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‘Pawn Stars’ Fires Former Suicide Girl Olivia Black

Pawn Stars fires Olivia Black

Olivia Black, who was hired to work for Gold and Silver Pawn in the fifth season of Pawn Stars, was fired from the show after naked photos of her emerged.

Black went by the name “Belladonna” as a model for, a soft-core porn/pin-up model website before being hired at the pawn shop. Her past as a Suicide Girl was revealed in the National Enquirer, which featured a photo of her in lacy lingerie.

Black posted a link to the article on Monday, and the 27-year-old confirmed the news on her Facebook page Wednesday, stating, “Well S***….I was just fired.”

Shortly afterward she wrote, “Nay, Sadly this is not a joke….I no longer work for Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, it has been a whirlwind of a year, and now I must move on.”

The Enquirer article says that Black was selected to join the Suicide Girls in 2008, and that the cast and crew of Pawn Stars knew about her past. She joined the site because, at 5-foot-2, she was too short to be a runway model. An anonymous source told the tabloid:

“Olivia loves her gigonPawn Stars, but her nude modeling isn’t necessarily in the past. She would never do any­thing to upset the show’s producers or her pawn shop bosses, but if ‘Playboy’ called her right now and asked her to pose in the buff, I’m sure she wouldn’t think twice about shedding her clothes and saying ‘cheese!'”

Black’s supporters wished her luck in her future endeavors and said that it was the show’s loss for firing her. One naysayer, however, said she barely spoke during the season and was visible for “a total of about 15 seconds a season.”

Black responded, “Mike Soke, you should bite your tongue in lieu of the circumstances, I have done nothing wrong to deserve a firing, especially at this date. Obviously, like all others that have no job, I am slightly stressed.”

The show didn’t confirm exactly why Black was fired, but the timing of the Enquirer article and her dismissal seems too coincidental to not be related.

Do you think Olivia Black should have been fired from the show, especially if the cast knew about her past as a Suicide Girl?

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138 Responses to “‘Pawn Stars’ Fires Former Suicide Girl Olivia Black”

  1. Shaggy Vee

    A ridiculous reason to be fired, no wonder that shows gone down the tubes as of late. An it'll only get worse when Corey leaves and they give him a spinoff cause they are idiotic like that…

  2. James Malcolm

    Horrible he is one of my friends and an awesome person fuck the enquirer and pawn stars for putting her through this for their own gain and conservative views

  3. Matt Watkins

    It's kinda like that Guidance Counselor in New York who got fired because she used to be a model. They had no right to fire her because of what she used to do.

  4. Thomas Floyd

    no don't need to be fired for that at all makes no since if they want to call it family show they curse ever show so I don't get it.

  5. Sean Carlisle

    Especially shitty from a show that uses a play on the phrase 'Porn Star' for it's title.

  6. David Burch

    that hole show is a joke all they ever do is rip people off she was the best thing to ever happen to that show no matter how much onscreen time she had….who cares what she has done in the past it was a job a way to make money I'm sure if rick or corey were female and hot they would have done it too.

  7. Emma Myers

    I hope she sues and takes their business. That is a joke to fire her for that reason. WILL NEVER WATCH IT AGAIN!

  8. Peter Vazquez

    Sad and stupid. What a fucked up society we live in where a girl gets fired for being pretty, by a business that considers itself a benchmark for respectability; a pawn shop.

  9. Scott Martin

    Thought being in porn or having naked pictures out there for all to see was supposed to be cool nowadays.I mean what the hell.celeberties are releasing sex tapes of themselves all the time and still get work on tv and in movies….she gets fired from a pawn shop over it.Gimmie a break! I'm sure it would only increase sales.

  10. Cherry Merry

    Who even watches this fucking shit?? No she shouldn't have been fired. I follow a bunch of suicidegirls & love the shows they've had on showtime. I will never watch stupid ass shows like this though! So yep, idiotic on their part. I'm sure this chick can find something better to do anyway.

  11. Sebastian Lucifel Hertel

    As usual, producers don't want to have a bad reputation for allowing adult entertainers on their 'family' show… With all the swearing and partial violence there it's pointless. Featuring Olivia more often might have even increased their ratings.
    So if Kristen Stewart, Halle Berry or Angelina Jolie were to make a guest appearance… Well actually they couldn't as they all starred in nude scenes.

