Chris Rock Settles An Extraordinary Lawsuit That Was Itself Based On An Outlandish Case Filed Over 10 Years Ago

Chris Rock Quietly Settles Lawsuit Involving A Forgetful Hungarian Model, A Kleenex, And Pellicano

Chris Rock has quietly settled a breach of confidentiality lawsuit, itself based on an outlandish case that has dogged him for over a decade.

A convoluted case by anyone’s standards, its components involve a forgetful Hungarian model, a paternity suit, an alleged kleenex tissue, and the jailed private investigator-enforcer Anthony Pellicano.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the background to this case is a claim made by model Monika Zsibrita who alleges that Rock attempted to force her to perform oral sex on him in a Beverley Hills Four Seasons Hotel in 1998.

Despite this alleged unsavory version of events, Zsibrita then claimed that she and Rock went out for a second date (that’s the forgetful bit) and then claimed Rock forced her to have sexual intercourse.

After Zsibrita fell pregnant, she brought a paternity suit against Rock, but two subsequent DNA tests proved that Rock wasn’t the father. As a result Zsibrita dropped the paternity action in September 2001, and she and Rock signed a confidentiality agreement, the San Marino Tribune reports.

A line seemed to have been drawn.

Monika Zsibrita