WWE News: Future Plans For Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon Revealed

Last night on SmackDown Live, Kevin Owens’ personal vendetta against Shane McMahon finally paid off in his favor. After confronting Shane O’Mac, Owens provoked Shane into attacking him. That set off a chain of events that forced Vince McMahon to suspend Shane indefinitely as the commissioner of the blue brand and will bring The Boss himself back to SmackDown Live to address the issues between Owens and Shane.

This week’s edition of the show did a great deal to establish a lot of fresh heat on Kevin Owens for ruining Shane McMahon’s position on WWE television. The WWE Universe will have sympathy for Shane, which is only expected to get stronger next week after Vince McMahon’s appearance. Clearly, McMahon vs. Owens is headed to a huge match, but when are WWE officials planning to book their match and at what event?

It’s been rumored that WWE officials wanted to keep their rivalry going into WWE Survivor Series to have a traditional elimination match with Shane and Owens leading their respective teams. That match could be the plan for that PPV, but it’s now being reported that Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens will have a huge match at WWE Hell in a Cell. Apparently, it’s always been the plan for them to fight inside “Hell in a Cell.”

Shane McMahon Has Been Suspended As the Commisoner

Kevin Owens mentioning Shane’s “leap of faith” off the cell at WrestleMania 32 is foreshadowing the bout the two men will have in a few weeks. With Shane McMahon out of the job on SmackDown Live, it’s likely that Vince McMahon will keep him on the blue brand as an active competitor. That will keep Shane on TV and allow the two rivals to continue building their rivalry, which has become extremely personal very fast.

Kevin Owens Doesnt Want To Work With AJ Styles Any Longer

Regardless of how much longer the rivalry lasts after WWE Hell in a Cell, the feud will benefit Kevin Owens a great deal on SmackDown Live. The expectation is that he’ll win the match against Shane and move onto something else with fresh heel heat. There have been rumors about him turning babyface like AJ Styles did after his own feud with Shane McMahon, but his goal is to be the most hated man in WWE. After last night, he’s doing an excellent job. Over the coming weeks, McMahon vs. Owens will be receiving a lot of TV time.

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