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Hobby Lobby To Defy Federal Mandate, Refuses To Offer Morning-After Pill

Hoby Lobby

An attorney for Hobby Lobby Stores made a bold announcement today that the company plans to defy a federal mandate requiring them to offer the morning-after pill to their employees. The Hobby Lobby Stores are owned by a conservative Christian family who also own a religious book store called Mardel Inc.

The family disagrees with the mandate, which they describe as a violation of their religious freedom. ABC News reports that a statement issued on Hobby Lobby’s website by spokesperson Kyle Duncan explains their position on refusing to offer their employees the morning-after pill. It reads, in part:

“The company will continue to provide health insurance to all qualified employees. To remain true to their faith, it is not their intention, as a company, to pay for abortion-inducing drugs.”

Hobby Lobby stores, which deal primarily in art and craft supplies, had previously requested that they be excluded from the new Obamacare mandate.

The mandate requires that all employees are required to provide healthcare for their employees. As reported by Think Progress, the Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that they would not allow an injunction against the mandate. A federal and district judge had previously made the same decision.

Religious organizations are granted constitutional protections from including birth-control methods in their employee healthcare programs. Hobby Lobby is not considered a religious organization by the court system.

The attorney quoted by USA Today, asserted that Hobby Lobby is fully prepared to defy the federal mandate and will refuse to offer their employees the morning-after pill, even if it means risking a $1.3 million fine per day.

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21 Responses to “Hobby Lobby To Defy Federal Mandate, Refuses To Offer Morning-After Pill”

  1. Sharon Gilbert

    why should an insurance company be mandated to cover a after morning pill 100% for people that have unprotected sex… it should be the individual responsibility not the insurance company for someone ignorance to have unprotected sex, there are so many contraceptives out there people….. I hope the supreme courts votes in the favor of Hobby Lobby.

  2. Rosalind Ellis O'Neal

    It's not just for people that have unprotected sex. It's common knowledge that no birth control is 100% effective. So even if you're on the pill, patch, ring, tubes are tied, or even if you use condoms; it doesn't mean that you're not gonna get pregnant and it doesn't mean you are but it doesn't mean you should deny coverage based on what you think is right.

  3. Rosalind Ellis O'Neal

    If a company is going to deny that kind of coverage then they should address when interviewing candidates to work there.

  4. Carrie Rumps

    Morning after pull doesn't induce abortion it does the same thing as regular birth control it prevents an egg from fertilizing and attaching

  5. Sharon Gilbert

    well apparently you have never been a position of hiring, and to your previous comment, get you head out of your ass, the company or any other company should not have to pay for something that you can get over the counter with and ID ……

  6. Kathleen Marshall

    I feel that they are right in what they are doing. The company provides insurance for their employee. If a person wants the morning after pill then they should go see their Doctor NOT their Boss. If someone has a bad reaction to the pill then who is liable if they are forced to provide it against their will.

  7. Rosalind Ellis O'Neal

    I would pose that you do the same thing Karen and remove your head out of your backside and I hope that it's not so far up there that it swallows you whole. I love people like you that feel the need to attack or say something completely inappropriate to someone who is making a comment as you did. Maybe you should research what exactly the morning after pill does and not what you assume it does. Its not a tool for abortion considering the fact that it takes a fertilized egg 7-10 days to before it implants.
    I'm done with your petty argument and all I can do is pray for you. Good day! :)

  8. Rosalind Ellis O'Neal

    Sorry, Karen that comment was not directed at you. It was completely directed at Sharon Gilbert and only her. (my apologies)

  9. James Wendell Chenault

    Way to go Hobby Lobby! It is not their responsibility to offer that. That belongs to the person involved. Another screw up in Obamacare.

  10. Amy Collins

    When I had Fidelis Insurance in NY they didn't cover anything I really needed and I was pretty sure that was the only point of insurance. Because THEY didn't believe in birth control, they didn't cover mine, or getting my tubes tied, OR my sons anesthesia for his teeth to be fixed when he was 3. Great insurance. Every time I turned around I was told "your insurance doesn't cover that…" Obviously I changed my provider. So if an insurance company can do that WHY does anyone think an employer HAS to offer you anything in that respect?

  11. Leah Jayne Sell

    Wow. I think this girl is on the right track and it should be an employer's right to disclose medical benefits during an interview, as I have done several. Get YOUR head out of YOUR ass. I find that it would be wise of an employer to cover or expense any method of birth control available to their employees, lest they risk creating higher turnover rates and paying maternity leave as a result of a pregnant employee. Most corporations can easily afford this. You obviously know nothing about managing a business that employs millions of Americans.

  12. Leah Jayne Sell

    But it's not only people that have unprotected sex that need this. It's also for people who use condoms or birth control, but those methods fail. I had a condom break once having sex with my husband, it happens. The plan B is NOT an abortion pill for crying out loud. It just keeps an egg from becoming fertilized or implanting into a woman's uterus.

  13. Debbie Cunningham Ramey

    It does allow the egg to fertilize. It is taken if you sex sex without preventitive measures in place. Therefore if you conceived to make sure the baby aborts. That is why the hospitals give it out after rapes.

  14. Jan Wiese

    Hobby Lobby should offer whatever insurance they can afford to their employees and not pick and choose. It is none of their business what people do for birth control or after a rape. They need to stick to selling hobby stuff and give their employees privacy on insurance matters.

  15. Anonymous

    Here's a thought: Maybe they want to force the morning after pill to be offered to working people to help limit children being born to families with work ethics while the non-working are just about encouraged to have more children with more free stuff/money. Why would they want to to that you say….the answer may lie in my questions: How does a man who was raised with people who hated America, did extremely poorly in school… become president? I fear the next 4yrs.

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