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Sarah Palin Mocks Obama As Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year

Sarah Palin Mocks Obama As Time Magazine's Person Of The Year

Sarah Palin is now on record as mocking President Obama for being named by Time Magazine as Person Of The Year. The former Alaskan Governor and now Fox News contributor was speaking to Fox’s Greta Van Susteren when Sarah Palin criticized the point of the award in a self-depreciating manner, using herself as an example for why being named Person Of The Year does not matter.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the last time Sarah Palin really made the news was when she used the phrase “shuck and jive” to describe the reactions of the Obama administration to the Benghazi Scandal. She probably didn’t realize her comment would become prescient as the political dodging is still ongoing. An honorable mention would include some conservative pundits nominating Sarah Palin for the 2016 Presidential Elections (ugh, these things start early these days, don’t they?). Then of course there’s her son Track who recently decided to divorce his wife of one year.

According to the video by Fox News President Obama was awarded Person Of The Year by Time Magazine for his success in “forging a new majority…to create a more perfect union.” Sarah Palin was asked for her thoughts on that statement:

“The path toward a more perfect union is our Constitution and I think we’ve seen examples of our President not necessarily following the Constitution. In fact, he’s wanting to change the Constitution because he see it as a charter of negatives…and he’s made statements in the past about his view of our Constitution. And following the Constitution is the blueprint toward a more perfect union.”

Time Magazine named Sarah Palin one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2010. Considering this, it’s pretty funny when she uses herself as example for why Time lacks credibility in making its choices for Person Of the Year:

“Time magazine, I think there’s some irrelevancy there, to tell you the truth. I mean, consider their list of the most influential people in the country and in the world, consider some who made that list: yours truly! That ought to tell you something right there regarding the credence we should give Time magazine and their list of people.”

Sara Palin considers Time’s description of Obama’s accomplishments to be “silly words” and when she looks back she asks, “What the heck has he done? Really, what has he done but drive us over a Fiscal Cliff?” She seems to think the Congressional gridlock means that the Fiscal Cliff is a foregone deal, but she also asks, “What has [Obama] done to unify and make our nation a more perfect union? For the life of me, I don’t know.”

Do you agree with Sarah Palin that Obama does not deserve Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year award for the reasons Time lists?

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174 Responses to “Sarah Palin Mocks Obama As Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year”

  1. DREGstudios! Art & Design

    Why is Sarah Palin even involved? Since she quit her post in Alaska, she hasn’t run for public office but acts like a politician who calls her constituents “fans.” What exactly does she do other than essentially proposition her self and image to the highest bidder? Sounds like Sarah is America’s highest paid escort! See how down and dirty she’ll get for the money at

  2. Diane Baum

    6 years ago, she didn't not know where Libya was on a map. Now she is an expert. It just goes to show what six years of study can do! Almost.

  3. Bradley Stone

    he should be time man of the year after all didn't he brankrupt the usa to make it a third world country.Many a country.
    has been trying to destroy the us for centuries and the president did it in four years.

  4. Bryan Carpenter

    Unfortunately, we still have this moronic imbecile to kick around.She will NEVER go away, thanks to Fox Noise! The ultimate in irresponsible/irrelevant newscasting.This is just another pathetic rip on Obama–nice try Palin/Fox…You both Suck!

  5. Rick Willey

    Her bitterness jumps right out of the computer monitor! I thought FOX would have dumped her by now as she has become TOTALLY irrelevant.

  6. Ferdinand Mcelroy

    she should pose for playboy, that's all that's left for her.

  7. Jules Schwerr

    A family of quitters it looks like. Hey sarah there should be an asterick by your name. Former guv but she quit part way thru.LOL with witch.

  8. John Bryan

    Sarah Palin has more executive know how in her little finger than Obama has in his entire administration. All you Obama supporters must be on the government dole or still in high school!

  9. Julian Axworthy

    believe GWB drove us into a recession and BO is leading us out. Pity idiots like Boehner can't stop working for the elite rich and help us working folks too

  10. Don Baker

    I would have to say this article is really slanted – can't find the name of the writer.

