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Man’s Concealed Carry Permit Revoked After Dropped Gun Is Found By Child

man drops gun in theater

Tillamook, OR – A 61-year-old man’s concealed carry license was revoked by authorities after his gun fell out of its holster during a showing of The Hobbit. A 7th grade student later found the weapon, which had a round in the chamber and the safety off.

Gary Quackenbush says that while he’s embarrassed that his gun fell out of its holster he always keeps it loaded, chambered, and with the safety off, because he never knows when he might need to use it, reports KATU.

“In a time of crisis like somebody barging into a mall or a theater, you don’t have time to do a two-handed cocking of the weapon,” Quackenbush said. “It is my mindset everywhere I go.”

He lives in a rural area, where he sometimes has to fire the gun to scare off animals. However, in more than 40 years of being a gun owner, Quackenbush says he has never needed to fire at a person. He also said that recent shooting tragedies could have been averted if someone present other than the shooter was carrying a loaded gun.

“If somebody had been prepared, they could have stopped those perpetrators long before they were able to commit those horrific acts,” Quackenbush said.

Still, he’s sorry for dropping his gun, and admits to having spent a sleepless night over his missing piece.

“I’m totally appalled at the incident and embarrassed and regret that I gave people distress,” Quackenbush said.

Quackenbush will be able to re-apply for his concealed carry license, so long as criminal charges aren’t pending. “He shouldn’t apply for it soon,” said Tillamook County Sheriff Andy Long.

Despite his defense, stories like these will surely be touted by pro-gun control advocates in the coming weeks. You’re not helping your cause by dropping a gun and leaving it behind for a child to find.

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6 Responses to “Man’s Concealed Carry Permit Revoked After Dropped Gun Is Found By Child”

  1. Dale Miller

    A high quality holster is the only safe and effective way to carry. Coupled with a high quality belt total cost is less than $200. If you're gonna carry, do it right!

  2. Joan Hamm

    Puleeze, Mr. Quackenbush, don't protect me, I'd rather take my chances than to think someone as inept and irresponsible as yourself thought he could be of any help at all!

  3. Linda Andreas Passmore

    I feel bad for this man because he feels really bad about this whole thing. But then he thinks he did everything he could to get to it before anyone else, yet didn't call the police who could have taken care of it before anyone found it. He made bad choices and he will have to live with the consequences. He was irresponsible even though he wasn't trying to be. Still there are consequences whether you mean to do it or not.

  4. Joan Hamm

    Yes, as in "Officer, I didn't mean to kill anyone–I am a better driver loaded than most everyone else who is clean and sober!"

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