William 'Billy' Jones

50 Years Later, Search Is Still On For William ‘Billy’ Jones

William ‘Billy’ Jones has been missing for over 50 years, but that hasn’t stopped federal and local officers reaching out to the public for information regarding his disappearance.

William was last seen outside his family’s New Jersey home, dressed in his snowsuit, and playing with his younger sister, Jill. A new image has been rendered to show what Jones may look like today as an adult to help the investigation further.

John Mesisca, an FBI Special Agent, told FoxNews.com, “We’re just trying to find out if anyone has any information regarding his whereabouts or if anyone might know who may have been involved in his disappearance. Back then, he was last seen wearing a snowsuit … What we’re trying to do is get the word out and develop any new leads and resolved the case in any way we can.”

Jones would be 53 years old today, on Friday 21 December, and because his body was never found, Jill has spent her entire life pondering what ever happened to him.

Jill told FoxNews.com, “It’s a gut feeling for me, I know he’s alive. There’s never been a body found, never been anything found. I don’t believe he’s dead.” She even has her own theory over why he was snatched, believing that he was taken to replace a lost or deceased child.

“I really believe that,” she said. “I don’t think he was murdered. I really believe someone lost a child and they took Billy to replace him.” She has sought various methods, including hypnosis, in order to get over her loss but still struggles because of it.