  11. Anonymous

    Honestly, it seems that every time she tries to express a thought, she gets lost in a corn maze.

  12. Tommy Myers

    Sarah your claim to fame is quitting as Govenor of Alaska halfway through your term and your 15 minutes is up. Don't go away mad, just go away. Go away to the vast wilderness of Alaska and get lost.

  13. Leon Holland


  14. Russ Lindley

    Why is it the conservative woman in the political world are also the prettiest. Her comments were right on!

  15. Anonymous

    I am not exactly a fan of Mr. Obama. On the other hand, I'm still trying to figure out why we're supposed to give any credence to someone who quit on her state barely half-way into her one term as governor.

  16. Anonymous

    Maybe that's why they keep her. Most of FOX's pundits are old white failed politicians. Huckabee,
    Gingrich, Rove, etc…….

  17. Tim Ferguson

    Time's person of the year has also included the likes of Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Khruschev, Putin and Ayatollah Khomeini… not the best company to be in.

  18. Val Miller

    Julian Axworthy , you can "believe" anything you want. So far we still have free speech .

  19. Anonymous

    It warms my heart to see that an article on her can still bring the foul mouthed garbage slithering out from under their rocks.

  20. Alan Scheidegger

    Palin….just go away. You really don't matter….not 4 years ago, not today, not 10 years from now. YOU are the main reason the GOP is in the miseable shape it is in. Are you proud of that?

  21. Steve Bravar

    From Sarah Palin. Its a comment by Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin for God's sake. Sarah Fuc**n' PALIN. Why is this news? Why should anyone care. SFP…RIP.

  22. Delores G. Wright

    This woman always manages to crawl from under a rock somewhere to give her opinion. Who the heck cares and why does yahoo continue to giver her 15 minutes of fame? She is resentful, spiteful and is a dummy!

  23. Michael Deuter

    We have to put up with obama another 4 years. Talk about NEVER GO AWAY. If you liberals would really listen you might have a clue what is really going on in the world. By the way Bryan YOU SUCK

  24. Don Gugliuzza

    Fox News keeps her around for the same reason they keep the other females, other than Greta Van Sistern. She's good looking and has no shame. She can make collosal mistakes and not be bothered by that. I'll give her 5 stars for body and zero stars for brains.

  25. Michele Paydon

    Sarah Palin is stupid, why does the media give her any credibility? Fox News stooped to a new low when they hired her.

  26. Michele Paydon

    You Michael Deuter are a right wing loser. You and your republicans lost the election, get over it.

  27. Michele Paydon

    I'll bet you're a liar too Josh, and a sore loser, get over it Barack Obama won fair and square…

  28. David Lehner

    Half the problem in this country, is that we give credence to people like Sarah Palin. All we do is perpetuate this kind of moronic idiocy! Let's try to give our attention to people with brains!

  29. Anonymous

    I am not a Palin fan, but what she says is absolutely correct. Obama has done more to divide this country than any other President I can remember…white against black, rich vs poor, woman vs men. It is a joke for him to be honored for "forming a more perfect Union"! He bought the vote by promising more entitlements…period!

  30. Anonymous

    Tina Fey POTUS 2016…..I mean Juliane Moore, oops, SARAH PALIN! Never mind.

  31. Michele Paydon

    You southern boys are imbeciles, just look at the way Tommy Myers combs his hair.

  32. Anonymous

    I am not an Obama fan, but I don't blame him for this. I blame stupid Time magazine…

  33. Gale Thomas Eger

    …no, unfortunately, she IS relevant. She is still the poster child for narrow minded, ill educated individuals who need a person such as Palin to follow. The people with whom I associate keep watch and hold accountable Democrats as well as Republicans. Nobody should be accepted at face value. It takes doing some homework to make sure that those you support are mostly on the correct path. Some are too lazy to do that and allow "newstainers" to do the work for them. A little like cheating on a test and copying the wrong answers.

  34. Robin Napoleon

    Tina Fey said that on Saturday Night Live – not Sarah Palin. Now who's the dope?

