A journalist has been killed during violent demonstrations in India over the attack on a film actress

Journalist Killed By India Police During Sex Crime Protest, Government Under Pressure As Endemic Problem Intensifies

A cameraman has been “killed in police firing” in North East India during a protest over a sex attack on an actress.

The journalist was shot dead as he tried to film the violence that erupted between security forces and protesters in Manipur on the second day of demonstrations.

After film actress Momoko publicly spoke out last week about her attack, thousands have demonstrated despite a ban on protests said the New York Times.

Demonstrators are also demanding the arrest of Momoko’s attacker.

The issue of sex crimes in India has become an urgent one after recent brutal attacks on young women have highlighted an endemic problem.

On December 16, the gang-rape of a 23-year-old medical student on a bus in the Munirka area in New Delhi after she and a friend returned from an outing to watch a film, sparked outrage across India the BBC reports.

Police have said the student was raped for nearly an hour by several men. After the attack, both women were beaten with iron rods and thrown out of the moving bus into a Delhi street.

The New York Times notes that the victim suffered intestinal damage and remains in a critical condition, but has been removed from a ventilator.

Women's Groups And Student Groups Are Protesting In Manipur And Delhi About Increased Sex Crimes And Violence Against Women