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Man Dies After Eating 28 Raw Eggs In One Sitting


He may have enjoyed bragging rights after winning the bet, but the gentleman who ate 28 raw eggs paid the ultimate price to prove a point.

Dhaou Fatnassi, a 20-year-old man from the North African country of Tunisia, died after consuming over two dozen raw eggs. According to, the man reportedly began stuffing the food into his mouth after a group of friends dared him to do it. Unfortunately, the cost of winning the bet was his life.

After realizing that something was seriously wrong with their friend, the group called an ambulance to the scene.

“Doctors were called in after the young man felt strong stomach pains, but he died before medical assistance could reach him,” Tunisia’s Shems FM radio station said in a report on Wednesday.

IBN Live explains that, while it’s likely the man died due to eating so many raw eggs, an official cause of death has not been determined. An investigation into his passing is presently underway.

Although some people believe eating raw eggs won’t hurt you, HealthMad explains it’s probably best to err on the side of caution.

The website explains:

“The main concern is that raw eggs could contain a bacteria known as Salmonella enteritidis which is known to cause food poisoning. Statistics show that only about one in thirty thousand eggs contain this bacteria, but there’s no way to tell by looking at it whether you have a ‘bad egg.’ “

As strange as it may sound, this isn’t the first time someone has died while eating something on a dare. The Inquisitr previously reported that 32-year-old Edward Archbold met his maker after consuming a large amount of worms, roaches, and other insects during a contest.

After vomiting inside the store hosting the challenge, Archbold soon collapsed. He was pronounced dead at Broward Health North. Had he not died after eating the unappealing mix of insects and worms, Archbold would have walked away with a free snake from a West Palm Beach pet store.

What do you think about the man who died after eating 28 raw eggs?

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304 Responses to “Man Dies After Eating 28 Raw Eggs In One Sitting”

  1. Brenda Gates Hall

    Probably something along the line of a ruptured stomach. Died too soon for Salmonella.

  2. Justin Amyx

    “Doctors were called in after the young man felt strong stomach pains, but he died before medical assistance could reach him,”………………….tragic, considering medical assistance in Tunisia is only several hours away, hmmmm.

  3. Dustin Krzyzanski

    Article writer needs to research Salmonella… Unless that ambulance was coming from another Country, there is no way it was salmonella that caused the death.

  4. Joe Fortunato

    When one accepts a dare, one is doing so in order to entertain, and gain the approval of, the darers. They're too scared to do the deed themselves, so they "challenge" the stupidest — or at best, the most naive — member of the group. If somebody dares you to do something, you can be sure it isn't in your best interest. On the plus side, people who accept dares often succumb to the chlorine in the gene pool and don't get to reproduce anymore.

  5. Kenny Green

    Should have ordered jthem from Waffle House! He would only have to eat 14 to die..

  6. Kenneth Zawlacki

    I blame Bush too! Because Barry does nothing but good for of the little people who drink of the koolaid which flows through his veins.

  7. Anonymous

    well, many athletes making protein shakes with raw eggs, milk, protein muscle powder to do work outs. Maybe in Africa the eggs were not sanitary and had no FDA control like we have them. Anyways, cooking it thouroughly might have helped.

  8. Anonymous

    well, many athletes making protein shakes with raw eggs, milk, protein muscle powder to do work outs. Maybe in Africa the eggs were not sanitary and had no FDA control like we have them. Anyways, cooking it thouroughly might have helped.

  9. Raymond Troy Hopson

    What a fucking moron, guess he'll never know whether the egg or the chicken came first.

  10. Jennifer Tippit

    It doesn't seem to mention the fact that this is in Tunisia and they don't have the same laws concerning food that we do…more than likely they came straight from a farm, unpasteurized and had nowhere near the proper handling and refrigeration required to keep bacteria at bay. Salmonella doesn't act that quickly, no, but lord knows what bacteria could have been present.

