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ABC Pulls Remaining Episodes of ‘666 Park Avenue,’ Will Air ‘Apt. 23’ And ‘Happy Endings’ Instead

ABC to air Happy Endings, Apt. 23 on Sunday

ABC has pulled the remaining episodes of its recently canceled freshman drama, 666 Park Avenue, from the 10 pm Sunday time slot.

666 Park Avenue had been plagued by cancellation rumors early in its run. The ratings were unimpressive and its viewership dropped with each episode. ABC finally pulled the plug on the series in mid-November, but was going to finish airing the rest of the original 13 episode order. The network is retaining the option to revive the show for next season, however, if Zero Hour or Red Widow perform worse in the ratings.

The remaining episodes of the supernatural drama series will air in the summer.

In pulling the remaining episodes of 666 Park Avenue, ABC will air leftover episodes of Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B**** In Apt. 23. The two currently air Tuesday at 9 and 9:30, but that block will be gone in mid-March. During the first three weeks of January, new episodes of both shows will air during the Sunday 10 pm slot, and a Hallmark movie will will be scheduled for the last Sunday of the month. Originals will be run during the shows’ usual 9-10 pm time slot.

If Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B**** In Apt. 23 perform well in 666 Park Avenue‘s old time slot, ABC may keep Happy Endings there. The first three weeks of February are currently empty, and the Academy Awards will be airing February 24 and the premiere of Red Widow will be the following Sunday. The network could then use three of the remaining four episodes of Happy Endings, which is now in its third season, for the first three weeks.

There would be no episodes of Apt. 23 left since the series only had a 19-episode order.

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34 Responses to “ABC Pulls Remaining Episodes of ‘666 Park Avenue,’ Will Air ‘Apt. 23’ And ‘Happy Endings’ Instead”

  1. Billie Jones

    At first I did not like 666 Park Ave. But right before I heard that it was cancelled I started to watch it more. I think the title 666 Park Ave. did not jell with the viewers, especially when it was shown on Sun. If was shown on Fri. or Sat night I think that the results would have been better. The show was just getting interesting when they cancelled it.

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t see the logic in this programming move by ABC. I would understand if they had aired an episode or two of 666 Park Avenue, then decided to move/postpone it to summer. But there’s only an episode or two left of the series, why not just play it through? I really enjoyed 666 Park Avenue, but I always work nights at DISH, so I missed the Sunday night airing. Thankfully, I have the series recording to my DISH Hopper. It has PrimeTime Anytime which automatically records the four major networks, and up to two more channels, during primetime. I don’t have to worry about DVR conflicts anymore since I can record six shows at once.

  3. Kayla E Short

    I LOVED 666 park avenue. I even bought the book :( please air it again :)

  4. Becky Ford-Scott

    ABC has once again lost all of my respect!! I finally give them a chance again after canceling my soaps, but after this, they have just lost a long time viewer!!! Bad move ABC, you suck!!! Bring back 666

  5. Fred Luchetti

    Just goes to show you that the execs at every major network are number crunchers who could not divine a well crafted show if Almighty God were to drop it in their lap. Let me start this journey with the original Star Trek series. Hindsight 20/20 is it? What about Defying Gravity? and now 666 Park Avenue. This is a well written and well acted piece with an original story line and some very creepy cliffhangers. Wish I could slap the lot of you upside the head.

  6. Jennifer Stead

    SO mad! This show has such an awesome concept and cast with so much potential to be something epic! With all the horrible shows on TV, why do they not see this? How is Honey Boo Boo still on TV and 666 Park Avenue NOT? Sunday night is the only night I really have to settle in to watch TV, and now I'm bitter. Thanks ABC. Grr.

  7. Diane Cocozzo

    That's horrible. To pull a good show with well written horror that mimics a good Hitchcock film for mindless humor shows (which are offered endlessly) is mind boggling! How shallow we've become. My only plea is to put it in an earlier slot. I think the late hour killed it. Please put it back!!!!!

