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Websites To Go Dark Friday For Sandy Hook Moment Of Silence

Websites To Go Dark Friday For Sandy Hook Moment Of Silence

Some major websites have decided to go dark on Friday as part of a national moment of silence to remember victims of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

The moment of silence will be observed at 9:30 am, the approximate time that gunman Adam Lanza forced his way into the school and began shooting, leaving 20 children and six adults dead. The websites chose to go dark as a way to join in on the movement, which already has more than 100,000 people and sites pledged to join in, CNN reported.

The Web Goes Silent campaign went viral on Thursday, with many people tweeting with the hashtag #momentforSandyHook to spread the word about the moment of silence.

Helping push the websites to go dark is Silicon Valley venture capitalist Ron Conway, who is leading the campaign along with Ryan Seacrest, Jack Dorsey, Britney Spears, MC Hammer, Suze Orman, and Tyler Florence. Conway is also an advocate of stronger federal gun control legislation, which reflects in the Web Goes Silent site.

The site reads:

“In the coming weeks and months, we must come together around common-sense solutions that will prevent the gun violence that has become all too frequent in communities across the country. 2013 is the year to take meaningful action; observing this moment of silence on Friday, we can signal our resolve to stop senseless deaths like these from happening again.”

A similar tactic was taken earlier this year when sites rose up to oppose the Stop Online Piracy Act, which was seen as an attempt to censor the web. As sites like Reddit and Wikipedia went down to show the damaging effect SOPA would have had, it helped provide ammunition for opponents to defeat the bill.

The websites choosing to go dark can embed and official badge with a green ribbon, and the site, provides a script to make it easier for sites to do so.

People who visit the websites choosing to go dark will see a grayed-out screen with a white box in the foreground that reads, “We are observing a National Moment of Silence for the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy.”

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10 Responses to “Websites To Go Dark Friday For Sandy Hook Moment Of Silence”

  1. Leslie Siegel

    What sites are going dark? Not the UPS site, I'm expecting a package. But it see the good in it.

  2. David Beckwith Sr.

    This will get some attention. I am for gun ownership. I believe on the right to protect yourself and your family. But we do need to do something with these assault rifles. Shooting 100 rounds in 30 seconds ( give or take ) is a bit to much for the average person.

  3. Patti Morgan

    The average person is not the person that needs to be kept from weapons….it is the people who don't care about gun laws. If I am correct the gun used was owned by his mother. A registered gun owner.

  4. Rumple Stiltskin

    If you think it is okay to use such a horrible tragedy as the Sandy Hook Massacre to further your political agenda then you are a piece of $hit that is no better than the monster who pulled the trigger on those poor, helpless children. In short, you need an AR15 shoved up your a$$.

  5. Keath Rhymer

    So very sorry for your loss, Father Sky has her now safd young and free of any sickness age or pain

  6. Mindy Simons

    There are 27 dead, not 26. People need to stop blaming the mother and let her rest in peace as well. She was a VICTIM TOO! Ignoring the fact that she was the first person killed by her own son and focusing on the school is where the story begins to get twisted. She was planning to move to get him professional help, her guns were locked in a secure safe. If he didn't have "access" to her guns, he would have found some another way. He would have done this regardless of if his mother owned guns or not. Her guns were registered as well. Nothing illegal. Everyone keeps blaming everything and everyone except the shooter himself. HE did this, HE planned it, HE carried it out. No one else, nothing else. The guns didn't do it, video games didn't do it, his mother(RIP) didn't do this, Adam himself did this, ALL of this.
    I find it shameful that Americans would so easily forget that his mother was his MOTHER and not some horrible, gun owning woman. She worked at that school too. It is appalling that the church(that teaches cast not the first stone) is excluding a 27th bell ringing for his mother, because her son was the shooter.

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