  11. John Rubano

    Um, ever heard of Octo Mom? Kim Kardishian? Tanya Harding? Lindsey Lohan? How about How about Courtney Love? Shall I go on?

  12. Marilyn Wood

    This makes me want to throw up just reading it. I was stupid to read the whole article, but, not as stupid as the men taking the dares. Yuck.

  13. Anonymous

    Guys, the story has nothing to do with politics in the USA. Egg eating, Africa, bet…remember those key words. Another thing, if you think it matters who you blame just remember no matter who you vote for they have to read the same script. Or it's to JFK's locker!!!!

  14. Nick Russell

    he should have stopped after the first one, but everyone kept egging him on

  15. John Mooter

    Perhaps the stupidest story of 2012.As a Vegan, I would not even eat one egg, but this is unbelievable. Many people take better care of their cars than their bodies.

  16. Red Rum

    No shit right? I was waiting for a better explanation too…same goes with the bug eating corelation they added.

  17. Linda Meaux

    Sad that he did something so stupid, probably to feel like he belonged. But he did leave behind family that I'm sure are grieving.

  18. Shirley Young Jackson

    He most like died of a ruptured stomach from eating too much all at one sitting. It does happen sometimes.

  19. Shirley Young Jackson

    He probably died of a ruptured stomach from eating more than his stomach could hold. It does happen occasionally.

  20. Euleashia Embry

    Everyone keeps saying it was too soon for salmonella. On whose authority? We are talking 28 raw eggs folks, not undercooked chicken.

  21. April Minton

    Did he eat the *entire* egg? As in, shell and all? The statement of "began stuffing the food into his gaping maw" is rather indicative of someone not stopping to think about such things. Dares and bets like this are just foolishness anyhow. It is unfortunate that he died from his folly.

  22. Jeff Willman

    It`s always the conservatives that have to bring politics into an issue that doesn`t even remotley relate to politics. What a bunch of whiners. Lame and a sign of insecurity.

  23. Jeremy Parks

    The medical eggsaminer was eggcited that he would be part of this eggsamination. His eggo got in the way of his profession. Let this be an eggsample.

  24. Marcia Aleman

    People just don't get it….hello never, ever eat anything that is raw..and that goes for sushi, egg whites, I firmly believe you put your life at risk…you just don't know what bacteria and parasites our present!

  25. Craig Donahue

    Wrong! You can blame the improving economy,Bin Laddin's death and the resurgents of GM all on Obama especially when your party of no said let them fail! Actually they're still doing it with the fiscal cliff lol.

  26. Tom Cotter Sr

    Craig Donahue Improving economy? hahahahahahahhahah JOKE of the year!!!!

  27. Favian Castillo

    "when I was a lad I ate four dozen eggs every morning to help me get large, and now that I'm grown I eat five dozen eggs so I'm roughly the size of a barge!" – Gaston.

    Sounds like Dhaou couldn't hang with it. Bro, do you even lift?

  28. Deb Halog

    That many eggs at once could have over stimulated his Vegus nerve and caused a heart attack, or maybe there were shells mixed in the eggs that cut his insides up and caused him to bleed out.

  29. Jared Ding

    Only a loser like Tom cooter would bring up politics when someone dies… And he wonders why everyone hates the republican party right now?

  30. Samuel J. Saladino

    They didn't say he took the eggs out of the shell. Stuffing 2 dozen raw eggs shells and all could overload the tummy and cause it to rupture, I would think.

    Other than that it was an eggs-quisitely fascinting story… sorry just had to add that.

  31. Anonymous

    I'm all for thinning the heard! We have too many dumb asses in the world!

  32. Anonymous

    I suppose I should feel bad that this guy died; Unfortunately I cannot shed a tear for stupidity. My bad!

  33. Kirsten J Walstedt

    So what exactly was the cause of death? Did he eat them with the shells on and they perforated his stomach? They should give the details.

  34. John Coleman

    None the less. God bless his soul and help his family find peace. We can poke fun all day, but when it comes down to it, a human has died.

