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Clinton Speculation: Did Hillary Fake Sick To Avoid Benghazi Testimony?

Hillary Clinton illness criticized

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently suffered a concussion that has Benghazi critics crying foul. The suggestion that Clinton faked sick to somehow avoid a potentially embarrassing congressional testimony has been slammed by aides as “wild speculation.”

Former United Nations envoy John Bolton was slammed by the State Department today for speculation that Hillary Clinton may have faked her concussion to avoid testifying before Congress about the attack on the US mission in Benghazi, Libya, reports the Chicago Tribune.

During a Fox News appearance, Bolton speculated that Clinton’s claim of fainting, hitting her head, and suffering a concussion amounts to what foreign service officers call a “diplomatic illness.”

“This is a ‘diplomatic illness’ to beat the band,” said Bolton, who served during the Bush administration. “I mean, I hope it’s nothing serious. But this was revealed in a way that I think was not transparent and I think there is an obligation here.”

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland blasted the Clinton speculation Tuesday, calling Bolton’s “diplomatic illness” accusation “completely untrue.”

“I can assure you, he’s not privy to any inside information,” Nuland said, calling Bolton’s criticism “wild speculation based on no information.” She also reported that Clinton is currently “on the mend.”

Still, Clinton speculation in the media is at an all-time high, with many noting that her “diplomatic illness” is at the very least conveniently timed. According to UPI, The New York Post said the development is “one of the most transparent dodges in the history of diplomacy,” and The Daily Caller called for a medical report, to prove “she’s not just stonewalling.”

Time for you to get in on this Clinton speculation: Is Bolton right-on with his “diplomatic illness” accusation, or is Hils only guilty of suffering from the worst timing ever? Methinks she’s just been too busy texting these days.

Texts from Hillary

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113 Responses to “Clinton Speculation: Did Hillary Fake Sick To Avoid Benghazi Testimony?”

  1. Princeton Bardwell

    gee I didn't realized that testifying might cause her concussion to worsen, Guess medical science finds cutting edge new discoveries every day. I would hazard to guess that if she actually told the truth under oath her headache would surely worsen from her undying stupidity. Especially when you can feign you are under attack when the airport is very secure. and never really have to answer for it, Oh well more drama.

  2. Fran Perry

    She has alread said she was to blame…what do you all need.that statement sums things up…but, the British were assigned to protect Stevens..etc…so, The British were responsible too.

  3. Anonymous

    Now I remember why I think Bolton is an ass. He's also a scoundrel and a fool. Clinton is not afraid of testifying before Congress. Period.

  4. Anonymous

    Now I remember why I think Bolton is an ass. He's also a scoundrel and a fool. Clinton is not afraid of testifying before Congress. Period.

  5. June Wager-Smith

    Victoria Nuland blasted the Clinton speculation Tuesday, calling Bolton’s “diplomatic illness” accusation “completely untrue.”.

    Nuland called Bolton’s criticism “wild speculation based on no information.”.

    You mean like the "wild speculation based on no information" that led the Obama administration to claim the Benghazi attack was due to that video?

  6. Ellen Upson

    What is she going to tell the senate panel that she has not already said to the public? She took the blame for Benghazi, accepted the recommendations from the investigation and asked for funding from congress. Ask yourself, who was the first govt official she called when she found out Chris Stevens was in trouble? She needs to leave govt: she is unappreciated, overworked," lied to", lied about, and underfunded in her current position.

  7. Debbie Belland

    It was stated about three weeks ago that Hillary was not going to testify. So, she is not faking this accident. After all, she did faint and then fell.

  8. Nancy Hutchins

    I know someone who had this awful stomach flu. She threw up all day and night, got up, went to walk downstairs to kitchen to get drink of water and fainted and fell down the stairs, ended up in ER and was found to be dehydrated and they gave her two bags of IV fluids to stabiliz her. This years stomach flu has lasted anywhere from 3 to 9 days and was AWFUL. We need to STOP making everything that happens political. I voted for Obama in the primaries when he ran against Hillary and I believe her. If she says she fell after passing out because she was dehydrated then we need to believe her and stop making up ideas of what really happened.

  9. Ruth Simpson

    Terrible, a concussion. This will definitely delay or stop her testifying altogether. This is transparency at it's best. Oh, I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

  10. Stasi Morianos

    Really people that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard that she would fake illness it would only prolong it she wouldn't be then passed by she will still have to testify!

  11. Molly Kate Dickson

    It does sound fishy given the timing of it though. No one seems to want to testify over this. They may ask her what role or what Obama knew and why everyone called it a video.

  12. Alysse Moyed Musgrave

    Wow, these GOP leaders get more embarrassingly stupid every day. Keep it up! You'll never take back the oval office, morons.

  13. Lindalee Hulsey

    I think that people who do this to Hillary do not accept woman in politics backward and threatened. It is to bad and very sad, as Hillarry Clinton put out so much time and energy in recent American representation in other lands and here that someone could make up a fake story for publicity and drama.

    When we as Americans both men and women accept the present reality that not only are men serving this country and protecting us, also women serve in the Armed Forces, as well now not only a man of color is president, when have seriously risen onto the stage of power.

    Shaming us the country making up fake untrue stories of her is thwarting the truth of what America is, FREE.

    Bite your own tongue off Bolton…………………..former Bolton is former and over…….

  14. Bill Clarkson

    Sounds like when she claimed she was under attack in Iraq or somewhere and when the truth came out, typical Clinton response she said she had merely "miss spoke" Remember that incident?

