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Bruno Mars Upset That British Prime Minister David Cameron Doesn’t Like His Music

Bruno Mars Upset That British Prime Minister David Cameron Doesn't Like His Music

Bruno Mars still hopes to make a fan out of British Prime Minister David Cameron. The UK’s leader said that he doesn’t really care for Bruno Mars or his songs. In fact, when his children introduced him to the music, David Cameron said he found it”appalling.” His statement was brought to 27-year-old singer, who seemed to take it in stride, saying he wished he could win Cameron over, the UK’s Now Magazine reported. “D**n it, that sucks,'” Bruno Mars said with a smile, “because I really wanted him front row at my concert.” Mars then added that he doesn’t take any criticism too seriously because it serves no purpose. Bruno Mars told The Independent:

“Yeah, you know, people aren’t going to love everything you do. And you gotta realize that that’s the way the world is today, especially with the internet and Facebook and Twitter; everyone has an opinion. And it’s gonna be more in your face because of the times we’re living in, so the sooner you realize that, at the end of the day no one’s opinion matters, the sooner you’re gonna have fun. And I’m having a f*****g blast, sweetheart.”

Even if the British leader isn’t a fan, Bruno Mars can likely take solace in his recent performance. The singer is on top of the Billboard’s “Hot 100″ chart for the second consecutive week, as his song “Locked Out Of Heaven” held onto its No. 1 slot, ABC News noted. The song is the fourth from Bruno Mars to top the charts as his sophomore album, UNORTHODOX JUKEBOX, debuted as No. 2 on the SoundScan/Billboard 200 chart with sales in excess of 192,000.

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15 Responses to “Bruno Mars Upset That British Prime Minister David Cameron Doesn’t Like His Music”

  1. Anonymous

    Marry You is a beautiful song. It is now played at thousands of weddings..Bruno is a truly gifted musician and songwriter.

  2. Gary Benard Hall

    Kinda lame, overrated, pumped up, to be a bigger musical star than he actually is, The PM is totally right! Bruno Mars is no musical superstar but, somebody in the music Industry thinks so, That don't make it So!

  3. Gary Benard Hall

    If he's a coke addict, something I didn't know, I remember hearing a while back that he was up on drug charges, this is what's wrong with the music Industry, A bunch of drug addicts who manage to fake their way to the top, posing as performers and using studio tricks to make them sound better than they actually are! J-LO FOR EXAMPLE! ALL STUDIO TRICKS! THEY ARE ALL POSERS AND FRAUD'S THESE DAYS!

  4. Anonymous

    I don't think bruno is a "cokehead," and he publically admitted that he made a mistake…You all must be PERFECT to have never made a mistake in your lives…right? He is an entertainer, not the father of your kids or your priest at church, both of whom SHOULD be held up to a higher standard…

  5. Anonymous

    Additionally, I would be willing to bet that the PM lets his children listen to dirty song lyrics by the many British bands and singers, eh? lots and lots of filthy songs by BRITISH entertainers….

  6. Anonymous

    Hey, Gary,…when was the last time YOU sold millions of records?….Hmmm…..Let's see…how about like NEVER!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Listen to his early, or in my opinion, best stuff. He is a very talented performer who started out using acoustics and his natural voice. As far as I'm concerned the music industry takes great performers like Mr. Mars and makes them into auto-tuned shits.

  8. Gary Benard Hall

    A dog howling can sell a million records these days ask Bruno!!! Don't fall for the bullshit music Industry, they sell the records wholesale first, so they can say the artist sold a million records!! that's how it done!!! but you don't know shit about that cause your buying into their bullshit!!! ALL THE LABELS DO IT!!!

  9. Gary Benard Hall

    This means that they sell the record to the stores for about 4 maybe 5 dollars a CD, when in reality the artist might have sold actually 200,000 records, the stores "MARK UP" THE PRICE TO 11 TO 12 DOLLARS THEIR "PROFIT" BUT THEY SOLD THEM A MILLION COPIES SO THEY CAN SAY HE "SOLD" A MILLION COPIES WHICH IS TOTAL BULLSHIT!!THE PEOPLE DIDN'T BUY A MILLION RECORDS THE STORES DID!!!

  10. Codie Paul

    The question here is why wouldn't someone like him? He is really good. He is one of the best singers around. I like what he said. Very well put. Rock on!

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