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Sweden’s Princess Madeleine To Marry Next Summer

Princess Madeleine Marry Next Year

Sweden’s Princess Madeleine will marry her fiance on Saturday, June 8, 2013 at the Royal Palace chapel in downtown Stockholm, according to the country’s royal family.

The announcement was made on Sunday by the family, whose youngest daughter will marry her US-British boyfriend, Christopher O’Neill.

The daughter of King Carl XVI and Queen Silvia became engaged to O’Neill, who is a New York banker, in late October, according to The Huffington Post.

Bertil Tenert, the royal family’s chief spokesman, announced the wedding date for Princess Madeleine and her fiance on Sunday, adding that wedding organizers will now plan the details of the nuptials involving the country’s fourth in line to the throne.

The wedding of Madeleine is also expected to be smaller than her older sister Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding in Stockholm two years ago. The Swedish royal family has no role in politics in the country. They have only ceremonial duties, which include supporting charities and promoting Swedish businesses.

The news that the wedding will be smaller also means that it will be more intimate than that of the Crown Princess in 2010, notes United Press International. The venue was chosen after the couple spoke with the princess’ parents. Madeleine and O’Neill, who was born in London, have been dating for about two years.

Earlier this year it was revealed that the pair have been living together in an apartment owned by O’Neill in New York since fall of 2011. The princess has spent her time working with a child-advocacy non-profit while her fiance works as a partner with Noster Capital.

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4 Responses to “Sweden’s Princess Madeleine To Marry Next Summer”

  1. Oleg Kroupski

    Princess Madeleine and King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf Bernadotte are a perverts and swindlers! They are descendant of a no nobleman (Marshal of France), who accidentally became King of Sweden; adventurer, who had a tattoo of the "death for Kings"; who betrayed his own people in France for his career Sweden – fought against the French (Marshal of France)… With children King of Sweden none of the oldest monarchies in Europe does not want to have a wedding! King of Sweden vassal special services of Russia and Ukraine, and Princess Madeleine is them a prostitute! I witness about scar on head Carl XVI Gustaf…a dentist by dint of beat ashtray for bleeding made on him, and FSB general helped him to rape Princess Madeleine (under hypnosis) in Kiev in a dentist's office… and King brought back your whole family Bernadotte to treat the teeth in office this dentist after this in city Kiev (Princess Victoria, Daniel, Queen Silvia, Prince Philip)… This dentist was show me contract Bernadotte on paper from lawyers Royal Court of Sweden, and audio recordings of her voluntary sex with him (he told me about genetic abnormalities in Bernadotte). Bernadotte paid money to this dentist for his business, dentist take gifts from Princess Madeleine… Princess Madeleine and King of Sweden have no honor! She had not been faithful to her husband, she illegally made a divorce, she has been sexually active since 12 years with different men, she was committed criminal offenses with her daddy, she was treated in a psychiatric clinic. Conclusion: she will not faithfulness in married for the American, but according to the physiognomy – Chris have face Down syndrome (little piggy eyes and he has a chin no willed), she found a foolish men. For whom needs a whore (moral ugliness in a beautiful appearance as beastliness in the candy packaging)? I knew the all people in family Bernadotte 1993-2007 not only on the photos, but really! (in "My Notes" www. facebook. com/ Helge. Kroupski)

  2. Oleg Kroupski


  3. Oleg Kroupski

    Will be happy wedding 2013 June 8: Mr. Chris criminal business where the money Russian arms dealer Mr. Bout. Coded psyche by dint of hypnosis Princess Madeleine and Mr. Oneill coding too. Women that had contact Mr. Chris is better than Princess Madeleine. Inappropriate manner ethics at Mr. Chris Oneill – Goof and redneck, his caught. Thank you for honest journalists!

  4. Oleg Kroupski

    Open Information for prosecutors and police in Sweden about Princess Madeleine (read in "My Notes") –
    Open letter to The Royal Court of Sweden about Princess Madeleine (read in "My Notes") –
    H.R.H Princess Madeleine Bernadotte and Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden – should be in prison! confrontment, lie detector (polygraph), officially request a document is in the archive and the International Court…

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