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World’s Oldest Man Ever: Jiroemon Kimura Is 115 Years And 252 Days Old

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At 115 years and 252 days old, Jiroemon Kimura has landed the title of the world’s oldest man ever.

Christian Mortensen, a Danish American who passed away in 1998, was the previous record holder.

According to the Telegraph, Kimura was born on April 19, 1897.

Craig Glenday, the Editor-in-Chief of the Guinness World Records, said that Kimura is only the 3rd man in history to reach the age of 115 and the first Japanese man to reach that age. Kimura became the oldest living person in the world earlier this month and is now the oldest man to ever live on earth.

A message on his Facebook page reads:

“This is a fan page dedicated to 115 year old Jiroemon Kimura the oldest man in Japan and the Oldest man in the world, the last sole surviving male from the 19th century. As of December 17th Jiroemon Kimura is the oldest living person in the world.”

Kimura, who made a living as a postal worker, has 14 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and 13 great-great-grandchildren. He currently lives in Kyotango.

So how has Kimura managed to reach the age of 115? According to his Facebook page, Kimura “wakes up early in the morning and reads newspapers with a magnifying glass. Also, he enjoys talking to guests and follows live parliamentary debates on television. According to him, small portions of food are the key to a long and healthy life.”

Kimura may be the world’s oldest man ever but he’s got a long way to go to become the oldest person in the history of the world. There are 10 women who have lived longer than Kimura. Jeanne Calment, who passed away in 1997, was 122-years-old.

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73 Responses to “World’s Oldest Man Ever: Jiroemon Kimura Is 115 Years And 252 Days Old”

  1. James Carraway

    Uhh, if you look in the Book of Genesis you will note that Methusaleh was the oldest man who ever lived. Genesis 5:27 says he lived 969 years.

  2. Peter Huddy

    This is nonsense! Anyone who knows his Bible knows that Methuselah lived 969 years, and is thus the oldest man who ever lived.

  3. Jason Emmons

    This is based on the gerontology research group's validation via 3 certifiable sources. The bible AT MOST, would count as 1. You want methuselah to be #1? Go get the documents.

  4. Anonymous

    En-men-dur-ana, the Sumerian king, reigned for 72,000 years. That would make him the oldest man to have ever lived.

  5. Anonymous

    En-men-dur-ana, the Sumerian king, reigned for 72,000 years. That would make him the oldest man to have ever lived.

  6. Jason Emmons

    The old guys in the bible are nothing compared to ancient sumerians…

  7. Jason Emmons

    The old guys in the bible are nothing compared to ancient sumerians…

  8. James Carraway

    Oh, I will give you more certifiable sources. The Apostle Paul, Saul of Tarsus, is a certifiable historical source. His life and death are historical fact. And of course any member of the pharisees or sadducees listed in the old testament would certify that Methusaleh lived 969 years. Oh don't forget any living Hasidic jew! You better be careful that finger you proudly display will lead you straight to where your telling everyone to go!!!! God Bless may our Lord Jesus bless you with His grace by your faith in Him!

  9. Jon Phillips

    This article is talking about real, verifiable people that someone saw. Not someone out of a make believe story that has never been proven and never will be.

  10. Bobby Boyer

    "The oldest man to ever live on EARTH"! ( Curious minds want to know: what being held from us? ) lol

  11. Anita Zick

    All of your jokes about the bible doesn't take away from the fact that this guy has lived longer than any HUMAN…. I don't believe that the bible ws ever even mentioned in this article. So CONGRADULATIONS to this man for living this long and hopefully he will have more years ahead of him.

  12. Anonymous

    Do the world Peter a favor and shut up. IF the bible is correct, the earth was washed away and restarted then, so in our time Kimura is the worlds oldest man ever. Oh and give the guy credit, you're about as worst as Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swifts award with Kanye saying some other chick did good and deserves to be mention. It's just rude man.

  13. Holly Holdaway

    Zack Salem , so you'd rather believe something you read on yahoo? rather than the Bible which was written thousands of years ago, and has proved over and over again with incredible accuracy that it holds nothing but the truth? sad…so very sad.

  14. Holly Holdaway

    the oldest human was Methuselah, he lived to be 969 years old. HE has lived longer than any human. also, i should point out that you spelled CONGRATULATIONS wrong. 😀 the Bible might not have been mentioned in the article, but it is now…and this article is wrong.

  15. Jason Emmons

    A book is not a birth certificate. This is my point. I could write texts about Superman and insist they are true and have others insist they are true for 5,000 years, but that doesn't make it true.

  16. Edgar Palma

    people here talking about the bible should stop and note , that the whole world has many different religions and need to stop claiming the bible is all truth when historically it's not.

  17. Jason Emmons

    The title of world's oldest man can't be based on faith. Not everyone reads the same book! You have to PROVE facts to EVERYONE, or there would be millions of people claiming to be 130+. Is it sad that I don't read YOUR book? No, it's sad to be narrow-minded in regards to others!

  18. Edgar Palma

    yeah they had people according to them lived thousands of years one king ruled over 35,000 years
    so taken into consideration the bible has nothing on their stuff

  19. David Ryon

    He is one of two men that were born in the 19th century that are still alive. The other is James Sisnett: Born – February 22, 1900. Living: 112 years, 310 days. Barbados. December 31,1900 is the last day of the 19th Century. January 1, 1901 is the first day of the 20th century.