  8. Fred Luchetti

    I really want every producer of video content to read this as I have given it some very serious though. The networks and cable channels that provide the financing for your TV programs are nothing but number driven greedy talent-less idiots. Where they place your show within the weekly schedule will very often determine it's ratings success or failure. The first season of Sanctuary was entirely produced for web delivery. HBO's Game Of Thrones is getting significantly more illegal downloads than HBO gets viewers. So set up a member website. Give out subscriptions to your content. Price it so incredibly low that pirating it would be not even considered. If you are going to price it at 9.99 per episode you are going to lose your shirt. If you price it at 99 cents per episode and you get 5 million downloads that is 5 million per episode in gross sales. Do not sell commercials in the content. Just make it about a fair trade for your work. So if you are like Game of Thrones and each episode costs you 2 million dollars but you get 10 million downloads per show, it will not kill you to cut the price. You want to end piracy and end the domination of mediocre networks? Make it freely downloadable and cheap as blazes to own. I am sick to death of finding good TV programming only to find out that it got killed by some network before it had a chance to bloom. When I get some serious coin I am going to take a run at Defying Gravity. We may have to start from scratch with a new cast but with 4 seasons of scripts already written I would so want to see that show get going again. So, kick the networks to the curb. Direct delivery of your content is the way to go.

  9. Bobbi Howe

    666 park avenue was my favourite show I am so sad it was cancelled

  10. Michelle Giles Barrows

    I am so sick of getting into a show and really liking it and then poof, it is cancelled. I'm still trying to get over losing the soaps. Not a good move ABC. I really don't care for Happy Endings and The B in Apt 3. They pretty much suck. Don't understand the reason they have to wait until the Summer to finish the remaining episodes.

  11. Fred Luchetti

    I have another one. This one aimed at the people who do or make decisions based on ratings. Listen close boys and girls. Anyone who bases a shows performance by ratings in this day and age is a Luddite in the most extreme sense of the the word. Here it is in all caps: TV RATINGS ARE COMPLETELY MEANINGLESS. Why? Because the bulk of the shows popularity is all the people who stream it on sites like NetFlicks or Hulu or those who download it illegally. Neither of which you count or get any money from. So, it would make sense to me for you to get on the bandwagon and figure out a way to charge all those people who are downloading your content. I got another hint for you on this too… don't even think of setting up a site based on a network.. like or but instead set one up for the show like game-of-thrones. com and only make the episodes available there, for a small fee and only when you give up your name and address which will be verified and keyed into every download… your own personally engraved copy. Share it and go broke paying off the legal bills and fines. I would sign up for this in a heart beat if it meant that shows like 666 Parlk Ave., Defying Gravity, Brothers and Sisters, Mob Doctor and a number of other shows your ratings retards thought wise to cancel. What this will basically do is put the power of whether a show lives or dies in the hands of the PEOPLE! Imagine the uproar if a popular show was only available online. I wonder how many families would kick the Cable company to the curb and up their Internet speed…. like I did.

  12. Kayla E Short

    so far better than the show but i havent finished it yet.

  13. Stacey Lynn

    NO! I loved that show! Why is it when a good show comes around the networks have to take it away! I am going to cancel cable all together if they do not do something to change this!

  14. Kevin Caldwell

    I've been saying this for a long time… the shift is starting too. Networks will die, advertising will be local and built into shows, or will be pay per episode. You'll see some impressive runs for shows in the future, without networks dictating their duration, and they'll make so much money the film companies will get in on it in a very big way too.

  15. Barbara Stapp

    I loved the show, I would record it and wait for the kids to go to school and get ready for the show. I don't understand why they had to cancel it could they not cancel something else or move it to a different time slot?

  16. Irene Kielczewski

    Another great show gone! Network did not give it enough time for viewers to see how great it is! So much trash TV that stays on for years but this it plugs! Honey Boo Boo is the direction TV wants to go, so SAD!

  17. Sylvie Germain

    This is disappointing. I really enjoyed this show and the Sunday night lineup.

  18. Pat Nelson

    I'm mad too! First show that comes along in a long time that rivals Dexter in interesting content. ABC's mistake is airing it on Sunday night. Well acted and very curious storyline. BRING IT BACK!

  19. Andy Weaver

    wow what an unbelievable simple solution , and to further this as it would be subscription online content there is no borders imagine the revenue and buzz a show could amass with a world release ! take your 5 million dolors and had a couple o more zero's . AS a uk veiwer our networks buy the rights to these shows months after sometimes than the USA often when they have already been canx (just seen a promo for 666 coming soon) I have to find alternative sources to watch the shows i like the look of.

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