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NRA Statement Suggests ‘Model School Shield Program’ And Blames Media, Video Games

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The official NRA statement is ongoing right now. Up until Friday the NRA has purposefully kept quiet in order to honor the victims of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. According to USA Today, the official NRA statement proposes a “model school shield program” as a solution to school shootings but also blames the media, Hollywood, and even video games.

According to USA Today the NRA statement claims ” that armed guards at schools and not pushing for more gun control measures is the way lawmakers should go after the issue.” The NRA believes that “providing armed security could provide an important line of defense to protecting school children”. They call on the media to “at least admit that it’s possible” this idea has merit and that 26 lives could have been saved.

The NRA is creating a “model school shield program” where armed and trained volunteers will help improve security at schools. This new program, which is very similar to the school protection program in Israel, will be lead by former House Representative Asa Hutchinson and will be made available to every school that wants it free of charge.

In addition, the NRA statement calls on Congress “to immediately appropriate money to put armed officers in every school in America.” In order to make this happen the NRA will provide “11,000 police training instructors” and they question anyone who dislikes this idea:

“Why is the use of a gun when it’s asked to be used to protect the president or used by the police, but bad when it’s used to protect children?”

Since NRA memberships have been increasing at record rates the NRA apparently feels it has the initiative in making a statement that blames others for school shootings. They think the media get basic gun facts wrong and that “they don’t even know what they are talking about.” As an example, he cites statistics that say “Federal gun prosecutions have decreased by 40% to lowest levels in a decade” yet many in the media blame school shootings on guns.

According to CNN, the NRA statement says that entertainment from Hollywood and video game producers are largely to blame for influencing our society to be more violent:

“[The NRA blame] media conglomerates, saying their products deliver ‘a toxic mix’ of criminality ‘into our homes’ around the clock. But corporate owners and stockholders act as ‘silent enablers.’ He said the media has ‘demonized gun owners.'”

What do you think of the NRA statement?

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17 Responses to “NRA Statement Suggests ‘Model School Shield Program’ And Blames Media, Video Games”

  1. Scott OBrian

    First i am a father and love my daughters very much. I am saddened for those who lost their loved ones. I am also a gun owner. I cannot blame a firearm for a death. I can only blame the actions of the sick person whom used it. There is no one reason for criminals doing what they do. I think police training is a good idea for guards in our schools. Once again I am sad that we as a nation have come to needing them.

  2. Francisco Alves

    The NRA continues ti be the mouthpiece of the gun industry in the USA. The statement they made was callous and uncaring. I simply cannot understand how rational, sane people can send money to a lobby group of this kind. The NRA has nothing to do with the Second Amendment, but only the gun industry. Pathetic.

  3. Drew McCalmont

    You look like a rather obtuse fellow. Blaming the gun industry for a tragedy to the likes of Newtown is like blaming Taco Bell for all the trash you eat.

  4. David Richmond

    NRA is dead on the money, I would take the school shield training in a second.

  5. Antonio Sandoval

    The NRA is correct in their suggestion of armed guards. The cost per school can be a combination of state and federal grants. An armed guard in each school should be an experienced Police Officer, or security officer, including video monitoring equiipment and a locked entry foyer equiped with metal detectors. At the very minimum, should be a locked entry, which is monitored. Unfortunately, like all security programs, like lockdowns and locked side and rear entries, after a period of time, the schools feel safe and unlock the doors; just as the Air Marshall program was effective in shutting down hijackings and violence on planes, when it reached a point of low incidence, the program faded away and there were no Air Marshalls present in plances anymore and they weren't present during 9-ll. People don't want shootouts in the schools and they don't want armed students injured and they oppose police presence in schools because it intimidates students. So it's a matter of choice, do they want safe schools? or no security or inadequate low impact security?

  6. Dallas Fml Iomc Marrison

    Just curious, do you blame your vehicle too every time you have an auto accident? Accountability is the real issue. People want to blame the guns NOT the real problem which is the sick people who used them for harm. The NRA is dead nuts on!

  7. Dallas Fml Iomc Marrison

    Simply put, yes we still feel this way despite personal losses

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