  20. Stephen McCluskey

    Incorrect. January 1st, 1900; at 12:00 am was the first day of the 20th century.

  21. Rodan Nabor

    While it is true that the bible states a number of people lived incredibly long lifespans, it must be remembered that these portions of the bible come from oral histories handed down over many thousands of years. Accordingly, since the events are so far removed from written accounts, they represent the least reliable parts of the bible. It is logical and fair to assume that such fantastic accounts of age were invented/inflated to make these stories more amazing to religious followers.

  22. Brian Froberg

    Bible is fake. Anyone that take it literally is a moron. Ok Adam and Eve so how do you get more people? Um INCEST. Ok so incest is cool with God then.

  23. Greg Field

    Well, show us his ("Methuselah") original birth and death records. Ask Fred Flintstone to find the clerk of records for you. Now, let's see, to "know" a certain book, and "really read it" is all you need to verify claims contained therein? OK, let's apply the same principle. I "know" the Guinness book of world records, and I "really read it", so it must be right! PPPHHTTTTTHHHTTT! Now grow up, each of you believe what you want, stop arguing and trying to push your stories down peoples throats. Let's just celebrate this guy's life, and let the media have their fun. Besides, these stories are written by SATAN, and you bible thumpers shouldn't even be reading them. BOOGAHBOOOGAHBOOGAH!

  24. Brian Froberg

    David while you may be technically correct no one cares. I can guarantee you everyone celebrated the coming of the 21st century on Jan 1 2000. You're "Welcome 21st Century" party a year later was probably a solo affair.

  25. Brian Froberg

    Nimords please stop using the Bible as proof of something. No one lived for 969 years. According to Scientology L Ron Hubbard is 74 trillion years old. It's in a book must be true.

  26. Brian Froberg

    Holly Holdaway the Bible is not true and has not been proven to be true. The Bile was written by PEOPLE. People with agendas. People with biases. People than wanted the masses to obey the religious leaders in power.

  27. William D Hendricks

    What I'd like to know is what reference to historical falsehood are you referring? What was proven beyond mere speculation or extrapolation (Darwinism) that the Bible is not an accurate historical document?

  28. William D Hendricks

    David Ryon why do you use the confusing and inaccurate BCE and CE instead of the traditional BC and AD? Are you an atheist?

  29. Lindsey Douglas

    It's pathetic that all these Jesus lovers have to moan about Jesus being the oldest man to ever live instead of just being happy that a fellow HUMAN being has accomplished something that many have not been able to do.

  30. David Ryon

    Anyways, there are two men who were born in the 19th Century that are still alive: Jiroemon Kimura and James Sisnett.

  31. David Ryon

    @William I am a practicing Roman Catholic…..This is for William: The new century actually started in 1901 AD, contrary to popular belief. This is because it went from 1 BC to 1 AD and there was no zero so the common era started on 1 AD not 0 AD as there was none. This all doesn't change the fact that there are two men who were born in the 19th Century that are still alive: Jiroemon Kimura and James Sisnett.

  32. Anonymous

    For a young man of 115, you look closer to 80. A very happy belated birthday to you sir!

  33. Brown Eminence

    Holly what does your hindu boyfriend Raman say about this? His book the Vedas is older than your bible. The bible also advocates that a rape victim should marry her rapist (Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NLT)..Is this the "truth" that you speak of?..Looking at Holly's face book page I have come to the conclusion that she is a dumb teabagger. This is an excerpt from one of her thought provoking posts- Jer-USA-lem… Have you ever noticed that RIGHT SMACK-DAB CENTER of the name "Jerusalem" sit the letters USA? 😉 The USA and Israel MUST remain close. JerUSAlem — the Holy Land, and so… GOD'S NUMBER!!
    Yes people this is the brain box known as Holly Holdaway.

  34. Larry Vital

    I stand with Peter and Bob. Although it is quite a blessing to live to be 115, this journalist lives in a little world where history has been re-written to make it easy for those who are too lazy to research the facts.Methuselah did live to be 969 years old. Even Webster's dictionary confirms Methuselah , a patriarch who lived 969 years. It's true and it makes sense. Read your bible and let God be your authority.He won't let you down.

  35. Andrea Gooden

    Guys, guys, just because something did not happen in your time, doesn't mean it never happened. Methuselah did live 969 years. We should try to open our minds and believe that worlds of people existed before ours. Stretch your minds; I promise it wont kill you.

  36. Nelson Verdejo

    but hello, the bible is religion and therefore possibly legend … not everyone believes whats written in the bible…. for something to be written that many thousand years ago and still thought to be 100% historically accurate is nonsense … there is no way any human person can live for 969 years especially back then when there was no means for extending the human life span. even to this day there is no technology that will extend the human life span by that much even though it is supposedly being worked on. there is no way any human being in existence every lived to 969… no human has even ever lived to 150 if that.

  37. Tiffanie Delgado

    I thought the same thing! What a strange way to phrase it, huh?

  38. Brian Walter

    So I am guessing that Moses who wrote the Book of Genesis by the Holy Spirit's direction did not learn what a year was when he was growing up as the Pharoh's adopted son? Back then they always wanted the ruling family to be stupid. Years were shorter? The earth must have been flying around the Sun! Wow! How fast do you suppose that was? I guess years were shorter back in 1897 when this guy was born too. How else could he have lived so long. Since I wasn't alive back in 1897, I really don't believe years were the same length as now. They really didn't know what they were talking about back in 1897 either. It is all a hoax by people with agendas.

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