  12. Peter Vazquez

    No no! It's only cool if you're making hardcore porn like Kim Kardashian…She's rich and a role model so it's ok…..Suicide girls is pretty far from porn.

  13. Rod Collingridge

    Tittys are so bad…. sarcasm. America would be a better place with more tittys and less violence on the main stream TV.

  14. Jeremy Barstow

    no, she prolly told those fat dickholes to pissoff,, fuck them, that will be the next show kicked to the curb followed by storage wars.

  15. Jeremy Barstow

    i have been to that place,its a total shithole the size of a shoe box,everything they buy on tv is still sitting in the shop covered in dust,,,and this my friend is a true story.

  16. Taylor Primm

    that's stupid…o my god we cant keep a pretty women who has before shown her self get me straight out of all the other shit tv celebs have done, beisides I highly dout she going to go on the show and show off. If she was doing something bad for instance stealing things, breaking things, even not doin her job correctly, ok that's understandable, just not having an old job of taking pretty pictures for other people to look at that was an old job not the one she was in.

  17. Elizabeth Danielle

    No one has confirmed that that was the reason she was fires. Simmer down lol

  18. Yvette DarkenedHeart Carter

    I hate when this stupid shit happends. And Suicide Girls arnt even porn its more art, and appreciation of the femalel body. What dose her getting naked for a legit company have to do with her current work ethic? She dint do anything illeage, she did her job, so WTF! Is so sad that this country runs on sex, Everything sells with sex, but when a woman shows her body, she cant get a job later? And what if play boy called her? Let her go and make money that way. It dosnt make her a bad person. And its not like this job was for her to be a nun or anything. What standers do you have to have to work at a pawn shop? Realy?

  19. Walter Harmer

    No matter the job or the situation a person's past should never cost them their job after this long of a time of proving themselves a reliable worker.

  20. Shawn Edwards

    wait kristen stewart has done a nude scene? I think i'd like to see that.. i just watched monsters ball last night :) and angelina.. i haven't seen that one either :( Oh Well I don't watch pawn stars… prolly never will.. this girl is cute.. she could definitely bring a strong addition to another show.. she should just shrug this off and keep going.

  21. Alex Wilkie

    You have to think of it from an "Image" stand-point, think about the people who watch pawn stars – probably old folks and conservatives – who would most likely boycott the show if they saw the pictures and knew a 'porn model' was going to be on it (though I'm sure male viewers would tune in just to see if she takes her top off) – its all about the viewership and its alot more than just "ZOMG ITS ART ITS NOT EVEN PORN OQINWHOQEFOUJBEF"

  22. Shane Toney

    Good job enquirer way to get someone fired. I wish everyone there would lose there job so they might think twice next time. Like anyone there can think.

  23. Eric Roberts

    Yea the show called "Pawn Stars" inst drawing a reference to something far worse than being a beautiful pin up model…

  24. Michael Buchko Jr.

    I did that on both both Google and Bing, all I got were fake nudes of Olivia Wilde and Olivia Munn.

  25. Sarah Tiessen

    Sad how society is still hung up over nudity and displays of sexuality; sexuality is being alive, it's passion. Why society continues to treat it as a taboo I do not know, yet blood, violence and death is okay?

  26. Yvette DarkenedHeart Carter

    lol the only way old people like that would find it is if they were looking for it. Ether way, let them boycott. That is more of a legitimate reason to fire some one then the "posabilaty" of it happaning. Right now its nothing but discrimination.

  27. Michael Buchko Jr.

    They do realize they're in Las Vegas right? This should be a relief for them to find that's ALL she has in her life.

  28. Mary Jane G

    I dont think she shouldve been fired! I happen to love the SG& as well. Altgough its online, thats still part of someone personal life, & cant determine a work ethic. To top it off, her bosses already knew. You cant fire someone a year later for something like that.

  29. Evan Martin

    google "belladonna" as in the name she used on the suicide girls site.

  30. Diego Lopez

    THIS IS BULLSHIT! wow shame @ the H channel for doign such thing, they should fo fired her long ago then, I think they were just jealous that she was gettin more and more attention. freaking fags.

  31. David Lee Brown


  32. David Lee Brown


  33. Joshua Cornsilk

    That's so freakin funny because who ever films pawn stars ALWAYS has to pan in and out of young girls chests. Check it out next time. They always do it.