  35. Elizabeth Redinger

    There would have to be an immense amount of money at stake! The egg whites on a raw egg are like snot, eww!

  36. Caitlin Soucy

    SALMONELLA? untill the 80's eggs were sold uncooled and off the shelf. there is a big push by the feds to control ALL that we eat. they HATE small farms, organic anything and are there to serve chemical growers and livestock farms.

  37. Lynn Cross

    Kenneth Zawlacki ..Glad that the President consumes your every waking moment, can you clarify how the POTUS has anything to do with this article? Immature white folk….

  38. Jimbo Limbo

    It's gotta be hard to find a guy to settle down with you, with an attitude like that! Thank goodness for reality TV and Soaps, huh?

  39. Jimbo Limbo

    Maybe we should outlaw eggs, right? Perhaps we need to license the purchase of eggs and put one more warning label on them? Stupid people do stupid things. We're all gonna bite it one day- cigarettes are legal. Ganj is illegal. Silliness. But it funds the prison system and a lot of our police state. All these morons say, "But I don't want my daughter smoking that." She will if she wants to, but with it illegal, she could end up getting a record for it!

  40. Paul Shamblin

    I will never eat another raw oyster.I ate many before I got a bad one,but never again.I havent even had a cooked oyster since then.It will literally kill you.Since then,Im easily food poisoned.Turkey is another one that will get you.Got a bad cherry tomato a few years ago in a nice restaurant.Cipro to the rescue.

  41. Sheldon Jones

    Well I"m sleeping with a married women now and I'm single and she's risking losing her house, car and comfortable lifestyle if she gets caught while I'm getting free a*s so I would say that makes her pretty stupid.

  42. Jill Johnson

    It was this guy's 'time'… the eggs were irrelevant. Something else killed him.

  43. Paul Shamblin

    I was poisoned by a organic cherry tomato once.Vegies are not safe either. Lettuce is another one that is often bad.Dont think you are safe.Not to mention pesticides.

  44. Anonymous

    Did he die from salmonella or something else related to eating so many eggs? I wouldn't think the salmonella would kill you that quickly?

  45. Neil Benda

    About twenty years ago a man in St Louis died eating a hot dog.The man had stolen a "Big Bite" hot dog from a local 7/11. He was confronted at the front door as he was leaving by the cashier. He turned away from the woman and rammed the entire hot dog down his throat in one thrust. The man choaked to death on the spot where parmedics found him.

  46. Gary Martin

    Eating contests are dangerous to your health. Don't do it. People sometimes die like this from ingesting too much too fast.

  47. Anonymous

    Ty Yeager- you're a real jerk ! She was doing that for her kids !!
    She wanted to win them a wii .You probably dont have any kids so you wouldn't understand the will to try and get them what you feel they want and deserve.
    She had three kids that have no mom now. And you're calling her stupid. This is SAD doesent anyone see that ?? Its not a joke ! People are dead and im sure their families wouldn't appreciate people laughing at their death like its a damn joke.

  48. Anonymous

    Its understandable that people make jokes… but all in all this is NOT very funny. I'm sure if he was in your family it wouldn't be a joke.

  49. John Mooter

    Paul, most of us who eat a Vegan diet do not eat in a way that will kill us. I think eating a sensible plant based mostly organic diet is a pretty safe way to eat! Pesticide residues in dead animals are many times stronger than in plat foods, and the added hormones, antibiotics, and pus in animal foods puts the nail in the coffin.

  50. Jack De Lara

    He may have died due to metabolic alkalosis :/ Just a gut feeling of mine :[ (no pun intended).

  51. Terry Wallace

    I eat raw eggs daily after my workouts so I'm not going for the story. I don't eggxactly eat 28 of them either. Just a couple in my protien shake works out just fine.

  52. Paige Alynne

    Most likely protein overload. This has happened before. 28 eggs contains an incredible amount of protein.

