Jabari Parker Faces Harsh Backlash On Twitter For Duke Pick

Jabari Parker Faces Harsh Backlash On Twitter For Duke Pick

Jabari Parker didn’t even get a day to savor his commitment to Duke before angry fans started flooding his Twitter account with hateful and threatening messages.

Ranked as the No. 2 prospect in the 2013 high school class, Jabari Parker was sought after by a number of the powerhouse NCAA basketball teams, but on Friday decided to commit to Duke. Soon after announcing his decision live on ESPNU, the Chicago native started catching heat via Twitter, ESPN noted.

“I think I’m getting more tweets,” Parker said on The Waddle & Silvy Show on ESPN 1000, taking a break during his high school lunch hour for the interview. “Fans are just now giving me a hard time. They sometimes just forget I’m a kid.

“Real hateful stuff. It’s no problem, though. I know it comes with the territory, and it’s just going to make me stronger.”

ESPN chronicled some of the hundreds of angry and hate-filled messages Jabari Parker received:

“Ur a loser. Have fun not having a pro career after duke #dukesucks #UNC” one wrote.

Another said: “committing to duke???youra joke. UNC is where it’s at…..Hope you never get to the league”

Many more contained profanity, and others took shots at Jabari Parker’s Mormon faith, CBS Sports noted.

“F*** you Jabari Parker” – @DenverEades15

“F*** you Jabari Parker. Eat a d***. I hope you’re a bust” – @skirvydenumall

F*** Jabari Parker he is a Mormon p****!!” – @Vince_Tomasi_11

“Alright, it’s official, Jabari Parker ain’t s*** *shrugs* F*** that n****. UF ain’t want him no way… *sniffles*” – @bartolesby

Parker, who has close to 35,000 Twitter followers, appeared in a message from Thursday to allude to the hateful messages he had already begun seeing.

Jabari Parker will likely be able to shake off the Twitter madness and take consolation in his pick of Duke — the Blue Devils are likely to be a national championship favorite thanks to him and other blue chip recruits the team has landed this season.