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Adam Lanza Haircut: Stylists Say Interaction Was ‘Uncomfortable’

Sandy Hook Shooting

Newtown, CT – Some of the stylists who used to give Adam Lanza haircuts have said interacting with the young man was “uncomfortable,” according to The Associated Press.

Although stylist Bob Skuba and his colleagues used to cut Lanza’s hair every six weeks, the man said Adam rarely spoke to the stylists or made eye contact with anyone at the shop. In fact, his mother would answer any questions the staff posed to the youngster.

I would say, ” ‘Adam, come on.’ He wouldn’t move,” Skuba explained. “And his mother would have to say, ‘Adam, come on, he’s ready.’ It was like I was invisible.”

The stylist said that Adam Lanza never had any interaction with the stylists while receiving his haircuts. Skuba added that the young man spent most of his time looking at the ground.

According to the Daily Mail, stylists said they originally thought Adam Lanza and his family had moved away. Apparently, the boy hadn’t been in to get his haircut by stylists in over a year.

During an interview with CNN, Skuba said he should have killed Adam Lanza when he had the chance.

“I wish I would have killed him then. Or he should have killed himself a long time ago. He would have saved us all the trouble,” Skuba remarked. “I should have slit and stabbed him by accident. It would have been a lot better for those people.”

Although the stylists had plenty to say about his behavior, very little is known about why Adam Lanza decided to go on a shooting spree at Sandy Hook Elementary. Although officials say Lanza was a devil worshiper who had a website devoted to Satan, nobody knows why he decided to savagely murder so many innocent people.

What do you think about the remarks made by the people who used to give Adam Lanza haircuts?

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21 Responses to “Adam Lanza Haircut: Stylists Say Interaction Was ‘Uncomfortable’”

  1. Tamara Smith

    What's next… interviewing the OB that delivered him to ask what his demeanor was when he was born? This is just over the top "fill in" because the press have covered the life out of this story. Enough already! This is tragic enough with covering every little aspect of this story….

  2. Robert Stoll

    If he would have cut his throat he'd be in prison now for murder. Besides, killing him before his time would have thrown a wrench in God's perfect plan : ).

  3. Anonymous

    I want a barber that will kill me because he felt he "should have.." WTF?

  4. Choi Kwok

    This is an irresponsible "article." It's almost promoting violence. Please provide information on how to identify mental illness, and how to get them help, not encourage a vigilante attitude.

  5. Carol Tucker

    In " Minority Report" Tom Cruise legally kills people who were known to commit a crime in the future. It just struck me that they said they would kill him if they had known, I haven't watched it in a while but I think he was the target for this and ended up stopping this deterrant to crime. Good movie. I may watch it again.

  6. Anonymous

    Really. What point are you trying to prove by saying you wish you'd have killed him then?

  7. Debs Carroll

    Dominating Mother

    yes it is vital information to know that Adam behaved as a submissive and his mother was completely dominating him, even controlling his choice to say something….this would cause Adam to have great resentment, and his outlashing reactive behavior was obviously jealousy towards children who did not have to suffer from his problems.

    Domination and submission habits are very unhealthy and are a huge sign of problems withing the personality of people, whether they tend to be Dominate or submissive.

    Feelings of hate and fear and self image stuff is all mixed up and unresolved until excellent education and therapy is done and successfully completed.

    There has to be a balance in the personality to feel liberated and free to be oneself, otherwise inverting feelings and suppressing feelings fester and then finally explode.

    Feelings affect spiritual essence in a huge way and the world will soon come to know this truth and reality of how too much isolation and secret thoughts and feelings cause a distortion from positive reality.

    The barber in this story was sharing thoughts of wishing to save others the pain of being a victim due to the outcome of what happened in Newtown yet him sharing his dark thoughts does not help fix what happened, it only shows that we do have dark thoughts, yet I seriously doubt that this man would ever do anything violent to his patrons.

    the issue here is that this barber wished he could have prevented the slaughter of innocent people, yet Adam in his own way was innocent too, and even his mother had to just be very ignorant of what was the best therapy for her son to behave how she did. If she could have put herself in her son's shoes and realized that being Dominated all the time as he grew into adulthood was damaging to his psyche…she might have felt the reality of how painful it is to be constantly controlled and thought of finding a better solution to help her son with his challenges.

  8. Lisa Broer

    That's crazy. "I wish I slit and stabbed him" Wow. I'm worried what this guy may do. He doesn't sound very stable either. I agree there was no need or anything good in this article.

  9. Brenda Scott Kranke

    These stylists are showing their ignorance. To say the worst thing a person could do is not interact or look at you, Really.. Ignorant. Look up the typical issues of autism you publicity seeking moron. A person with Autism/ Aspergers is not a person who calculates and plans a massacre, they are passive unless truly provoled and then a tantrum not a massacre. It is a person with real mental health issues who would do this. A person with Aspergers is usually treated cruel and bullied and only gets upset IN THE MOMENT when it will not stop. I am so sick of people putting Aspergers as the cause of this tragic act of violence. These fame seeking imbecels need to get a life and made to feel like this article just made me feel concerning a person with a disorder that in no means was his fault. It was his fault that for whatever reason he acted out in violence. I hope one day we know the reason why he did it. If I lived in that place I would boycott that barber shop. No matter where you go you will find people like Adam Lanza who would not make eye contact. Big deal. He had Aspergers and you are an idiot.. I feel tortured over the the events that happened at the elementary school but I certainly would not attack someones disability/ability when it has nothing to do with what happened. It was so much deeper than that.

  10. Jackie J Johnson

    What an idiot!!! He "should have slit and stabbed him earlier. That would've helped all those people"??? Did he really say that? I guess now we are ALL supposed to go around killing people we think COULD just maybe be a threat to someone someday? Geez!!! Total psycho stylist!!

  11. Brenda Scott Kranke

    I suppose one might think I am passionate about this.. There is none so blind as one who REFUSES to see..

  12. Donna Reed-Fredericksen

    I don't talk either, I go to relax not spill my guts, hope I don't get sliced for it.

  13. Brenda Scott Kranke

    I knew you would be Jamie. We think alike when it comes to our grandchildren. Did you read this article? I was jumping out of my chair when I read it. Who talks like this.. Sorry for the rant but it is how I feel and felt at the time.. Truths the truth. The shooter had a satanic website… Nothing to do with his disorder. I did not know this would show up on Facebook when I left my comment.. I guess I thought I was so laid back. I finally figured out what would wake up my sleeping giant.

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