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Milk Prices Could Soon Be On The Rise

Farm Bill

If a new farm bill doesn’t successfully make it way through Congress in the coming days, then milk prices could jumped to around $8 per gallon starting next year.

Experts say the exact amount of the increase is a little hard to pinpoint at the moment. However, many believe milk prices could easily double after January 1 if the necessary amendments to farm policy aren’t made soon.

According to The New York Times, inaction on the bill would essentially force the government to buy milk at inflated prices. As a result, the price of a gallon is likely to increase. These actions are based on a farm law established in 1949.

New York Farm Bureau President Dean Norton said the increase in prices would help cover the rising cost of feed caused by the summer’s drought.

“But it would be short-term euphoria followed by a long hangover that would be difficult for us to recover from,” he explained. “I don’t think customers and food processors are going to pay double what they are paying now for dairy products.”

WDAY-TV explains the only way to avoid this increase in milk prices is for Congress to pass the aforementioned farm bill or to extended the program that’s already in place. Otherwise, the government will be forced to buy the product at prices that are much higher than market costs.

Experts believe the increased price of milk could takes its toll on children. If the parents simply cannot afford to purchase an $8 gallon of milk, then their kids may suffer as a result.

According to Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, Congress has until December 31 to pass the farm bill that would prevent the increased costs. Both the Milk Income Loss Contract and the 2008 Farm Bill expired last September.

What do you think about the possible increase in prices? Can you afford to pay $8 for a gallon of milk?

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11 Responses to “Milk Prices Could Soon Be On The Rise”

  1. Heather Johnson

    If milk prices get that high, then just do not buy milk. Humans do not need to drink cow's milk. Plus, there are other healthier options such as almond, soy, hemp, and coconut milk. Or just drink water and eat plenty of calcium-rich veggies. That's what we do in my home.

  2. Anonymous

    $8 a gallon for milk well there will be tons of it dumped cause we will not stand for this kinda BS.

  3. Barrie Desrochers

    My 18 month old dumps her milk out of her cup. I would cry over that spilled milk.

  4. Lesley Prentice Henry

    I've got four kids to raise on an enlisted military budget while I go back to school full-time. It is already a struggle to afford gas to get back & forth to school, kids to school and as my children are special needs; to their doctors' appts. as well. If the price of milk goes up any further, my credit cards are going to end up maxxed out just trying to ensure my kids have a healthy diet.

  5. Anonymous

    Kids will suffer? This literally made me spit the water out of my mouth? We are not even supposed to drink cows milk? what the heck? I could write an essay about how we shouldn't drink milk and how it's horrible for us and causes a ton of health problems, but I won't. Milk is not allowed in my household, so we won't be affected. My two year old gets coconut milk and my 6 month old gets mommies milk; and that is all they need! My children are not baby cows so it makes no sense to give them breastmilk that is made for a calf. Just my opinion.

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