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Pope: Gay Marriage An ‘Attack’ On The Traditional Family

Pope - Gay Marriage An 'Attack' On The Traditional Family

Vatican City — The pope has continued his criticism of gay marriage, suggesting that it is an “attack” on the traditional family made up of a father, mother and children.

After describing gay marriage as a “threat to peace” earlier this month, comments that provoked protests in St. Peter’s Square (pictured below), Pope Benedict XVI further criticized gay marriage in his annual Christmas address to the Vatican bureaucracy.

The holy leader denounced those who he said rejected their God-given gender identities, and argued their actions were destroying “the essence of the human creature”:

“People dispute the idea that they have a nature, given to them by their bodily identity, that serves as a defining element of the human being. They deny their nature and decide that it is not something previously given to them, but that they make it for themselves.”

In a year that has seen an increasing number of conservatives concede that gay marriage will soon become legal, the pope dedicated his speech to traditional family values. Polls show that support for same-sex marriage in the U.S. and Europe is growing, and calls for legalized gay marriage are becoming ever louder; in recent weeks, residents in Maine, Maryland and Washington all approved gay marriage by popular vote.

Undeterred by the increasing support for same-sex marriage, Benedict XVI argued that gay marriage was “a manipulation of nature”:

“The manipulation of nature, which we deplore today where our environment is concerned, now becomes man’s fundamental choice where he himself is concerned.”

In response, Italy’s main gay rights group Arcigay described the pope’s comments as “absurd, dangerous and totally out of synch with reality.”

Criticism of the pope’s remarks even came from within the Catholic church itself. A group of four U.S. Catholic organizations representing gay, lesbian and transgender people released a statement condeming the pope’s remarks. The joint statement from the groups Call To Action, DignityUSA, Fortunate Families, and New Ways Ministry read:

“Increasingly Catholics in the United States and around the world see what we see. Catholics, following their own well-formed consciences, are voting to support equal rights for LGBT people because in their churches and communities they see a far healthier, godly and realistic vision of the human family than the one offered by the pope.”

What do you make of the pope’s gay marriage remarks? Is it time for the Catholic church to move with the times?

Pope - Gay Marriage An 'Attack' On The Traditional Family - Protestors

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25 Responses to “Pope: Gay Marriage An ‘Attack’ On The Traditional Family”

  1. Vital Moors

    Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Blasts Pope's Anti-Gay Politics.
    Frans Timmermans is not amused by Pope Benedict's repeated attacks on gay people.

    Speaking with RTL News, the Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister wondered how the Pope and his pals at the Vatican claim to respect everyone's uniqueness while simultaneously trying to squash sexual diversity.

    "If every person is unique… then why should that unique person not have the right to stand up for their own sexual orientation?" said Timmermans. "Why can Romeo marry Julia but not Julius? Marriage between two people of the same sex is having respect for the uniqueness of the individual."

    Of course, in the Vatican's eyes, sex is not so much about the individuals (married male and females, naturally) involved as it is about the individual is could – and they say should – create.

    Posted Dec. 22,2012 at 12:53 PM EST.

    Read more:

  2. Rebecca Lynn Martin

    So says the leader of the Catholic church that DEFENDS priests who molest little boys…

  3. Catryna White

    What the Pope has to say is of no consequence. Keep in mind, what we think as imperfect humans, is unimportant. It's God's right to judge what is correct or incorrect. God is the one who formed the marriage arrangement and it was between man and woman. To do other wise is expressed in the the Bible as follows, in Romans 1; "That is why God gave them up to disgraceful sexual appetites, for both their females changed the natural use of themselves into one contrary to nature; and likewise even the males left the natural use of the female and became violently inflamed in their lust toward one another, males with males, working what is obscene and receiving in themselves the full recompense, which was due for their error." No hate here, just a quote from scripture as to how God feels about his human family. If you read hate here, then it is God you are referring to as being hateful or perhaps you, yourself, are a hater of God. Keep in mind another scripture then comes into play at Isaiah 55:9,10, “For the thoughts of YOU people are not my thoughts, nor are my ways YOUR ways,” is the utterance of Jehovah. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than YOUR ways, and my thoughts than YOUR thoughts." If there are those who wish to follow man's way of thinking so be it, for those who wish to follow God's way, then so be it.

  4. Crystal Stickney

    Too bad the bible is full of shit and god does not exist. Humans hate and use a made up god as an excuse to justify it. The bible is about as relevant as any other book of fiction.

  5. Cherie Reeb

    People who want gay marriage have mental problems.Gays are sick. Everyone use to know that. Now every family have one in their family they wabt us to go akong with them. Pope is right. These mental people are destroying our world.

  6. Rebecca Lynn Martin

    People like YOU are destroying our world. If your child turned out to be gay, would you turn your back on that child? If you would, then you have SERIOUS issues. You have no right to judge. It isn't your place. Your place is to blindly follow what ever "God" you believe in and leave the judging up to him. And I assume that you probably agree with WBC that those innocent children died because "GOD" was punishing CT for legalizing gay marriage. You have issues lady… Serious issues.

  7. Patty Rajczak Langendorfer

    Pretty harsh! You can't help who you love. Since God created all of us, and all of us to be different, and loves all of us, I find it hard to believe he would condemn gay people. They are no different than people with different skin colors.

  8. Tabitha Hook

    Obviously YOU are the one with mental issue. People like YOU are what is wrong with the world today. God teaches tolerance even of you disagree! Being gay is not a choice! It is how people are born. It is their nature. Oh but wait, you are an idiot and I guess you are one of the ones that thinks its ok for priests to molest children…. I guess because the church covers it up you think that's ok too… Sheep mentality. Get a life, and a clue. Following blindly just makes you look dumb.

  9. Casey Langendorfer

    Homosexuality is not a mental illness and any past thoughts that it was has been discredited for the past 40 years. People are people, and love is love.

  10. Tracey J. Fisher-Solheim

    You need to get out and meet people.. If they can tolerate YOU. I think there is a better chance of that than the other way around. Simply because people USED to think a certain way doesn't mean we still should. There was a time when certain people in US felt being born with dark skin made you less human, therefor , equivalent of a slave. We've evolved.. And continue to.

  11. Tim Cracolice

    So? What does that have to do with this issue? I do not recall Jesus being married to any of them. In fact, the only extrapolations that have been made in regard to Jesus's spouse concern Mary Magdalene. Not being a Christian myself, I do not really care whether the Pope supports or opposes gay marriage but, please, apply critical thinking when you formulate an argument.

  12. Tim Cracolice

    While the post you are responding to is absurd, you do yourself no favors with the name calling and poor logic. Nowhere in the false statements made by Cherie can you find implied or otherwise the idea that molestation by priests is acceptable. Nor will you find any approval of the Church's shameful cover-up. While Cherie's statements call her intelligence into question, yours equally suggest that you are simple-minded.

  13. Nina Stanger

    He's not a Pope, he's an imposter! Anyone who would lay a claim to the word of God and spew such filth should be excommunicated himself! Intolerance is ungodly, unholy and and ignorant of the ways of human conscience – our direct line to the word of God! We need no book, no Pope, no Church or priest as a meditating agent/middle man between us and God. He is there regardless race, creed, religion or orientation. Each person has his or her own path to God/enlightenment regardless of even a lack of belief. If God is absolute, there is no CHOICE in being a child of God and all are as they are made. Gay, straight, o purple

  14. Sandie Weems

    this from the head of a business/church that hides their pedophiles! he needs to come into the modern age and bring his beliefs with him. these people have as much right to marry as we do! at least they aren't molesting kids!

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