  34. Joey Colletto

    I'm confused shouldn't sluts be used to being used and thrown away by now?

  35. Lou Corradi

    Rick fired her because she posed nude BEFORE she worked at the store? This is the same guy who sells guns for a living? I know, he calls them "collectibles" BUT he's also adament that these weapons be capable of FIRING before he buys them. So it's okay to have people like Chumlee (a human sloth) as employees, but NOT someone who once did what people are STILL doing right up the strip from the store?

  36. Bill Yannone

    How is a show aboit people pawning things to go gamble in Vegas a family show?

  37. Eric Hamby

    They didn't fire her because she was a SG, they fired her because naked pics started coming into the store and disrupting the business… I don't see how they did anything wrong. Her being a SG was never an issue stop saying that's why she was fired.

  38. Shawn Alain

    Ah yes I think I spoke to soon. This is the sexy sensational story to hear, the real story could be quite different and have nothing to do with SG.

  39. Mishele Lee Mittleider

    Definitely discrimination… Doesn't surprise me however.

  40. Thomas Dulude

    dude you know Porn and Pawn are 2 different thing's right and the word Pawn is older then Porn so and what is the difference she had like almost no air time on the show if you watched the show for her then you watched like 3 shows maybe 15 min total time peaches had more air time she hardly knew anything any way

  41. Jbomb Schroeder

    What someone does in their past shouldn't affect their current job. Yes she was a suicide girl and revealed a small amount of skin but if the producers and crew already knew about that before hiring Olivia, then she got fired for no reason.

  42. Bert Veld

    Stupid hypocrites, they should be forced to hire here again.You've my vote from the Netherlands ;-).

  43. Robert Dunkel

    The funny thing is they showed an old brothel painting which is OK but they fire her because she is a SG. When they started this show they were scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything, reality TV(what an oxymoron) ratings is drying up fast. They are staging these so called amazing deals, if you cannot tell these so called customers and the morons are reading from a script or cue cards you have to be a moron yourself. I think I watched about 15 minutes total and it was so obvious it was all staged.
    Why I hate reality shows, because they are not, they should hire actors at least it will be more convincing.

  44. Lucille Codd

    If they knew about it, they wouldn't have hired her in the first place, but I guess as for criminal records check is stupid as well, maybe two weeks for a job to check it then if you do have criminal record they could fired you right away, like wtf? and it pointless for them, they are a boring show now.

  45. Harley in Wonderland

    Hell no I don't think it's right! I mean seriously, that's like someone allowing their crazy mom to post pictures of them naked in the tub as a baby saying "Aw how cute!" and then firing the person for "participating in child pornography" or something. For crying out loud, what kinds of people do you think usually pawn shit? Pawn shops are stereotypically in BAD neighborhoods because druggies and prostitutes are supposedly the main clientele of pawn shops. Of all the fucking low-down dirty bullshit. That's fowl.

  46. Stephen Mendez

    C'mon the show has a name similar to the title "porn star". They had a peep show machine on the show. They refer to many violent and sexual innuendoes. Firing someone because they have nude shots from 2008? That is nonsense.

  47. Johnny Berggren

    Did she work for the store… Or to be on television? Did they have to fire her from both? So History owns the pawn shop? You'd think it would have got more raitings to keep her. The show sucks… Antique Roadshow is better, lol!

  48. Alex Maskill

    Ugh. God forbid that someone hired by a show so shamelessly pandering they actually called it a homophone of "Porn Stars" might have done some pin-up modelling. How are we not past this "She does not ashamedly hide her body from the world! UNCLEAN!" reaction yet?

  49. Josh Hogg Vanwicklen

    I love pawn stars! I also love Olivia! U fire her for something so cool n all I gotta say is where the fuck is ur head at!!????

  50. Josh Hogg Vanwicklen

    But now it's too late…so I suggest giving her her own show, I'd watch!!!!

  51. Alex Wilkie

    Actually no, you're wrong in that sense, the pictures surfaced in the National Enquirer, you know the one where they talk about how Obama is a muslim alien from neptune, it might be fake jokey stories most of the time but they have real stories in there – I doubt if Gold and Silver Pawn had a tv-show of their own they would've kept her on, but because of advertisement concerning the show, and people who work on the show – etc etc they have to look at how someones bits showing up in a tabloids rag would affect the image of the store and of the show – It has nothing to do with discrimination (you're just using it as a buzz word) – if it were discrimination they would've fired her for being a girl, or for having tattoos.

