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Four Shot, Killed On Rural Road, Shooter Identified As Jeffrey Lee Michaels [Update]

four killed on rural road update

Four people were shot and killed on a rural road, as we reported earlier, and more details are emerging about the incident — which occurred simultaneously as the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre gave a statement on the Newtown school shooting.

The four people shot and killed on the rural road have not all been identified as of 5 PM Eastern standard time, but the one woman among the four killed was named in press.

The female victim is Kimberly A. Scott, 58, of Duncanville. Scott was shot to death as she decorated a church for a children’s Christmas party.

The two male victims of the four killed on the rural road (described as an expansive crime scene by local authorities) have yet to be publicly identified. The shooter appears to have been one of the four killed.

The shooter in the incident on the Pennsylvania rural road has been ID’d, with police confirming the man was Jeffrey Lee Michaels of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. Michaels’ age has been reported as 26 by Gawker and 44 by the Altoona Mirror.

(The Mirror also has reported the shooter’s name as “Jeffrey Lee Michael, not Michaels. It is not currently clear which spelling and age of the shooter is correct.)

According to Gawker:

“[Jeffrey Lee Michael(s)] then left the scene and went to a nearby residence where he shot and killed another person. Michael then got in his pickup truck and drove off, eventually crashing into another vehicle. He exited his truck and shot the driver of the second car, killing him.”

man drops gun in theater

“… Following a separate head-on collision with a state trooper who was injured in the crash, Michael began shooting at responding troopers and was subsequently shot and killed. In the exchange, one trooper was wounded after being struck by a bullet in his wrist, and another trooper sustained injuries from broken glass.”

The shooter in the incident that killed four people on a rural road in Pennsylvania was said to have been fatally shot when State Troopers returned fire as they closed in on him.

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35 Responses to “Four Shot, Killed On Rural Road, Shooter Identified As Jeffrey Lee Michaels [Update]”

  1. Les Hawkey

    HEY YAHOO! You Slobs. Where is the connection between these people and the NRA like you mentionede in the article opening? You idiots.

  2. Sam Lock

    It looks like a Kim L. wrote it, and maybe updated it since your comment. The only connection it seems would be the timing of it coinciding with LaPierres press conference. As long as you are aware of the propaganda bias angle, you are okay with reading their tripe.

  3. Will McIntosh

    So, Les, Don't ya just wish ya could buy IQ. Stick to playing Lucky Slots.

  4. David Scallion

    So you're saying LaPierre had an alibi, and you won't be blaming him for this one.

  5. Jim Ake

    you pro gun folks aren't living in the real world..there is NO need for an assault rifle being in the hands of any private citizen…play with your hand guns all you want, but these 30+ magazines aren't needed. the purpose of mentioning idiot wayne in the beginning of article is in the irony of the timing..both with this jerk shooting innocent people, and the one week anniversary of newtown slaughter…and folks learn spelling and basic english before you post.

  6. David Scallion

    I guess you're talking about a rifle that is light weight, shoots one bullet each time you pull the trigger, has a small caliber bullet, and can take your choice of a 20 round or 30 round magazine. And some people use them for marksmanship competitions, and some use them for hunting. But it looks like a military service rifle. And Mr LaPierre waited a week before responding to the haters.

  7. Kevin Williams

    Handgun Other
    gun Knife Blunt
    object Other
    2005 8,478 2,868 2,147 671 2,528

  8. MikenPatty Michailoff

    Im just curious about how far you trust the government to keep watch over your rights? Do you really think everything you hear from your leaders is true? We do not play with guns… thats a concept you have had since you were a child with a fanner 50. In plain and simple english you are an idiot and a follower. Your leaders are guarded by people with guns and they also carry for their own protection. Oh I guess they are the only ones with those rights. Typical lib… want the government to take care of you and protect you… It doesnt work that way… For someone who is and educated individual, you are common sense poor

  9. Adam James Brunker

    You and I both know those guns are made for war. Soldiers are told to keep their full auto guns on Semi auto anyways. It's much more accurate and you save bullets. If you need an AR for hunting, you're doing it wrong.

