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Anti-Donald Trump Billboard Circles Macy’s In New York

donald trump billboard

Donald Trump got a new billboard in New York this week. No, it’s not promoting the 87th season of Celebrity Apprentice or a new high rise. Instead, the billboard is urging Macy’s to drop all of Trump’s products from their store.

A petition on was started last month urging Macy’s to get rid of Trump’s clothes and perfumes after the real estate mogul made some controversial statements on Twitter. The petition claims that Trump is continually sexist and racist and shouldn’t be selling products at Macy’s. The petition has more than 680,000 signatures and now the group has its own billboard.

According to EuroWeb, several anti-Trump Billboards have been placed on trucks and sent to Macy’s stores. One truck is circling Macy’s corporate headquarters in Cincinnati Ohio, while another is driving around the Macy’s in New York.

The billboard reads: “Bring back the old Macy’s. Dump Trump.”

Angelo Carusone, one of the organizers of the protest, said that Macy’s has always held itself to a higher standard than other stores and shouldn’t sell Trump products.

Carusone told the Hollywood Reporter:

“There is a gap between what Macy’s brand is and what Donald Trump’s brand is. Macy’s says they are a cut above the rest. They appeal to everyone’s nostalgia. They inject themselves into our culture and our holidays … We don’t think [Trump] represents the values they espouse.”

Macy’s said earlier this month that they would continue selling Trump products. The protesters, however, are hoping that their new billboard will hurt Trump’s Christmas sales.

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11 Responses to “Anti-Donald Trump Billboard Circles Macy’s In New York”

  1. Marshall Edmonds

    Trump should be dumped ir at least he and his holdings should be boycotted by all democrats. It's okay to be political but there a price for playing "dirty".

  2. Dave Vega

    You are so right. Trump's father didn't give him squat and Donald would never think of using bankruptcy to get out of any debts he accrued. He is indeed a self-made genius/captain of industry. And Trump did a great job raising his kids, not a single one of them murdered an elephant for fun. A true American hero!

  3. Carol Croft

    Google is your friend James – how about you use this amazing resource that is at your disposal to do some research into D J Trump? What do you actually know about him or his businesses apart from what everyone knows i.e. he is a carnival huckster with the hide of a rhinoceros.

  4. Charmarose Shiroky Craven

    Trump is a liar and a cheat. Cheats on wives, cheats on finances, all of his vast "holdings" have gone through Bankruptcy, he wanted to get into tv, 'cause then he could get paid. He did guest clips until he got his show going thanks for the idiots watching "reality tv" that isn't reality. Now he's into Macys 'cause he needs someone to pay him for his Chinese clothing. Still waiting for all the important info from Hawaii! SCUM!

  5. James Brooks

    Are you also jelious of him also?to bad,I think he is a smart business man,its just to bad he wasnt elected pres instead of what we have now. The US could have got back on our feet,but Obama and Hugo Chevez and Putin will all be working to Change America

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