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Child Finds Gun Inside Donated Christmas Present

Teddy Bear Gun

An 8-year-old girl reportedly found a gun next to a teddy bear inside a wrapped Christmas present received from a New York donation program. Needless to say, her foster mother was a little unnerved by the discovery.

Harlem resident Sheeba Anderson said she picked up several donated gifts from St. Anthony’s Church on December 20. Nothing about the packages seemed out of the ordinary, which made the gun’s appearance that much more shocking.

According to Gizmodo, someone had taken the time to scratch out the weapon’s serial number. Thankfully, the donated Christmas gift didn’t contain any ammunition for the gun.

The foster mother said the 8-year-old thought the firearm was a gun and began waving it around. Anderson explained to the New York Post:

“I heard her say, ‘Look, Miss Sheeba, I found a gun! She was waving it around and playing with it. his is something you never expect on Christmas. I feel like we narrowly avoided what could have been a terrible disaster.”

Understandably unsettled about the unexpected Christmas gift, Anderson reported the incident to authorities. New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services explained that it was “concerned” about the donated firearm.

“We are concerned when any potential risk in a foster home comes to our attention, and are working to ensure that all of the children in the home remain safe,” the agency explained to NBC New York.

Unfortunately, tracking down the culprit could be a bit problematic. Since the donations are made anonymously, authorities may have trouble finding the individual responsible for donating the weapon.

Police are currently looking into the make and model of the gun in hopes of figuring out who may have previously owned the gun.

As of this writing, St. Anthony’s Church has yet to respond to the incident.

What would you do if you found a gun inside your child’s Christmas present?

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29 Responses to “Child Finds Gun Inside Donated Christmas Present”

  1. Anonymous

    Not for nothing but what's been going on anymore I think these big donation names should probably invest into like a scanner/xray machine before offering the gifts out. I know it will take money to do so but in the end its just another precautionary move in protecting our children. Happy New Year. A

  2. Anonymous

    This is a shame. Not for nothing but I think big name donation services might consider getting like a scanner/xray machine to view these items before offering out. I realize it will take money to do so but in the end it's just another precaution to take in keeping our children safe. Happy New Year.

  3. Tina Marie Wardowski Driscoll

    Why are they giving out gifts without knowing what is in them. I call shenanigans on this. Any toy donation charity I have heard about makes you donate an UNWRAPPED toy. That way they can see what it is then wrap them themselves. Sounds to me that someone involved in the charity either did this or let it happen.

  4. Ryne Durn

    Something that frustrates me so…. Why is it that every news article I read online has spelling and grammatical errors. Well not every, I imagine.1% of them are good.

  5. Bud Wilstead

    Who donated it Bloomberg? The media is not always honest. How do we know this story is true? If registration of a gun which is mandatory for a sale works, tracking down the original purchaser of the weapon is straight forward. The article lacks a lot of detail.

  6. Anonymous

    Kudos to the author for the eloquent writing and letting my imagination fill in the grammatical errors!

  7. Marc Diamond

    I say take a closer look at where the gun was discovered. Just saying It sounds so fishey a unwraped bear was he toteing the gun? was it sewed up inside (then se rips it open? 0) iF NOT SEWED UP, THE GUN NEVER FALLS OUT""".

  8. Tina Marie Wardowski Driscoll

    The article said it was next to the bear. I agree it is somebody at the charity or someone that knows someone at the charity and has access to the toys. No charity gives toys to children without knowing what is in them at some point.

  9. Kristen Leigh Parker

    Many gifts also come from "The Giving Trees" I know I have participated in them and many other Holiday Giift Donations and I am asked to wrap the gift and put an ID number or Tag that says BOY or Girl and age. etc…. :(

  10. Anonymous

    Ok. Was the gun INSIDE the teddy bear? or NEXT to the teddy bear. The media can't even figure out witch lie to go with.

  11. Christopher Roy

    They are pawning off an illegal gun. The child probably never saw or touched it. It definitely was not wrapped with a teddy bear.

  12. Donna Marie Givens

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed? Seems like the press is really jumping on the gun thing more than usual. And I agree, this is meida CRAP! I've never, ever known of any charity to accept wrapped gifts. They would have to be super stupid. Drugs, guns, needles, porno. Come on "investigative repoters", get real!

  13. Tommy Hilton

    "The foster mother said the 8-year-old thought the firearm was a gun and began waving it around." Wasn't she right? It was a gun…

  14. Anonymous

    It is sad when we think of it happening in a sinister way but Here a thought that may not cross our minds.. Maybe the donor did not know the bear had a gun stashed in it.. Maybe it was a parent who's child was killed, or maybe a parent upset about the mess in their child's room. So while cleaning out their room came across some toy(s) that were not open and thought that they would give it to those in need.. Not believing or think that their child, could hide something so danger they donated the toy(s).. It may have been a landlord who was cleaning out an evicted or abandon apartment and found items and donated them.. Maybe it not as sinister as many may believe it to be.. It could have been a simple donation with out the knowledge of what was inside.. To jump to the conclusion that the gun was placed there on purpose really shows how our society has jumps to conclusions and we have seen in the past many of our conclusions are way off base..

  15. Bud Wilstead

    Someone can grind off a serial number to make the gun untraceable? Does the ATF know about this? Every gun I bought required the manufacturer's name and a serial number for ATF records Didn't you have to do the same when you purchased a gun?

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