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Matt Lauer ‘Miserable’ That People Blame Him For Anne Curry’s ‘Today’ Departure

Anne Curry

Since people feel that Matt Lauer is the reason Anne Curry was fired from her position at Today, the host frequently has people yelling at him on the street of New York City.

TMZ reports that Lauer is a little “freaked out” about being blamed for his co-worker’s dismissal. In fact, sources explained that the co-host is “miserable” over the whole affair.

Anonymous sources also said that Matt Lauer feels hassled by New York City residents since he claims he had nothing to do with Curry’s departure from the show.

Folks have taken to shouting things like “You’re a bad guy!” or “You got Ann fired. Does that make you happy?” when they spot Lauer on the streets.

Some people have even started joking about Matt’s $25 million salary, which reportedly left him feeling “abused.”

“It’s driving him crazy. He’s so unhappy,” a source close to the network revealed.

According to Fox News, the drama surrounding the alleged problems between Matt Lauer and Anne Curry have caused some of the morning show’s crew members to split into two opposing camps.

Another source close to the network told the website:

“No one is at fault here. But things over there are not good, and this was the natural progression that happened. There are the people that love Ann because she’s so sweet and loyal and gives it her all. There are the people that adore Matt because he’s done so much for so many people.”

The New York Daily News points out that Matt Lauer was originally prepared for the backlash Anne Curry’s departure from Today might cause. At the time, the co-host was having to deal with a number of angry viewers on Twitter.

“They have an opinion and two thumbs, and that gives them the right to do whatever they want,” he explained.

Are you a fan of Matt Lauer? What do you think about the strangers who harass and hassle the Today co-host over Anne Curry’s departure?

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7 Responses to “Matt Lauer ‘Miserable’ That People Blame Him For Anne Curry’s ‘Today’ Departure”

  1. Jonathan Smith

    I could care less about matt lauer and his problems. Let him deal with it on his own. There are more important issues going than some guy who makes 25 million dollars a year just sitting in front of a camera telling news stories. WHO CARES! More important isses like people suffering from natural disasters, sufferings, diseases, hunger and homelessness. Not to mention crimes on the rise again. We need to focus on these instead of cry babies who don't like being yelled at. Get over it and get a real life.

  2. Anonymous

    Re: author Todd Rigney.

    How bad can these quicky news reports get? How do you spell Anne Curry now? Or is it Ann? This punk author spells it two different ways in the same article. Pathetic. And this is what passes for acceptable news reporting today? Again. Pathetic.

    "people that love Ann because she’s so sweet".
    "Anne Curry was fired".

    Attention Deficit Disorder on full display? He cannot focus enough to even spell a key character's name correctly.

  3. Susan Maddocks

    I'm not sure why anyone even watches the today show or would care about Matt Lauer's feelings being hurt.

  4. Tim Owens

    He's a total goofball, I remember one of howard sterns guys interviewing him about his infidelity and all he said was "I don't know". Idiot

  5. Jack DiEnna

    Everyone is the captain of their own destiny, although Ann Curry is a nice person she did not do well as a co host. In the interest of the Today show ratings Savannah Guthrie is a much better co host, fitting right in with the group. I have been watching for over 30 years and it is unfair to blame anyone especially Matt for what happened to Ann.
    Once again, we get to it has to be someones fault but it is just that it did not work out. Matt stay tough and you will get through this.

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