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George Zimmerman Sued By Bodyguards


George Zimmerman, charged with second degree murder in the Trayvon Martin shooting, owes a private security company $27,000 in unpaid bills according to a lawsuit the company filed against him.

Zimmerman lawyer Mark O’Mara hired the bodyguards from Associated Investigative Services (AIS) in late June 2012 to provide security for Zimmerman and his family. Once an independent trustee took over the management of the Zimmerman defense fund, payments for the security detail stopped.

The Orlando Sentinel provides more information on the lawsuit against George Zimmerman:

“According to the company, O’Mara explained that Zimmerman and the trustee were ‘clamping down’ on the defense fund because it was ‘very low.’ ”

“Zimmerman ‘does not have any funds presently available to attend to any such debt, realizing the enormity if upcoming expenses of the defense,’ O’Mara told AIS, the suit says.

O’Mara claimed that the security company already received $40,000, and he was surprised the firm sued. Zimmerman’s wife Shellie and O’Mara are also named as defendants in the AIS lawsuit.

According to London’s Daily Mail, “The AIS complaint acknowledges the $40,000 paid and also says the company warned O’Mara the amount of security he requested was ‘excessive’.”

Zimmerman is apparently receiving protection from a less expensive security firm now; AIS was reportedly charging as much as $7,000 a week.

George Zimmerman is free on $1 million bond and has been living in hiding since his release. He is under electronic monitoring while he awaits trial that is scheduled to start on June 10.

In a separate legal action, Zimmerman is suing NBC for defamation over the handling of the 911 tape.

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12 Responses to “George Zimmerman Sued By Bodyguards”

  1. Jeanne Johnson

    well well someone else to pick on that was doing the job he was hired to do..protect the people in the surrounding buildings and look what he got for it…just another case of justice gone wild…

  2. Jeanne Johnson

    how can he pay his bills….no one will hire him now that mr justice took over and ruined his life…what a joke

  3. Jeanne Johnson

    what a racist thing to say…you are old enough to know better a h

  4. PoliticsNews Aja

    On July 1, 2006, a new law went into effect that makes personal identifying information pertaining to a Concealed Weapon or Firearm license confidential and exempt from Section 119.07(1), Florida Statutes and Section 24(a), Article 1 of the State Constitution. Learned Friday that the state may indeed have a REFUND RECEIPT for GZ CCW license. If this is true, it explains why Omara hasn't accepted Judge Nelson offer to have the SYG hearing that Omara claimed to want so much. Further, it means GZ was illegally in possession of his wife Shellie's gun that he used to kill Trayvon with. While Omara cries about the prosecution not handing over discovery fast enough, Omara has yet to provide the prosecution with reciprocal discovery. Notice the prosecution lack of concern? A little birdie told me it is because there is in fact a refund receipt from the state of Florida. It also explains why nothing was ever said about the revocation of GZ CCW, once he was arrested and charged with this crime. Something that would be required under Florida law. No need to revoke a license that was already revoked prior to this crime. Easily explains why the prosecution went for murder in the 2nd right off the bat of getting this case without calling for a grand jury.

  5. Tre Anthony

    Officer Lynch of the Sanford Police Department reminded the other officers to ensure that a photograph was taken of the 2 SMALL lacerations on the back of Zimmerman's head. Officer Lynch DID NOT NOTICE ANY INJURY TO ZIMMERMAN'S NOSE. Now WHY is that? Does that prove that the photo taken of GZ's nose was PHOTO shopped. In fact, the size of GZ's nose taken at the scene is LARGER than what it was 30-minutes AFTER he arrived at the police station on that same night. Compare the Photo taken at the scene with the photos taken at the Police Station on that same night, and See Memorandum Dated April 2, 2012 at 1850. See also Memorandum Dated March 26, 2012 at 5:50 PM (Witness states that guy on top had a dark colored outfit on. Zimmerman had on a dark red/black jacket), March 26, 2012 at 5:40pm (Witness states that Zimmerman was on top BEFORE he shot TM), Memorandum Dated March 26, 2012 at 7:10 pm (Witness states that she saw 'shadows running from left to right and then heard shots". FDLE Investigated Report Dated March 20, 2012 at approximately 1810 hours, IR #10 (Witness states that he never observed which individual was yelling help, he only made an "assumption that the person on the bottom would be the one yelling help.") FDLE Investigative Report Dated April 26, 2012, IR #52 (Witness stressed to Zimmerman that one of the most important aspects of carrying a weapon, is weapon retention. Witness discussed with Zimmerman how to maintain a weapon in the holster and other techniques used for weapon retention. Witness stated, "its is not your gun its the gun. Ironically, that is the same line that George used in his Sean Hannity interview describing the events leading to his shooting of TM.)

  6. Tre Anthony

    @George "is 100% innocent" Zimmerman…lastly, you state that the "SP has in evidence a 20 oz dented AriZona watermelon juice can and the baggy Trayvon used to swing at George's nose," Now, WHY would Trayvon "swing at George's nose", IF, GZ DID NOT actually try to detain TM BEFORE he shot him or DID NOT imitate the confrontation? More telling, your statement that the SP has in evidence a 20 oz dented AriZona watermelon juice can and the baggy Trayvon used to swing at George's nose, is consistent with someone trying to DEFEND themselves from an attacker, which is exactly what TM tried to do when GZ tried to DETAIN him against his will, and TM certainly had the right to do that because, as stated above, he reasonably feared that GZ was trying to either rob him or kidnap him. Moreover, GZ stated, contrary to what you stated, that TM 'punched' him in the nose, presumably with his fist. If there is in fact a "20 oz" AriZona watermelon juice can and the baggy which was used to "swing" at George's nose, then that is direct evidence that TM tried to "DEFEND" himself and not simply "attacked" GZ unprovoked out of the blue. Interesting that you would know that there is a "DENTED" Arizona watermelon juice can when all that has ever been shown is a photo of that can. To the best of my recollection, a 'dent' in the can is not apparent from the photos. But skipping that for a second, there has also been 'no' discussion that Trayvon actually used that can to "swing at George's nose". Such specific details could only be known by either the killer himself or someone close to him that actually know of these specific details, but they nevertheless support the theory that GZ initiated that confrontation causing Trayvon to "SWING" that 20 oz Arizona watermelon juice can at GZ's nose in an attempt to keep GZ from trying to "DETAIN" him BEFORE he got shot. Thus, taking it all into prospect, George Zimmerman tried to 'DETAIN' Trayvon Martin against his will, and in the course of trying to do so, Trayvon 'SWUNG' the 20 oz Arizona watermelon juice can at George's nose, leaving the can dented, and in response, George shot Trayvon. That is essentially the crux of why George shot Trayvon, and it is also a compelling reason to find that George Zimmerman is guilty of Second Degree Murder. I have printed this entire tread and forwarded it on to the State's Attorney for further investigation since you have provided certain specific details that only the shooter would know; namely that Trayvon "swung at George's nose" with the Arizona watermelon juice can.

  7. Unkle Randy

    You have NOT followed this. George was NEVER HIRED to protect the area, he's just referred to a THE "Nieghborhood Watch Volunteer" the HOA didn't have a watch prgram at all…so since he was out of work – he would call cops if/when he saw something – beside watch ppl are NOT supposed to persue anyone but kick back and wait police arrival.

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