  35. Debbie Doran

    get over it Palin, pres. Obama won a second term, the majority of the voters don't trust the new republican party, the party that loss the women votes, the black vote, the latino vote etc,,,,

  36. Mark Saylor

    Smithaero – Obama DID this that you describe??? Could it actually have been rush and the other fox entertainment people and GOP politicians like Boehner who pledged to hinder anything / everything the President tried to accomplish?

  37. Timothy Sexton

    Oh Sarah the Quitter would you please Shut the Hell up. You are a loser. You quit Alaska so you could bring in millions of dollars for yourself. You can still see Russia. You were a failure as a Mom. Refused to inform your daughter about protection for sex. Your a failure as a human being and you have the unmitigated gall to come down on Obama. Sarah the Quitter just shut the hell up.

  38. Boyd Badley Jr

    I am concerned for my country because so many people allow themselves to be led by people like Palin. Repubs have become the most PARANOID Party I have ever seen. Rush limpballs has become a sheep herder in his old age. Grow up and face the facts folks, your repub. party is splintered and I predict it will take years to recover.

  39. Mark Saylor

    OMG – I think Eddie R. Brian may be serious! He reminds me of my, non-deceased 88 year old father. When he started getting Dementia he became mesmerized by fox and rush. During 'palin time' he once exclaimed that "she is the next Margaret Thatcher" ! Sad, but cute…

  40. Richard Freedland

    But he knows someone that owns Syria! If you don't believe that this President doesn't know how many States are in the union, you need to understand the difference between an error and ignorance. Maybe we should have Palin and the President challenge each other to a game of Jeopardy and you can bet on Palin.

  41. Timothy Sexton

    Michael Deuter hey RobMe could not purchase the White House because the people voted this smug SOB to keep on going down the road. So now your RobMe and his wife need therapy for there loss. So shutup about Obama as you really have no choice.

  42. Judy Casteel

    Sarah is right about one thing – BO has no respect for the US constitution. If we don't watch him he'll rework it to read like a socialist manifesto.

  43. Timothy Sexton

    But your so wrong about Obama being a loser. RobMe tried to buy the White House and it did not work. Now RobMe has had to seek therapy along with his wife for there loss. Now you know who the loser is and it is not Obama.

  44. Kevin Riley

    “The path toward a more perfect union is our Constitution and I think we’ve seen examples of our President not necessarily following the Constitution. In fact, he’s wanting to change the Constitution because he see it as a charter of negatives…and he’s made statements in the past about his view of our Constitution. And following the Constitution is the blueprint toward a more perfect union.”.

    I have a Masters Degree in U.S. History & Government, and the above comment is complete dribble. It says nothing, does not even make a specific accusation. It sounds like the ramblings of a home schooled college freshman. If this is your role model you are in real trouble.

  45. Anonymous

    Michael Deuter
    No you don't…get a passport, leave the country or move to my old home State of Texas and help them secede.

  46. Jerry Mead

    I quit reading the TImes years ago, this extremely biased magazines consistently told one side of a story, so I quit. being named time person of the year is as much an honor as the president getting the nobel peace prize before doing anything as president. why waste time on the times or nobel peace prizes, they are just poliiical rewards.

  47. Anonymous

    This woman is an endangered species (The Wild Alaskan Dingbat) that reasonable people do'nt care about. She has two children who had babies out of wedlock, a failed VP candidate, and quit her job as Governor…abandoning the people of Alaska. But Fox News will put any trash on the air, as long as thy throw @#$% against the wall and see if it will stick to Obama.

  48. John Kastelic

    Chuck Besozzi , Mr Obama is the President of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA,LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD, You …..a six pack Joe ,with a MOSQUITO BRAIN.

  49. Lucia Yorey

    for the likes of me, I do not know how she finds such stupid and inane comments to project! maybe it was a mistake to make Alaska a state. Just a thought.

  50. Anonymous

    Michael Deuter you can move to Texas and help them secede. Or, get a passport and leave the country for 4 years…Afghanistan or Yemen are lovely destinations for rightwingnuts like you.

