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Cancer Donor Hoax Led To Young Man’s Death, Mother Says

cancer donor hoax thomas doty

A cancer donor hoax cost a young man his life, his mother says, and, as the family copes with the recent death of Thomas Doty, 20, they are also faced with the knowledge that a cruel prank for unknown reasons could have cost Doty precious time in treating the illness.

Doty, the victim of the cancer donor hoax, had been battling osteosarcoma — a rare form of bone cancer — for three years, according to his mom, Tiffany Doty. On December 19, Doty says, her son died of cancer but not before a woman’s interference with the situation gave the family false hope — and even delayed treatment that could have saved the young man’s life.

Earlier this year, Deadliest Catch star Jonathan Hillstrand made a video, asking fans for help and donations to get treatment for Thomas Doty. Soon after, a woman claiming to be a nurse from Indiana called with a promise — a check for $250,000 to secure treatment for the ill young man.

Tiffany Doty says the cancer donor hoax not only filled her son’s last days with false promise but also interfered with his treatment. She explains:

“She would get on the phone with me and say, ‘I’m so sorry for what your going through and did you tell Thomas the wire is on the way?’ .. She went to great lengths and just broke Thomas’ spirit … like he needed something … one more disappointment in his life.”

After the cancer donor hoax was realized, reports that KOMO News 4 shared Thomas’ plight with viewers, and that enough money was raised to transport Doty to California for treatment. But he did not respond and died soon after, and Tiffany says:

“I honestly 100 percent believe my son would be here if that time had not been wasted.”

The site says that even after Doty passed, the cancer donor hoax perpetrator has continued to harass the grieving family, but the site does not provide details about the continuing contact. A lawyer for the family tells the news site that, if the woman can be located, Doty’s relatives plan to sue for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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4 Responses to “Cancer Donor Hoax Led To Young Man’s Death, Mother Says”

  1. Heal Thomas

    No mother should lose her child and then continue to be stalked and harassed by a woman that went to unimaginable lengths, for example (FORGING Ally Bank Statements) in an attempt to prove her intentions were sincere, then sending Thomas flowers the day after Capt. Johnathan released his video asking his fans for help. Along with the flowers was a card addressed to Thomas, that read, "All your worries are over." That same day the phone calls to Thomas' mother began with the Hoaxer stating she was a multi-millionaire and after seeing Thomas' story she was moved with compassion and had sent a Cashiers Check in the amount of $250,000, and later, stated her mother was sending $10,000, but she even took it further by stating she had called the facility in San Diego offering to pay the entire cost of Thomas' treatments AND save their home.

    Now she is invading and intruding on Thomas' HealThomas fb page under an alias that we are absolutely certain that it is the same Hoaxer that goes by the name, Jonnica Ellis. She wished Thomas Happy Birthday on the 10th, offered her condolences the day he left this world, asked if her donation had been received in late Novemenber, and then a threatening and accusatory comment was left two weeks ago.

    This woman needs to be found and stopped before she preys on another innocent victim who was simply fighting for his life. The woman's agenda was to impress the long time friend of Thomas and his family, Capt. Johnathan Hillstrand from the TV series Deadliest Catch who stated how he is now in FEAR OF HIS LIFE because the woman is continueing to stalk and harass him as well. We just want her to stop intruding on the family's privacy, especially now! More on this story from KOMO 4 news, Seattle.

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