Police Were Called To Rihanna's Holiday Villa In Barbados Over An Alleged Trespassing Incident By A German Man

Rihanna: Police Called To Singer’s Barbados Villa Over Male Trespasser

Police were reportedly called to the Barbados villa where Rihanna is currently vacationing after a man allegedly trespassed onto the property.

It’s alleged that police received a telephone call from the villa after the man, who is believed to be a German national, entered the private residence.

TMZ reports that by the time the police arrived on the scene the stranger had already left.

It’s believed officers are still investigating the incident and want to question the man.

According to the Daily Mail, the unknown man — who was wearing a pair of swimming trunks — was removed by Rihanna’s security team before any serious disturbance occurred.

Rihanna was later seen looking through a pair of binoculars as she walked outside on the villa’s terrace.

Rihanna Pictured In Her Barbados Villa On Holiday