  53. Paul Faur

    This is a tragedy, but when it comes to eating raw eggs, everyone knows that you have to stop at 27.

  54. Noah Lewin

    If "Cool Hand Luke" could do it, why not this guy? And Luke ate one hundred! (Also on a dare.)

  55. Karen Anderson

    UH OH, how many raw eggs are in a glass of egg nog? We're all going to die!

  56. Karen Anderson

    UH OH, how many raw eggs are in a glass of egg nog? We're all going to die!

  57. Donna Clouse

    Then the FDA rushed in and declared all eggs to be fatal and has outlawed them!

  58. Casey Laughman

    "He may have enjoyed bragging rights…"
    Somehow, I doubt that.

  59. Anonymous

    egg-cuses egg-cuses… stupidity cannot be cured. The inner egg shell contains more bacteria than a toilet seat and yet he ate 28.

  60. GiGi Jones

    Tell that to Cool Hand Luke – 50 eggs so says the story line but his were hard boiled. If someome can eat 66 hotdogs in an hour, then you'd think this was doable. It does not say if he swallowed the eggs with shells or cracked them and ate the contents. Is that even possible to swallow an entire egg? Poor man ~.

  61. Jethro Hooper

    It's a mental health issue, so let's all get on board for legislation controlling the number of eggs that be made quickly available to one person. That won't solve the problem, but it'll look like we're concerned and doing something.

  62. Gabriel Jae Gideon

    Could it be possible that a fragment of the shell was consumed and it cut something vital inside? Or perhaps he had a latent allergic reaction to egg that he had not known about? We'll have to wait for the cause of death to be announced. Otherwise, this egg can't be cracked.

  63. Anonymous

    I remember winning a contest by eating raw eggs and then got sick for almost a week.. first symptoms were stomach pain and diarrhea..

  64. Geoffrey R Green Jr

    How awful! Couldn't he have found something more egg-citing to do?

  65. Michael Porpiglia

    a radio station in California had a contest to see who could drink the most water. The person who won also died after consuming a large amount of water. I believe it was for concert tickets. About five years ago. Stupid is what stupid does.

  66. David Laster

    It's pretty simple to much of anything can be toxic or stop up the digestive, gastrointestinal system, not to mention that eggs contain large quantities of cholesteral and vitamins so to much of these things could have been a factor in the death.

  67. Christopher Haskins

    You should all realize that the article writer was not suggesting that Salmonella killed this guy but that it is the main reason you should not consume raw eggs!

  68. Jonathan Yee

    Let this be an eggxample of what not to do. The dude should've chickened out of the dare. The libs will try to ban selling more than a dozen eggs at a given time now.

  69. Kim Yahalomit Josephine Texon

    you all should be ashamed of yourself, this young man lost his life and their parents their son. Would you like people to laugh about your death?

  70. Faica Paul

    This is an egg-xaggeration maybe he died from something else. There's always a better egg-planation. RIP.

  71. Anonymous

    Why is it I'm still alive consuming 30 Egg-rolls in 5 mins yesterday?

  72. Anonymous

    Why is it I'm still alive consuming 30 Egg-rolls in 5 mins. yesterday?

  73. Gerard Fierro

    The digestive fluids to break down so many eggs would have caused intense uncomfortable stomach burn and maybe he died of a related reaction to the problem rather than the eggs?

  74. Jerry Suttles

    Cloudy Knight You know I was totally unaware of that fact,thank you for pointing that out to me. I was under the impression that everything that I saw on the flat HD devise that I view was reality. So the flying monkey's in the Wizard of Oz and the talking spider in Charlotte's Web are not real either?

  75. Anonymous

    Sorry to hear the bad new's……..May him and his ''28'' chickens rest in peace.

  76. John Hutcheson

    Salmonella is unlikely to have been involved in this man's death, as it take several days for first symptoms to appear.

  77. Karen Austin

    I'll never understand why people do things like this. I don't know how he even swallowed that many of.
    the slimy things without vomiting.

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