  52. Alex Wilkie

    Also, even if people weren't looking for her pictures, they could just look at the cover of the National Enquirer – which I can garuntee is sitting at most major grocery stores or any magazine stand – they could see the headline "pawnstars girl gets nude" or something to that extent – so Old Agnus Jones would be interested in knowing whats going on with her favorite show. ITS ALL ABOUT THE IMAGE GURL

  53. John Spencer

    Sure they didn't SAY she was fired for being a SG model, they couldn't. Besides, did she show much skin on pawn stars? I'm wondering what's going to happen to businesses in the future when they find out the CEO has nude pictures when she was in high school floating around the net. What, fire everyone that's shown some skin on the net? LOL.. a LOT of out of work women then!

  54. Ben Farrell

    What I find pretty hipocritical is that this past year during the Sturgis motorcycle Rally one of the first places that the guys from Pawn Stars went when they got into Rapid City is the Belle Starr Gentlemans Club. I'm sure they knew what she had done and who she was before they hired her. I think this is total b.s.s that they have fired her. Now if you all excuse me I am going onto the Suicide Girls site and checking out her pictures.

  55. Jennifer Conklin-Schiewe

    NO WAY should she have been fired. What she does on her own time is up to her… You go girl and suicide girls are fricken awesome. Way better than some lame ass pawn shop. Just lost me as a viewer and a customer.

  56. Anthony Ferrara

    Is nothing sacred… I thought Pawn Shops stood for family values and American ideals, not people who have the ability to undress their protective layer of shame covers…

  57. Valerie Amille

    God forbid someone see female breasts! Suicide girls IS a TASTEFUL nude pin-up site, but it is NOT pornography. There is no implied penetration allowed in photos, the girls are treated with the utmost respect, and they are workers, mothers, lovers, friends, daughters like anyone else. I bet if it were one of the male cast in TASTEFUL nude photos there would be NO firing. Stop slut-shaming people's bodies, especially the girls who decide to work for a site that empowers women and makes us proud to be comfortable in our own bodies.

  58. Carrie Battaglear

    I love how all the articles say she was a porn star. She wasn't a porn star. She was a model. I hope she finds out who that "friend" was and kicks their ass. And she should file a complaint with her state for illegal employee practices. You can't fire someone for being a model previously, especially if they already knew about it.

  59. Charles Jordan

    Isn't the Pawn Stars on one of the Discovery Channel's? And didn't Kari Byron of the Mythbusters, pose in Playboy… and still keep her job? I smell coverup!

  60. Anonymous

    Seriously? A show called "Pawn Stars" has a problem with a star doing some lingerie photoshoots? WTF?

  61. Cyril Verbá

    Shut up, you witch! I'll never let my children see such a horrific sight as a naked woman, even if I'll have a girl! They'll waste their time watching gory movies and talk shows, but not scenes of love and passion that gave them birth! What?! What do you mean by 'hypocrisy', 'absurd' and 'idiocy'?

  62. Cody King

    How fucking lame. Obviously, the should not have fired her if they were already aware of the photos before hiring her. She can probably get unemployment now.

  63. Matthew Field

    What you do/did in your private life should in no way shape or form be connected with what you do for a living! That's why It's called "private life"!

  64. Tink Er Bell

    its not a family show. the show sux ass and just shows how STUPID this show is and its followers. thier loss not yours you r way better than those fatasses and the crack smoking dad or grandad, wat ever he is

  65. Tom Hunter

    The "cast" may have known. But the people in charge didn't. Does this writer really think that the Harrisons hired this woman? Or that they even NEEDED a new employee? Or for that matter, that a random pawn shop in Las Vegas is constantly getting pre-1800 guns brought in and other sorts of made-for-TV items? Or that an old pinball machine is really worth $3000? The show makes FAR more money than the pawn shop. Therefore the producers of the show are in COMPLETE control of everything that happens in that place.

