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Sandy Hook, Virginia School Visited By Man With ‘High-Powered Rifle’ To ‘Make A Point’ About Safety

sandy hook virginia high powered rifle

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, a nation is in mourning and more terrified than ever of guns or gun control, depending on with whom you speak.

The Sandy Hook massacre left 26 dead at the scene, 20 children and six educators.

The horrific events of the day brought the specter of gun violence in America into stark relief we can seemingly no longer ignore, and coping mechanisms have included a spike in gun sales and body armor for children as Americans process the tragedy.

But yesterday at a different Sandy Hook, a Virginia man allegedly decided to highlight the growing controversy in a different and inarguably poorly conceived way — by entering the school armed with a 2 x 4 inscribed with the words “high-powered rifle.”

Christopher Johnson, 33, has been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after the incident. According to WTRV:

“The incident happened at 11:40 [Wednesday] morning. Major Proctor said Johnson was approached by a school employee immediately after he entered the school. He said the school resource officer arrived ‘seconds later.’ … Proctor said he was not sure why Johnson entered the school, however he said it appeared Johnson wanted to make a point about school security.”

terroristic act arrest west virginia

The Journal reports that Johnson was immediately approached by school security and found to be unarmed:

“Maj. Scott Proctor of Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office said no one was injured and no weapons were found on Johnson. Johnson is charged with disorderly conduct and is being held without bond, Proctor said.”

After allegedly trespassing at the Sandy Hook Elementary in Virginia, Johnson was held yesterday at the Shenandoah County Jail.

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19 Responses to “Sandy Hook, Virginia School Visited By Man With ‘High-Powered Rifle’ To ‘Make A Point’ About Safety”

  1. Anonymous

    NRA has been offering safety courses since its inception in 1871. There is no proof this man was a member of the NRA nor were the shooters in the lastest attacks. Before you start calling people names, maybe you should educate yourself.

  2. John Consiglio

    Wasn't the point probably that it could have easily been a high powered rifle instead of a two by four and that security at that school is lax?

  3. Mary Wimberly

    I guess he was trying to get some attention. He did. In jail he will sit, hopeful throughout the remainder to the year. Stop trying to be a copycat. What were you thinking?

  4. Alexander Piela

    Why would this be "ill conceived"? My son was in a pre-school a few years back where the doors opened automatically all day long. I was the guy who had to complain about it after there was a shooting in another state. If he were trying to be a "copy cat" he would have "copied" the killer, and came in with a real gun to kill people.

  5. Alexander Piela

    Of course! And the search engines don't post this story when you search "Sandy Hook, VA".

  6. Alexander Piela

    Do you even know if he was in the NRA? Secondly, don't you people have the innate instinct to see what MIGHT have happened? Ok people, let's get specific. If they do ban all the guns, this guy could have come in with a 2 v 4 and killed people with a piece of lumber!

  7. Alexander Piela

    And if you look at the URL, it says, /sandy-hook-virginia-school-visited-by-man-with-high-powered-rifle-to-make-a-point-about-safety/ Who is the webmaster here? Nothing like missing the point. In your efforts to go afte rguns, you are being irresponsible to show how little safety is focused on in schools.

    He did NOT show up with a high powered rifle! The school was wide open! He did NOT have a rifle! This is like the Monty Python thing where he comes in with a pointed stick!

  8. Bill Mecca

    unbelievable, how far the so-called journalists have fallen. Yeah I guess the world as we knew it is coming to an end. God Help Us.

  9. Dale S Hamad

    Not the proper timing, nor, the best way to convey a message.We are not a society out of control and yes, we must look at each of our schools and public venues to make certain they are secure, however, attending a council or board meeting to discuss security issues would have been more prudent.

  10. Anjel Rankin

    What are you people talking about?!? There was nothing "copycat" or "ill concieved" about this? IF he had gone in with a rifle it would have been one thing? He instead cared so much about making the point that the schools DESPERATELY NEED to increase security in the wake of this tragedy, that he sacrificed what he had to have known would have been a couple of days/weeks of freedom by entering with a PIECE OF WOOD instead of a GUN!!! Sadly, talking about change does nothing. Action has to be taken.

  11. Anonymous

    This guy is an idiot and a moron. Stupid act that deserves jail time and apologies to the school, students, admin., and community.

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