any of my children let alone all at once and possibly the blame. So sad.

  14. Mike Belair

    Thank you for understanding Dorothy. You are the only one that got what i said.

  15. Evelyn McKenney

    Ella Ballard I guess they were just stating their views which probably was not related to the loss of these precious lives. It is so hard to believe that 3 adults could not find someway to save some of these little ones. How can they live with themselves and the tribal leader's statement is ridiculous… who cares what tribe they're from….they were helpless little ones riding in a car, no seat belt after midnight….clearly not cared for by any responsible adults. Sad, sad, sad. So Ella…who really cares what you think about someone else's statement….the writer might be just as upset and that was the point they happened to make about the vehicle being banned.

  16. Harvey Lain

    Mike Belair is absolutely right. These five children were killed as a result of gross negligence on the part of their parents. No seatbelts or child restraints? Four adults could not even save ONE out of five children? There was NOTHING racist mentioned here anywhere except by Nina. (Another incidence of whipping out the ol' race card?) There were 5 children killed in this incident because of their parent's stupidity. FIVE! That's 1/4 as many as were killed at Newtown. This incident will be forgotten by the end of the week though. If the driver turns out to have been drunk, then what will you say. The fact of the matter is far, far more people die as a result of alcohol in this country every year than from legally owned firearms. I have compassion for the children. I have NONE for the incompetent adults.

  17. Harvey Lain

    Ella Ballard COULD have said it better. She could have placed the blame where it belonged, squarely on the shoulders of the adults in the car.

  18. Anonymous

    Wow. How quick to jump to conclusions. There could be 50 other explanations of why a car could go off the road (failed brakes, animal running across the road, bad tire etc..) but everyone chooses to believe the worst. If these children would have been wearing seatbelts they would of had less chances to get out. Maybe the children were pulled out by the adults but didn't make it because children have smaller lungs then adults. They never said the adults didn't get the kids out. It just might have been to late. Stop judging people before you know the entire story.

  19. Mike Belair

    Nina Soto Maldonado Still trying to find where the racism was in my comment.

  20. Shirley Kelley-Phillips

    Will these parents face charge's of any kind?????

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