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Four Shot, Killed On Rural Road In PA

rural road

Four people were shot and killed on a rural road in Pennsylvania today.

Authorities said that the shooting spree occurred over several miles in Frankstown Township. At the end of the shooting, the gunman had killed one woman and two men. It is unclear if the victims were specifically targeted by the shooter.

The identities of the victims have not been released.

The NY Times reports that the gunman was also killed during the spree but it is unclear how he died. Several state troopers chased the gunman down the rural road and exchanged gunfire with the shooter. Three state troopers were injured during the incident before the gunman was killed.

Blair County District Attorney Rich Consiglio told the Denver Post that one of the troopers was shot in the chest but was not seriously injured thanks to his bullet proof vest. Another trooper was injured after the gunman shot out the window’s of his car and a third trooper was injured when he was involved in a car crash with the gunman’s vehicle.

Police said that the community along the rural road in Pennsylvania is no longer in danger. Schools in the area were put on lockdown, however, as a safety precaution.

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87 Responses to “Four Shot, Killed On Rural Road In PA”

  1. Melody Gill Benner

    Len, you are one hundred percent on the money! The media gives these idiots too much attention

  2. Anonymous

    Really America! Really…praying for their families. What is going on!

  3. Anonymous

    I believe in 1st Amendment rights, but I also think that these mass killings should not be carried in the news. Too many crazies are using them as inspiration.

  4. Anonymous

    Hey Scotty, we hear you're going to the Big City. Well we're all hoping you don't get shot…

  5. Anonymous

    Over 40 kids have been murdered in Chicago alone last year and they have some of the toughest gun laws in the country. The Columbine massacre occurred during Clinton's previous assault weapons ban. You Liberals need to get your heads out of the sand and read history.

  6. Thomas R Beaudet Jr

    I want to know who the 26 people are who like this are….

  7. Geoff Whittaker

    Look, if you want to see multiple murders over an extended amount of time, just spend a weekend in Chicago.

  8. Thomas R Beaudet Jr

    The authorities should check out the 26 people who like this…wtf.

  9. Tom Thomas

    Wow, if only the NRA's proposal would be accepted, we could have armed guards on all the roads in America…and of course that wouldn't cost anything just like the guards in schools wouldn't cost a cent. The problem is the accessability to guns and the criminals and kooks who get hold of them.

  10. Tom Thomas

    Wow, if only the NRA's proposal would be accepted, we could have armed guards on all the roads in America…and of course that wouldn't cost anything just like the guards in schools wouldn't cost a cent. The problem is the accessability to guns and the criminals and kooks who get hold of them.

  11. Tom Thomas

    Wow, if only the NRA's proposal would be accepted, we could have armed guards on all the roads in America…and of course that wouldn't cost anything just like the guards in schools wouldn't cost a cent. The problem is the accessability to guns and the criminals and kooks who get hold of them.

  12. Anonymous

    Uh, no Geoff. spitzer is absolutely right. 1st Amendment relates to freedom of speech and the press.

  13. Gene Matiak

    the media would like to break up the second amendment so day can take all our guns away, give me a policeman to protect my house 24 hours a day and I will give up my guns,

  14. Violet Cummings

    The media needs to run every single shooting across the front page…only then will people really notice how many people are dying in this country because of guns.

  15. Anonymous

    hmmmm, wondering if all these "so called crazy people/mentally deranged people" or part of a plot…..TERRORIST IN AMERICA?"….curious….many have no "fear" of dying or taking their own life….look at all the "crazies' in these countries that "commit" mass murder then take their own life… we really SERIOUSLY know what's really going on?

  16. Shana Stockburger

    So now people kill JUST to be a copy cat? So it's not mental illness it's to be famous for 15 minutes and die in the process? I'm sorry, but every excuse in the book is being used. It's mental illness, it's the media reporting crimes, it's violent movies, etc. If the media can't report a crime, than we have bigger problems than I thought. We can't just hide crimes. I think ignoring violence can be just as damaging. Domestic Violence alone proves my point.

  17. Becky Mock Clapper

    I live about 10 minutes from where this happened. #1- Not Amish mafia as someone posted on here. We are hours away from the Amish community. #2- The picture above is NOT from this area. When they say "rural" road, it wasn't a main route, but it was your typical paved road with yellow lines and all. Not some back country dirt road. #3- This is a small community located 5 miles from Altoona, PA and we are the type of community that would rather NOT have national attention. Sickens me that this is all over the internet.

  18. Ilan Savion

    NO PROBLEM here for the NRA. Just good ole boys exercising their GOD GIVEN 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS.


  19. Audrey VanSurksum Eppinga

    the media can report but they dramatize the killer. Stop all the movies and videos of killing. It is desensitizing our youth. so they don't even realize what death means its a game.

  20. Cameron Mahon

    "the media would like to break up the second amendment." That's a pretty bold fuckin claim from nothing, especially considering how much their viewership goes up during these things.

  21. Cameron Mahon

    Mark Misfit Ratliff Drunk driving is illegal isn't it Mark. You know how many more died when it wasn't?

  22. Anonymous

    A 'spree' shooter is a person that walks into a public place and tries to shoot as many people as he can. A man who kills 4 people on a rural road is a 'murderer'. May have been gang related, may have been random. We don't know. So let's not jump to conclusions; after all, that apparently is the Media's job.

