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Suri Cruise’s $24k Gift? A Playhouse With Its Own Garage

grand victorian playhouse

Suri Cruise is getting a house for Christmas. Ok, it’s a small house but Cruise’s $24k gift is nothing to laugh it.

According to the Daily Mail, Tom Cruise’s daughter will be a spoiled little girl on Christmas morning thanks to Katie Holmes extravagant gift. Holmes is reportedly buying Suri a $24,000 playhouse.

How could a playhouse cost $24,000? Well, The Sun reports that Cruise’s new digs will have a media room, an eat-in-kitchen, an intercom system, a sunroom, and a garage for toy storage. Holmes is also getting Suri a Mercedes (the kid toy version) so Suri’s garage may also be used to store her new ride.

The Grand Victorian Luxury Playhouse was created by a “professional interior designer and expert builder” and will have running water, electricity and heat. So yes, it’s called a playhouse but let’s be honest. Suri Cruise’s $24k gift is a house.

Zap2It reports that the luxury playhouse isn’t the only thing that Suri will open on Christmas morning. Suri is also getting a new iPad, a Ralph Lauren Dress and a Chloe fur coat. All in all, Holmes has reportedly spent more than $45,000 on her daughter for Christmas this year.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise recently went through a very public, and very quick, divorce. There’s no word yet on what Tom is getting her daughter but if he wants to compete with Holmes for the most ridiculous present of the year award there is a $76,000 brick playhouse on the market.

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26 Responses to “Suri Cruise’s $24k Gift? A Playhouse With Its Own Garage”

  1. Connie Hilburn

    I thought they lived in a New York apartment…Where will they put the playhouse?

  2. Natasha Niemi

    Man, when you think of all the charities that could benefit from $24,000.

  3. Kim Carson

    Now, click on the red link at the end of the above story. I don't care what you say, THAT $76,000 Brick Playhouse that is on the market is NOT "a playhouse". The parents want to literally get rid of the kids by moving them into their own place or they have a warped sense of value and normal and finding beauty in the simple things. But seriously, I do kind of think it's almost like saying "this is so nice, this is your place". Here's ne for $1,700, I think this is even outrageous, when you stop to think about it! It's cute, build your own…

  4. Anonymous

    ridiculous! Think of all the children doing without warm coats and shoes this winter. Think of all the little ones going without food…

  5. Betty Ann Hosek

    thanks dip ship. for your articles. there are a lot of people who mcant buy food or toys do you think this is new worthy to us. heres your STUPID SIGN.

  6. Joy Daggett

    I feel sorry for any guy who falls for her when she's older…he won't be able to afford anything she hasn't seen or had before. :(

  7. Shawn McKeon Hogan

    Very very sad….. she should take her to hand out toys paid for with that kind of money at Women and Children shelters, childrens cancer centers, childrens hospitals, ect. instead…many of lifes lessons start when so young.

  8. Bobbi Jean Hinton

    my youngest daughter just got her first job and you know what she did with her hard earned money? Went and picked 8 "Give a Gift" off Christmas gift giving trees. Ya think Suri will ever do something like that?

  9. Deidre M. Coffey

    If I could I would! I would love to be able to give my kids a pay house like that!

  10. Sandra Brodie Carr

    This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. Let the child be a normal child! She is no more special than any other child in the world.

  11. Carolyn Charlie Breen Morton

    You had me stuck at 'the fur coat'. Now THAT is ridiculous.

  12. Kristin Rohde

    This girl is going off the rails in 15 or less yrs. Suri is being brought up in an alternate reality, parents are setting her up for failure. I agree, ideals of sharing the weatlh and helping the less fortunate would serve her better than a palacial playhouse. What are the parents thinking? I actually used to have some respect for Katie at least.

  13. Suelen Asberry Grant

    OK…I think if you can afford to give your child a $24K Play House, you can definitely afford to pay higher taxes. Or in the case of Clint Eastwood's daughter that destroyed a $100K purse, a tax increase is peanuts. Not picking on them, just a couple examples.

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