  51. Michael Samra

    Obama gets free rides..He got Nobel Peace Prize for doing a absolutely nothing. I guess it shows what a joke that organization is also.

  52. Anonymous

    John Kastelic would you stoop that low to "romance" her? She certainly doesn't inspire the appropriate "blood flow" to consumate a romantic interlude!!

  53. Arthur Di Tullio

    I am going to circulate a petition that will allow Obama to run again-OBAMA in 2016!

  54. Merry Morris

    shame on you, sarah, you never ran for president because your past would have eaten you up alive and thrown your bones to the wolves in alaska.

  55. Merry Morris

    don't throw stones! your eyes finally relaxed after your plastic surgery but not your heart.

  56. Justin Amyx

    Michael Deuter lol, spoken like a true faux news disciple.But what the heck,i'm up for it,lets keep the theme going……….@Michael Dueter …….NO,YOUUUUUUUU SUCK!

  57. Susan Raker

    It may be true that the Constitution is a statement of negatives –I don't see it that way unless it is listing what the government should NOT deny any citizen. Listing the "rights" of people is not negative to me — I believe totally in the 10 Commandments — which have been our guide for living for Christians and Jewish people and they ARE a list of negatives. That is fine. We teach children NOT to run in front of cars, NOT to fight etc. The list of negatives is just as important as the list of "thou shall do." The 10 Commandments have been in place much longer than the U.S. Constitution. Together they pretty much outline how we should live and what our rights are.

  58. Philip John Antonino

    I am still trying to figure out who is the biggest space cadet, Palin or Bachman. I currently put both of them pretty much even. But, I think Palin has the lead in the nut case division.

  59. Susan Raker

    Six years ago we didn't ow our country to China. Six years ago more people were working. Six years ago a lot of people who are homeless now had a nice safe home. For four years it was blamed on the past administration. At least now at the end of this 4 years it can only be blamed on Obama.

  60. Phil White

    Karl Marx and Chairman Mao would be so proud of Obama and his followers! Imagine 4 more years! Obummer and his FORWARD Demo Liberal Progressive followers are a real threat to Democracy in America….

  61. Timothy Kyi

    She should talk about the shooting at Newtown and how to protect the kids from guns instead of talking about Obama person of the year in Times Mag. Shes so stupid and needs to talk about something else other than this crap on fake fox news.

  62. Ivan Smith

    she must have spent most of the money the that tea party and others spent on her books ( ghost writer's wrote)…so she got to get her name back in news…..amazing how those people were duped into buying her bull shit.

  63. Ken Warner

    well done is better than well said….and since sarah palin does not do well done, it would be better if she didn't say anything……

  64. Willard Casto

    And Obama visited all 57 states, Biden doesn't know where he is, and they are bent on destroying the country – now there's an option for ya!

  65. Tj Irish

    NOO Michael you suck. Seriously right now who is driving us over the fiscal cliff. Boehner offered Obama a deal with taxes on million plus. Obama countered with $400,000 over his original 250 plus and offered a change in the CPI inflation calculating on soc sec. NOW that puts the ball back in Boehner's court with another counter offer. INSTEAD the GOP runs off trying to pass this PLAN B bill that will never be passed. So the GOP can try and blame Obama if fiscal cliff talks fail. SOOO…. WHO is playing politics. Yet people like Palin and you Michael who are soo freaking blind in you're ideology you can't even see straight. As I said you SUCK. As far as Palin. Her real issue with obama is fairly simple. Sarah Palin is envious and jealous of Obama because he beat her team in 08, beat her team again and Obama is more cooler and more popular than she ever will be in her lifetime. That just KNAWS at her every freaking day.

  66. Vickie Horner

    Fox news and sarah p…..those tea party favorites belong together, my fantasy is to see her in a presidental debate and talk foriegn policy. The ratings would be fantastic!

  67. Velma DeKing

    What a sad excuse for a human being that Palin woman has turned out to be. Maybe I should have just said she is going all out to prove how irrelavent she really is.

