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Jeff Saturday Gets Benched, Takes Demotion With Class

jeff saturday

Jeff Saturday has been benched by the Green Bay Packers.

According to Pro Football Talk, the veteran center isn’t used to starting games on the sidelines. Saturday is a five-time Pro Bowl player and has started every game since 2000. The last time he played an NFL game as a backup was during his rookie season.

But Saturday isn’t bitter about being benched.

Saturday said:

“Obviously, as a player, you want to play. But I support (Evan Dietrich-Smith) and I know he’s a great player. He’ll get the job done and do what he needs to do to play well and get us a win … I’d be lying if I told you it’s not disappointing and tough. I’m here to play football.”

But Saturday knows that the Packers are bigger than just one player. The veteran center said that Coach McCarthy has to do what is best for the team.

Saturday said:

“I’m a member of the Packers. It’s not just me. If coach McCarthy thinks that gives us the best chance to win and go on and do things in the postseason, then that’s what it is. As a player, it’s always disappointing whenever someone else goes in front of you. It’s a tough thing to deal with. But I’m going to deal with it.”

Saturday has been dealing with neck and shoulder issues recently and didn’t practice with the team on Wednesday or Thursday. Saturday said that the injuries didn’t play a part in McCarthy’s decision but they may play a part in the longevity of his career.

Saturday said:

“I’ve been around this thing long enough to know that it’s not a long future. I think if ‘Deedy’ plays well, I wouldn’t think they’d go back and make another change. That’s how I look at it … We’re at two totally different points of our career. His is on the up-ramp, mine is on the way out. This is football. It’s a business at the end of the day. I think ‘Deeds’ is going to do a great job and give us a good chance to win games.”

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11 Responses to “Jeff Saturday Gets Benched, Takes Demotion With Class”

  1. Don Drewel

    The Packers website is reporting that Jeff was very limited in practice Friday with a neck and sholder injury. Either
    way, Jeff has been a classy addition to the Packers.

  2. Anonymous

    jeff proved he was a good man during the nfl lockout when patriots owner's wife passed from cancer. saturday was the man standing beside him and giving him a hug even though they were from rival teams both in terms of colts/patriots and players/owners.
    class guy

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