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Robert Griffin III Fined $10,000 For Wearing Adidas

Rob Parker Comments About Robert Griffin III Draw Backlash From ESPN

Robert Griffin III wore an Adidas sweatshirt during his post-game interview last weekend. That may not seem like a big deal but in the NFL its a big no-no. Griffin was fined$10,000 for wearing “unauthorized apparel.”

The star quarterback, whose jersey sales set a record this year, usually wears a suit to press conferences to avoid offending the NFL. Griffin was inactive during the Redskins game against the Baltimore Ravens so he may have not been expecting to speak to the press after the game. Regardless, the league has levied a $10,000 fine against the rookie. reports that Griffin has an endorsement deal with Adidas.

This is the second time this year that RGIII has been in trouble for wearing non-Nike clothes. Earlier this year the rookie decided to black out one of the Nike Swooshes on his T-shirt with the word heart. The league talked to Griffin about the incident and let him off with a warning. They weren’t so nice this time around.

According to the NY Daily News, Nike paid more than $1 billion to get exclusive rights to all NFL gear this year. Griffin may have a deal with a rival company but the Redskins quarterback has definitely put some money into Nike’s pockets this year. The league said that Redskins memorabilia sales have jumped 252% since Griffin joined the team. The rookie also overtook Brett Favre on the all-time sales list.

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20 Responses to “Robert Griffin III Fined $10,000 For Wearing Adidas”

  1. Sherman Carliles

    Just because the NFL have a deal with Niki, that is their business. When a player make his own deal with another company, that player should be able to wear that product with out being fined. The NFL appear to be a dictatorship, folks, and that isn't right, people. This should be addressed by congress.

  2. Kurt Kunze

    Welcome to Capitalist America! This is how it works. My question is, Nike paid a billion dollars to the NFL for exclusive rights… who exactly is the NFL? Whose "NFL" pockets are lined with those Nike billions? Where does those billions go? Oh by the way, the NFL IS NOT A DEMOCRACY! And one more thing, if you don't like it, quit paying for it and STOP BUYING NIKE STUFF or anything else related.

  3. Sherman Carliles

    Very good question, and observations. Point well taken Kurt Kunze. In terms of who's pockets are getting lined, try the commissioner first, and then his goons, so to speak.

  4. Thomas Rhodes

    and this comes from the pep who hired replacement reffs and messed up games how dumb this is just another reason pep turn to guns…………..

  5. Timothy Park

    why would you even need to mention that the NFL is not a democracy? lol they're not a form of government

  6. Megan McGowan

    I found myself drifting back to the 80's and Jim McMahon(Chicago Bears) with his Rozelle headbands. For those who are too young to remember this, McMahon also drew a $5,000 fine from NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle for wearing a headband with a corporate logo — adidas, what a coincidence –in the 1985 NFC playoffs game against the Giants. The next week his headband simply said "Rozelle".

  7. Gary Orlando Mason

    If Nike Paid 1billion to the NFL for exclusive rights, how much more money does the NFL need? What's the point in fining a millionaire 10k as "punishment?"

  8. Chris Quazi Bonjour

    Adidas thanks the NFL for this very cheap national advertising. 10,000 for a full run on most sports sites, a top 10 trend on Yahoo!, and a full day of debates on DC sports talk. I'm not marketing guru but sign me up for that price.

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