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Engine Fails On Flight To Dallas, Lands Safely In Cleveland

American Airlines

An American Airlines flight barely made it off the ground today at the Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland. An engine failed immediately after takeoff and the plane had to turn around to make an emergency landing.

No one was hurt in the incident.

According to Fox 8, American Airlines flight 1295 was heading to Dallas-Fort Worth when one of the engines failed. Officials issued an “alert 2” and airport workers cleared out a runway for the plane to make its landing.

The plane, which was carrying 139 passengers, was able to land safely at Hopkins International Airport.

After landing the passengers were put on another plane as they continued to Dallas.

American Airlines hasn’t commented on the incident yet but Hopkins International Airport posted a short message on Twitter.

The Cleveland based airport wrote: “American Airlines flight 1295 departing CLE to DFW experienced an engine failure after takeoff and has returned safely.”

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4 Responses to “Engine Fails On Flight To Dallas, Lands Safely In Cleveland”

  1. Sandra Brodie Carr

    I hate flying. Had that happened while I was on the plane, I would NOT have gotten on another one.

  2. Anonymous

    American Airlines is certainly having it's problems these days. Perhaps they shouldn't have down-sized their maintainence crews.

  3. Sarah Marie

    My husband was on that plane when he got off they were going to get him on a different flight home….he was like f…k no. He went and got a rental car he has to drive 20 hours to be home with me and 4 children for Christmas thanks American Airlines for caring about your passengers and maintaining your engines …. Was the scariest moment of my life my kids could of lost there father today:(…. Thanks you to the pilots though great job landing in that awful weather!!!!

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