  68. Pamela Richardson

    So Michael, how is it living in a bubble 24/7? You must miss out on so much.

  69. H Dennis Allen

    Michael Deuter No Michael, you suck the big one. You're the one that need to get his head out of his @ss. Wake up and smell the coffee. America wants to move forward, not back another 100 years.

  70. H Dennis Allen

    Chuck Besozzi Why don't you review the comment before posting such trash ? Or you can check it out for yourself on Don't just believe Fox Talking points.

  71. Linda Dulude

    Unfortunately, John McCain "invented" this Alaskan Airhead as his doomed nominee for V.P. That choice torpedoed the 2008 GOP ticket, but it has also catapulted the bimbo into international fame and mega-wealth. Her greed is totally disgusting, bordering on obsessive. This dumb bell will probably soon be one of the richest women in the world, for absolutely no reason at all.

  72. Scott Harder

    … I always wanted to see her in Penthouse, rather than the Whitehouse! She could have really made her mark by being the first Presidential candidate to appear nude…

  73. Glen Sharp

    Michael Deuter its easy to say things about people from a distance. Did you ever think that it is not that hard to find people these days and you might piss off the wrong person? Probably not because you are clearly of low mental capacity.

  74. Butch Baker

    Once again Ms. Palin has proven she has the testicles to lead, but somehow girly Democrat men keep getting elected. When will you become unconfused at the ballot box. God Bless. BB.

  75. Urich Iam

    Hey is Fox Noises main man still humping Sarah? Just wondering. Why is she still on Fox Noise? Her opinion do not matter and we all know that. She is as stupid as stupid can be.

  76. Mark Shay

    Michael Deuter How old are you? 13? Bryan has more sense in his pinky then you have in your empty head.

  77. Kenneth Terry Defee

    Julian Axworthy Sarah Palin is head and shoulder's above O'NoNut's. Libturd's just suck! Your day is coming…be careful what you ask for, you might get it! O'Bama…the worst president ever! Sarah Palin… HOT…HOT…HOT!!!

  78. Anonymous

    Typical liberals, anything they dont agree with is racist. I'm sure Fox employees such as Arthea Nevill, Juan Williams, Julia Banderas, Jehmu Greene, Charles Payne, Harris Faulkner, Santita Jackson, Kimberly Guillfoyle, etc etc must be pretty shocked about this.

  79. Anonymous

    Sadly, people really know very little about all the good she did while governor of Alaska. Completely pissing off and breaking up all the old boy network in her own republican party. Oh well enjoy the next 4 years suckers.

  80. Judy Beers Dotson

    Fox News is pathetic. They just keep her stupid self on t.v. to stir controversy, that's all.

  81. Evg Debor'rah Dempsey-Wlliams

    She just won't disappear quietly, will she. What has she help contribute to unite our country. I'm still waiting to see what she will contribute to the world.zzzzzzzzzzzz. They should have let the grizly bear stay in hibernation back in 2008.

  82. Paul J Mauro

    The Palin Family is a sad example of not only quitting,losing badly,living your personal life in public for gain but desperately seeking relevance.She is filler for empty TV space.

  83. Marcia Powell

    Talk about being irrelavant! Who cares what this inconsequential know-nothing quitter thinks. Her accomplishments could fit on the head of a pin…with room to spare.

  84. John Bryan

    Michele, not a sore loser just a sad one…for our country. We are no longer a country of people who "Can Do" , we are not a country of "Give Me"….

  85. Anonymous

    good for Sarah well guess what, Big bro gets a 5m dollar vacation wihile, the rest of the nation suffers , we need a big change, and fast talk about shuck and jive.

  86. Margie Fedorchak

    Thank you, Sarah, for saying what NO liberal would think of saying! I will agree that Obama is an intelligent, well spoken man but…to give him a place of honor on the cover of Time magazine was WAY off. He can NOT lead this nation as an effective President and he's proven that this past 4 years and only going to continue to prove it the next 4. Heads up, liberals, Sarah Palin has the same rights as you do to speak her mind whether you like what she says or don't.

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