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NRA, Wayne LaPierre Continue To See Backlash For Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Comments

NRA, Wayne LaPierre Continue To See Backlash For Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Comments

The NRA is still facing stinging criticism for remarks this week on the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, with a growing number of groups and individuals condemning a proposal to have armed police officers in schools.

In the first public statement since shutting down social media in the wake of last Friday’s school shooting, NRA leader Wayne LaPierre blamed gun violence on everything from video games to the media. As USA Today, the NRA also proposed a “model school shield program” that placed armed guards at schools rather than going after stricter gun control measures.

In the wake of those statements, Wayne LaPierre and the NRA immediately came under harsh criticism from individuals and groups who saw the comments as tone deaf.

That criticism has not waned yet. The New York Daily News tore into the NRA on Saturday for the gun lobby’s press conference, calling LaPierre the “craziest man on earth.” Even the conservative New York Post criticized the NRA, calling LaPierre a “gun nut” and “NRA loon” on its cover

Rupert Murdoch, owner of the New York Post and Fox News, even seemed on board with stricter gun control, bucking the NRA.

“Terrible news today,” he tweeted. “When will politicians find courage to ban automatic weapons? As in Oz after similar tragedy.”

The NRA and Wayne LaPierre had already come under fire from Newtown residents and teachers groups. The American Federation of Teachers called the suggestion “irresponsible and dangerous,” and the National Education Association said it was “shocking.”

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9 Responses to “NRA, Wayne LaPierre Continue To See Backlash For Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Comments”

  1. Anonymous

    Wayne LaPierre is a fucking moron. Well, maybe he is the right man for NRA then…

  2. The Armed American Citizen

    Get a clue people. All of the gun control laws already on the books haven't helped so lets just demonstrate our impotence even more by wasting time and money making more of them instead of actually doing something, right now, that will protect our children. If another incident like this should happen, God forbid, the blood will be on the hands of those ignorant, self-serving morons that think they're ever going to get criminals and psychotics to obey the law.

  3. Gayle Wiegand

    No – I do not agree. Mr. LaPierre wants to arm teachers/administrators to protect kids at school — – rather than control guns– put them in the hands of "the good guys" so they can fight it out. (Maybe issue white hats to them too!) Guess then to make sure kids have protection wherever they go – since bad guys lurk inside and outside the schools, we'll need to arm recreation directors, boy scout leaders, girl scout leaders, librarians, swim coaches, dance teachers, little league coaches, crossing guards, candy and toy store owners, playground directors/aides, school bus drivers, cafeteria ladies,….and so on. Oh –wait there were plenty of shootings and mass murders in the U.S. pre-Sandy Hook —need to think back where those shootings occured and better arm grocery store clerks, movie theatre ushers, stock boys, government clerks, waiters, waitresses – this list also goes on. So- basically – if we accept LaPierre's proposal –every person who studies, shops, moves from place to place, engages in recreation, eats, drinks, drives and is a self-avowed "good guy" should be packin to be ready for the bad guys (in the black hats)—–get outa Dodge! Welcome to the Wild Wild West — and call Wyatt Earp! Very quickly it will be hard to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys.

  4. Dean Counts

    No Gayle I think you may have misunderstood the official proposal it is to either have more police officers in schools, as 25% of the country already has or armed highly trained security, typically either fomer police or military. I never want to go on a medical call on a mass shooting of children and I think this is the only way to stop it, we have never had a mass shooting at one of these schools that already have armed police or security and severe gun control measures have proved ineffective in jurisdictions from DC, NY, Chicago to Northern Ireland etc.

  5. Bruce Cader

    How you gonna control guns? Get the bad guys to turn them in? Yeah right…like that's gonna happen. More gun laws is not the solution. If a teacher is trained and certified with a concealed weapon permit, I say let it happen.

  6. Antonio Sandoval

    The NRA is correct in their suggestion of armed guards, but it must be experienced police officers, retired officers or experienced security contractors. The cost per school can be a combination of state and federal grants. An armed guard in each school should be an experienced Police Officer, or security officer, including video monitoring equiipment and a locked entry foyer equiped with metal detectors. At the very minimum, should be a locked entry, which is monitored. Unfortunately, like all security programs, like lockdowns and locked side and rear entries, after a period of time, the schools feel safe and unlock the doors; just as the Air Marshall program was effective in shutting down hijackings and violence on planes, when it reached a point of low incidence, the program faded away and there were no Air Marshalls present in planes anymore and they weren't present during 9-ll. People don't want shootouts in the schools and they don't want armed students injured and they oppose police presence in schools because it intimidates students. So it's a matter of choice, do they want safe schools? or no security or inadequate low impact security?

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