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Michael Jackson’s Driver’s License Makes The Rounds Online [Photos]

Michael Jackson

The appearance of Michael Jackson’s driver’s license proves that people are still fascinated with the King of Pop three years after his death.

Although much has been made of the singer’s driver’s license picture, it honestly doesn’t look much different than the majority of photos taken by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The image posted by TMZ shows a guy who clearly isn’t happy about having a his picture taken.

As the celebrity gossip website points out, Michael Jackson’s 2005 driver’s license is decidedly different than the card issued back in the 80s. Both images have been embedded below.

According to Global Grind, the FBI released a photograph of the pop star’s identification card shortly after his death in 2009. As you can see, Jackson’s physical appearance had changed quite a bit in roughly two decades.

Michael Jackson’s driver’s license isn’t the only item from the singer’s past to surface in recent weeks. The Inquisitr previously reported that several pieces from the star’s wardrobe were recently auctioned off in California.

In addition to the numerous collectors who walked away with a piece of Jackson’s fashion history, pop star Lady Gaga took home around 55 pieces at the sale hosted by the folks at Julien’s Auctions. The Poker Face singer said on Twitter that she intended to have the items “archived and expertly cared for in the spirit and love of Michael Jackson, his bravery, and fans worldwide.”

Unfortunately, Jackson’s posthumous popularity couldn’t help director Spike Lee’s documentary Bad 25 find an audience when it aired on Thanksgiving Day. According to Entertainment Weekly, the film “was seen by 4.6 million viewers and had a 1.2 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic, down 25 percent from ABC’s musical special last year, ‘A Very Gaga Thanksgiving.’ ”

Images of the aforementioned IDs are below.

What do you think about Michael Jackson’s driver’s license?

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9 Responses to “Michael Jackson’s Driver’s License Makes The Rounds Online [Photos]”

  1. Nicie Randall

    No, he does not and I love Michael. You know if he wasn't the Michael Jackson and just a Michael Jackson you knew, you would not make that claim.

  2. Katherine R. Weinmann

    Most DL photos are scary….I've had a few…he looks unhappy in his photo…that's all….maybe it was just a bad day..don't be cruel…he still has 3 children who love him very much…

  3. Diane Anderson

    Besides the fact the most DMV license pictures are generally awful, this photo was taken barely 2 months after the trial ended which was physically and emotionally devastating for Michael. The scourge from that nightmare took a long tme to heal – a lot more than 2 months.

  4. Brandon Penny

    OK…, there are thousands of photos of MJ on the net, just use Google and you can see that this snapshot is just a snapshot, like we all have, so why some people are so obssesed with MJs?
    And many of you could have looked better after such a monstrous trial like MJ, right? Oh please.
    But compare this picture with great photos from the trial, every day from Feb to June 2005, or from Japan 2007, or This Is It rehearsals….
    And REMEMBER, Michael had VITILIGO!

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