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Los Angeles Gun Exchange Brings In Over Two Thousand Guns

Los Angeles buyback progam

When was the last time you bought your groceries with firearms in a way that wouldn’t get you arrested?

That’s what happened in Los Angeles with their one-day buyback “groceries for guns” program. The day after Christmas, 2,037 firearms were collected in exchange for gift cards for free groceries. This promotion was in response to the Newtown massacre in Connecticut, in an effort to reduce the number of guns on the streets.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s office said the weapons collected included 698 rifles, 901 handguns, 363 shotguns and 75 assault weapons. Cars and people lined up at two locations to hand in their firearms in exchange for gift cards valued at up to $200. The anonymous buyback program allowed weapons to be turned in with no questions asked.

The buyback is usually held in May, but recent events gave the incentive to do it earlier, says the Wall Street Journal.

Villaraigosa stated:

“All of us are still mourning the tragedy at Newtown, [Connecticut]. So many young innocent children were mass-murdered in the way that they were, and now the assassination of two firefighters…just breaks the heart of so many of us, particularly in this holiday season.”

The results were announced at a news conference held on Thursday to warn New Years party-goers against firing weapons into the air in celebration or reverence. Authorities made it clear that anyone firing a gun into the air on New Year’s Eve faces jail time and a fine of up to $10,000, according to

Police will check the firearms recovered to see if they were stolen. If so, authorities will attempt to return them to their rightful owners. Otherwise, the guns are scheduled to be destroyed.

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4 Responses to “Los Angeles Gun Exchange Brings In Over Two Thousand Guns”

  1. Rita Neumann

    What a great idea! I would support legislation for the government to supply grants to all Law Enforcement Agencies to participate in a program such as this. Imagine the responsible gun owner who has 5 guns in his 20 gun collection that he no longer uses. They could turn them in and feed their family for a couple of months. That also reduces the number of guns that may be stolen and fall into the wrong hands during a possible break in. This is a win-win situation!

  2. Stan Unruh

    This is where people show there real stupidity. People got a $100 for a typical rifle /shotgun and $200 for certain types of hand guns and assault rifles.How does one feed a family for a couple of months on that much money ? The LAPD was real good and keeping the numbers on the type of guns that were turned in, I wonder if they kept track of how many gang members showed up to turn there weapons in.

  3. Rita Neumann

    I really don't appreciate being called stupid simply because my thoughts on this are different than yours. Closing a blind eye to the violence, not offering any solutions, and bullying those who are attempting to find solutions is the reaction of most gun owners. I notice you didn't have a comment on my previous post about why aren't people fighting as hard for all the religious freedoms we have lost in this country as they are against gun control. Those are guaranteed by the constitution also. It's a sad day when owning a gun is more important to the citizens that being able to practice religious freedoms. Annette says it's a social issue ~ that definitely shows how screwed up things have gotten when a gun is more important than God. Instead of name calling Stan – let's hear your ideas to stop the gun violence. Be a part of the solution and stop the name calling

  4. Ed Steele

    You need to understand this fact, when you give up your guns you open yourself up for more violence. The criminals will allways be able to get guns and will commit crimes against the unarmed. The idiots that are turning in their guns for groceries are completly retarded, this is typical Obama left wing loon liberal mentality. Los Angeles has allways been ground zero for idiodic liberals.

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