  66. Tom Hunter

    Sorry, but you are naive if you think "they" (as in the Harrisons) fired her at all. They had no say in HIRING her, and they had no say in FIRING her. Just as they have no say in pretty much every single non-standard item that comes into their pawn shop. (I hate to break it to you, but if they really just had hidden cameras showing what REALLY happened at their pawn shop before the show came along, you would be seeing a whole bunch of watches and jewelry being pawned…not 300 year old guns and pre civil war antiques.)

  67. Don R. Mueller

    Do you have Brain Constipation? Then try Chum-Lax! After one dose of Chum-Lax your Brain Constipation will be gone. In fact, you won’t have any intelligent thoughts in your head. Recommended by “Chumlees” everywhere.

  68. Jocelyn Kellerhals

    no belladonna is the name of an actual porn star, the ass queen. fabulous work but to see Olivia Black's pics you have to subscribe to the suicide girls site.

  69. Anonymous

    I smell a Lawsuit over lost wages and job with the enquirer..I hope she sucks them dry.

  70. Mary Ann Kosub

    Pawn Stars is a family show. I love it because of that. My Grandchildren watch it. Olivia should have stayed clean. It is her fault she got fired. Pawn Stars did the right thing by getting rid of her. KEEP IT CLEAN.

  71. Ray Custer

    the fat asses and crack daddy were jealous of her because she is more successful than those pc. of shite thieves ever will be. those fatt asses fired her because she caught the fat asses sucking thier moms cock and crack daddy was riding a dildo and she busted up laughing at them so they let her go. she will find a better job and srtive forward.

  72. Γιωργος Μιχας

    Didn't realize that pawn shops had such high moral standards. What's wrong with nude modeling? She's not on a kids' show.

  73. George Cline

    so the show is keeping the four Fat dumd pricks who don't have a degree between them, who laugh and brag how they rip people off, all the while exhibiting extream violence and implied intimidation tactics. While firing the young girl who did soft porn to pay the bills…ummm FAIL.

  74. George Cline

    so the show is keeping the four Fat dumd pricks who don't have a degree between them, who laugh and brag how they rip people off, all the while exhibiting extreme violence and implied intimidation tactics. While firing the young girl who did soft porn to pay the bills…ummm FAIL.

  75. Jane Smith

    Considering that none of them (with the exception of the old man) leads a pristine life, I wouldn't be so quick to judge anyone else if I were in their shoes.

  76. George Rue

    Once I saw her fugly face and tats, I knew she didn't belong on the show. and I stopped watching it. I'm so glad she's off that show. now I can enjoy watching it again without that freak show of a girl ruining the show.

  77. George Rue

    I can't believe all the people writing here think that Oliva actually contributed anything worth while to the show. The show is about learning the value of old collectables. It's a learning show, not about Tits. The show teaches us about our past and it's value. Not about chicks man, you can see that everywhere else. She doesn't belong on that show.

  78. George Rue

    both of those girls need to taken off those shows so they can join the circus and continue looking and acting like tattoo clowns.

  79. George Rue

    I'm glad she's off that show. now she can join the circus and continue looking and acting like tattoo clowns.

  80. George Rue

    I'm glad she's off that show. now she can join the circus and continue looking and acting like tattoo clowns.

  81. George Rue

    I'm glad she's off that show. now she can join the circus and continue looking and acting like tattoo clowns.

  82. George Rue

    relieable worker? are you kidding !! she didnt know jake shit about anything in the store. I'm glad she's off that show. now she can join the circus and continue looking and acting like tattoo clowns.

  83. George Rue

    I'm glad she's off that show. now she can join the circus and continue looking and acting like tattoo clowns.

  84. George Rue

    I'm glad she's off that show. now she can join the circus and continue looking and acting like tattoo clowns.

  85. George Rue

    I'm glad she's off that show. now she can join the circus and continue looking and acting like tattoo clowns.

  86. Dave Martin

    The pawn stars owners are very ethical..NOT! They worship money..They are the whores os greed and want. Judge not, you money worshiping hedons..

  87. Cici Moore

    Wow so you'd rather have them watch violence and blood and gore and raise them on that instead of letting them be exposed to a little of real life love. I'm not talking about porn, I'm talking about the fact that yeah, sex is a mainstream thing on TV and most shows have it but not to pornographic levels. By saying that you aren't going to let them know about it means you are sending them into the world blind where they could be taken advantage of or accidentally end up in a situation that they don't want to be in.

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