  10. Adam James Brunker

    Guns don't kill? Alright. When someone points a pencil at me I don't scream "please don't kill me." Now point a gun at my face. What do you think I'm going to say?

  11. Dave Roberts

    So You say Assault Weapons have no right to be in the Hands of Civilians Well the Constitution does not specify make and model . Also as Our Government gets more Rampant than it already is and really Starts Over Stepping its Limits , then You suggest go up against that Tyrone with what in our hands Sling Shots or Grandpa`s Shot Gun .OK You 1st . A Gun Is Not The Real Problem . It is Society's Total Lack of Any Morality . If Obama and others are truly interested in saving lives what about Society`s other Ills many of these take many more lives every Year than Gun Violence .Such as Abortion , Drunk Drivers , Suicide I can Go On & On .

  12. Curt Pangracs

    Nice to see The Inquisitr is hiring the mentally-challenged to write for them. To even mention the NRA in the same sentence as some psycho who took a firearm and turned it into a weapon borders on insanity. I wonder if the next stabbing will mention Ginsu…

  13. Scott Bogner

    how long will they glorify what this bozo did and how long will it be before the next bozo wants all the recognition of the so called press.

  14. Anonymous

    @ Jim Ake. Your opinion stinks almost, but not quite, as much as your rhetoric. "… basic english…" Sentences begin with a capital letter. And English always starts with a capital E. Hope you learn something while attending…no, wait — Tell me you are not a professor! Hack, hack, hack.

  15. Gordon Burns

    Hmm, I wonder how the loss of life for innocent children compares between semi-automatic…oh, I mean assault weapons and UAVs. Time to ban those I suppose; or maybe just limit their fuel. Why is it that people try and make associations between things that are not associate? If guns were the problem we claim them to be then half the people in this country would already be dead. There are probably some useful laws we could make that would be hard to enforce. For instance, anyone having more than one gun would have to provide a means to secure them and limit access. Allowing school personnel who pass a background check to carry a weapon to work (why is it we only trust police and military with guns?). Perhaps finding a way to make sure everyone's needs are met in school and that kids are not left on the fringe. This is a hard problem and it won't be solved by pushing an antigun agenda. Some of the worst disasters in history resulted from bombing, not firearms. In a free and imperfect society there will always be tragedies like Newtown. Thinking that we somehow have the ability to control everything will only get us in more trouble.

  16. Ron Roush

    OK Jimmy so what do you say to all the Illeagals who Rape Murder and mame US Citizens? Tell them to use Gooder English? What a Moron!

  17. Ron Roush

    You are wrong! Blaming Guns is like blaming a #2 lead Pencil for getting bad grades on you SAT Test! You are a IDIOT!

  18. John Hawkins

    I heard a comment on CBS news the other night from some women…It went something like: "When will people see the common denominator in all these shootings is easy access to guns." I wanted to yell at the screen: "And mentally unstable people!" Guns are neutral! The person that wields them makes them good or bad.

  19. Anonymous

    Like the SUV 's that kill people in news reports, with no mention of the drivers actions, guns take the blame for the humans pulling the trigger…. always shift the blame from the scum that do the killing….to the NRA… Like blaming GM for all the drunk drivers killing us at a rate of 60,000 a year…. Assault vehicles are doing it I guess…not people.

  20. Anonymous

    The 2nd ammendment isn, t there to allow us to have hunting's in place so we can throw off the yoke of a tyrannical Gov't, if nessasary,,,,

  21. Kim SoularPowered Wilson

    Guns don't kill people, people kill people, but the gun helps.

  22. Aleta Kreimier Gemmell

    I listened to the whole speech. I have not heard more common sense coming from anyone else in a long time. I cannot see why anyone would critize this speech. His points are valid. I want to know why people think we do not have the right to protect ourselves and our loved ones with the same weapons that "THEY' use? It is the reason we have the 2nd Ammendment. So we can protect ourselves with the same weapons they have.

  23. Joseph McCoy

    Jim the large majority of all shootings are carried out by pistols. It's not as easy to keep a low profile with an assault style rifle when going on a shooting spree.

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