  23. Anonymous

    Of course the media will come out and say he had an "assault rifle."

  24. Bob Reavis

    My God! Where will this madness end? Someone quick, call Piers Morgan so he can bring his snotty and demeaning upper caste British accent to the table and call for the worldwide ban on all guns except for his brother who is an army cook in the British 8th. In fact, we should apologize to the Crown and give back the colonies so that son of a bitch can be the Queens vice regent here in "Americar" and tell us how "incredibly stupid" we are. Thank God the Troopers were able to do their job without Piers Morgan taking control of the situation. He's a man of art and tweed and doesn't believe our lawmen should be armed either. He thinks we should each situation with talk.

  25. William Bonnie

    More horrific than this no-doubt drug deal gone bad are the woeful lack of writing skills and numerous grammatical errors committed by the "writer", Dan Evon. To wit: "the gunman shot out the window’s of his car"… Everyone with even a third grade education knows that there is no apostrophe in this particular use of the word "windows". Shame on you Dan… Shame! You have been served by the Apostrophe Avenger.

  26. Amani Jo

    More GUN NUTS! They feel so powerful and invincible wielding guns. Fellow gun nuts will say, as usual, that the gun had nothing to do with it! That's IMBALANCED thinking to say the least and that's what scares those who don't have a LOVE and AWE relationship with guns.

  27. Cheech Maran

    Gene Matiak I agree Gene, give me a policeman 24hrs. a day, that's what I always say. We are on our own.

  28. Amani Jo

    Gene Matiak… obviously your great LOVE for guns is clouding your thinking because in case you missed it, the CT shootings actually happened because someone who thought just like you, FORGOT that the same guns she relied on to protect her not only turned on her but on other innocent people too. Stockpiling guns is definitely not the answer because that migh just come back to bite you so at least try to be rational about it.

  29. Jeff Greathouse

    Mark Ratliff: DUI's are now even with Gun violence. The number of DUI's keep dropping. They have been dropping due to 5 aspects: 1. Lower BAC 2. Breathilizers in Car for a DUI offender 3. Fences in the median. 4. Police Checkpoints. 5. More taxi services. Did you notice that in those 5, cars were not eliminated and alcohol was not eliminated. People can still access both. There are regulations and safety procedures/policies that can be put into place and not take away 2nd Ammendment rights.

  30. Steve Matsukawa

    Obviously, there is something seriously wrong in Amrica and with Americans. With all the emphasis on violence and violent behavior in America, it seems that Americans glorify violence to the extreme. It cannot be attributed to excess testosterone alone, it is a mindset that permeates across all the demographics.

    I don't know if America can right this boat it has launched, but if it doesn't, America will be destroyed from within. Government conspiracy anyone?

  31. Amani Jo

    So your main worry is about your community being on the internet?? Where is the CONCERN for the four lives that were lost?? When concern for THINGS is taking precedence over human lives we know how low society is sinking.

  32. Kenneth Tebo

    Gun owners are the most self-righteous, victim-complexed, blowhard hobbyists in the history of mankind. Yeah, rise up, bumpkins; your guns vs, our God-blessed United States of America's drones. Good luck…

  33. Donald Amarescu

    Tell me how many Cameron. Drunk driving has been illegal as far back s I go and thats over 60 years. You people who want to ban guns for law abiding citizens will say anything.

  34. Ron Renfro


  35. Dan Bender

    Violet you mean how many people are bieing by PEOPLE useing a gun.AND they could use a knife,bow and arrow,screwdriver,club,or why not go old school and use a rock like cain did when he slew abel,its people who kill people

  36. Dan Bender

    they dont die they get 3 hots and a cot for life,no rent,grocery bills,dr bills,free library,education,dental a book deal and maybe a movie..ought to be you kill people you get killed,you did wrong you get wronged.AND people who rape and then kill i say pour female gorrila scent on them,throw them in a cage with a few old silverbacks and when they get done with them shoot whats left..tell me crime wouldnt go down

  37. Gilbert Gordon

    I wonder what video game he was playing…or maybe it was a movie he was watching…no it must have been while he was watching a media news conference held by a paranoid, psychotic, money whore named LaPierre…

  38. Rob Miller

    @Amani Jo ; You like to stir the pot don't you ? Typical trouble maker . She didn't say they , as the community ,weren't concerned for the victims , they just don't want the media fenzey that makes this wacko a house hold name , and she is trying to clear up some errors from the press . Thats what propegates this sort of mad man behaviour …. Yeh, right back at ya …

  39. Jlynn Batts

    Mark Misfit Ratliff, that's ridiculous to compare cars being used to kill people and killers that kill many many people with annilating type weapons for their own sick pleasure and I believe completely sane thinking!

  40. Jlynn Batts

    The story says the police killed him though? I think the story is very vague.

  41. Tonia Wright

    That's right our 2nd Amendment Rights and not God given, he did not invent gun's…why is everyone blaming the NRA..National Rifle Association…our on government is the National Rape of America, we are not the land of the free and home of the brave anymore..we are the land of the lets live off the government hand outs and give our rights away!!!

  42. Amani Jo

    @Rob… the truth does hurt because of course she's MORE concerned with HER NEIGHBORHOOD because FOUR PEOPLE DIED but that doesn't "sicken" her! What "sickens" her is that "her community is on the internet." This should be about the SENSELESS lives lost and it just happened to be in her community.

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