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Rapper’s Brain In Flow Reveals Secrets Of Creativity [Video]

eminem rap battle

Want to know more about the neuroscience of creativity? The best thing to study may be a rapper’s brain in the middle of a flow.

A new video from Now This Is News dives into the science behind freestyle rap.

The video says:

“The secret to understanding the neuroscience of creativity just might be freestyle rap… Freestyle rap has been a great boon for researchers who are trying to learn what happens in the brain when people are being creative.”

The video states that brain imaging has been used to study memories and emotions but researchers have had a hard time finding the proper subject to study spontaneous creativity.Enter freestyle rap. Studying a rapper’s brain in flow has led to some interesting discoveries.

The video says:

“When freestyling, rappers enter the awesomely named ‘flow state.’ During flow, the part of the brain that deals with self-reflection and morality kicks into high gear while the part of the brain that deals with attention and cognitive control, the higher functions, gets queiter… Don’t over think your creative process. Just let it flow.”

Here’s the video about a rapper’s brain in flow.

Here’s a video of Eminem and Ice-T talking about the art of rap.

Allen Braun, the chief of the language section of the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), said that the same cognitive functions displayed during freestyle rap are used by athletes.

Braun told Yahoo News: “If an athlete starts paying attention to what they’re doing, how they’re going to move their body to catch a ball, they’ll clutch and they won’t do it.”

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7 Responses to “Rapper’s Brain In Flow Reveals Secrets Of Creativity [Video]”

  1. Kevin Boykin

    Musicians that improvise have been around for decades giving the exact same situation. Hey Mr. Smartie Scientists- try your science on a guitarist improvising lines sometime.

  2. Javier Navarro

    Yea but the major difference is freestyle rap is a much faster, harder way of improvising. No other form of music will you find someone speaking so many words in a short verse.

  3. Tracy Rackley

    Regarding speed- improvising guitarists can hit more than 16 notes per second, not to mention the multiple "languages" used (scales, modes, etc eastern and western). That sort of skill takes decades to achieve, so it is more complex as well (by a considerable degree).

  4. Ed Homer

    It takes a no talent made back beat and somebody who can talk like an auctioneer, Anybody who can write a poem can write rap I know had people tell me what I wrote sounded like rap I told them to stuff it….

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