  15. Bryan Brown

    The most slippery slope of reason is to presume that someone who disagrees with me is a fake. That is a self-defeating argument in almost every situation.

  16. Debbie Hurlburt

    How would you know? Have you seen the doctors report? Delay tactics by the libs because she does not want to get caught up in the lies. All those dems in the White House are in on it. now 4 people (so far)
    have stepped down from the state department, WHY? Sounds like coverup by all of them. Typical libs!!

  17. Ronald W. Smith

    She could kick Bolton's ass. What stupid speculation. The Repubs. ought to investigate why 3,000 plus troops were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.. Have George testify where the Weapons of Mass Destruction are and Dick Cheney answer why we were not greeted as "Liberators"!

  18. Rod Layman

    As a CNS specialist I can tell you whatever Mrs. Clinton's issue is, it is not a concussion. There is not a reputable physician on this earth that would have allowed her to take flights. The dangers of flying with any suspected head trauma is simply too high a risk to take, unless it involves air transport to save a life.

  19. Evelyn Adams

    Hey, the moment I heard that Hillary fainted, fell and sustained a concussion I thought it was just too convenient! Slick Willie and Hill know ALL the tricks.

  20. Pat Tate

    Why did I know this would happen? Her press had been too positive so the Rethugs had to find a way to smear her character.

  21. Richard Earl Griffin

    June Wager-Smith can you read or do you need fox to tell you whats whats Bolton is talking about what he did and would do he has no creditability hes a lier a in between the back pockets licker,JOHN Bolton will lick a wet door knob

  22. Bill Doyle

    Not only did she fake an concussion, I think she will also suffer from amnesia to avoid testifying. Just like Bill couldn't remember what "is is".

  23. Connie Fuller Wright

    Lindalee – what a cover you give her. You should be upset that a woman in her position is making a mockery of justice. Four people died, she knows the truth. As a woman you should care more for the unnecessary dead. And quit trying to divert the issue with this worn out "women's lib" argument. As a woman, I am smart enough to know I have equal rights and respect. I see you are young.

  24. Richard Earl Griffin


  25. Tom Snyder

    It took three years for her records from the Rose Law firm to appear in a hallway in the White House. And she didn't know how those got there. Why wouldn't she lie about this?

  26. Helen Ras

    Just like she had Vincent Foster's info in her closet for a year and did not know, I guess there was no spring cleaning, too busy. Such a big headache with years of bs she wouldn't know the truth if it hit her in the face.

  27. Marcia Schreiber

    Her next medical condition well be amnesia from the concussion. Then she will claim she has no recollection of the Libyan situation. Remember her husband's repeated denials until the "blue dress" became known.

  28. George Kilgo

    Typical Clinton bs their both liars. him a skirt chaser her an air head. How anyone in this country feels the need for Clinton worship is sad.

  29. Anonymous

    Bolton is the biggest sleaze in this country. She has performed in a great way representing our country. If she needs rest, rest she shall get. Screw the clowns wanting to blow their war mongering blow holes.

  30. Alysia Kaltenbach Driggers

    Hillary has had a concussion her whole political career…

  31. Mark Adkins

    Oh Please! H. Clinton is not afraid of testifying before Congress. I think President Obama wants to get a deal passed before any distractions. Mrs. Clinton will testify so calm down and quit crying…..

  32. Shelly Azzata

    Stop the cutting funding speech. Four Americans were killed that day, including an Ambassador and Navy Seals. We somehow found the funding for the Haitian earthquake victims! We somehow found the funding for "Obamacare". Wake up Richard! The President does need anything else to make him look bad. He is bad. This is just another coverup by him and the State Dept. And we are thinking about Hillary Clinton for president in 2016? Hope we all have a concussion at election time. I know if she runs, I will have a stomach virus.

  33. Jeanette Kunkel

    finally an honest non-paranoid remark….people need to get a grip and stop seeing conspiracy everywhere.Anybody out there making stupid ASSumptions have any medical or law background?Doubtful.

  34. Gary D. Holmes

    If you wish to speculate about Mrs. Clinton's illness. Let us all, as American Citizens, Ask The Congress, what their "Agenda is?". Why does Congress sit on its duff, receive mega-millions from PACS, Superpacs, etc. Take "fact-finding" trips overseas, and then say there is not enough time to get a Budget passed. In the real world, they would be fired for dereliction of duty, taking bribes and put in State, and Federal Prisons(not the luxury, golf course, near your home ones' either, served their full term in Prison, and would not be able to vote anymore. It is high time , that all politicians, quit stuffing their pockets with donations, sit down, DO YOUR JOB, and get YOUR HOUSE & SENATE IN ORDER. By the way , As an afterthought, start licking your own stamps & answering Your On E-Mails, then you will understand what The small business man/woman goes thru on a daily basis, AND YES I AM INCLUDING THE FARMERS(remember that fancy cheeseburger u dined on in DC), American Farmers raised that beef, the beef was processed in America, and the Fancy restaurant served it to you, which you billed as a "expenditure" in your Congressional Budget. So folks, GET REAL> I quess my local Congressperson/Senator won't answer my E-mails anymore. GOD SPEED? WB

  35. Daniel N. Nuzzo

    Comments make by Thomas Jefferson ( One of the signer of our Declaration Of Independence.)

    When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, We shall become as corrupt as Europe."

    The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not,".

    It is incumbent on every generation to pay it'd own depts as it goed. A principle whiich if acted on would save one- half the wars of the world."

    I can predict future happiness for americans if they can prevent the goverment fron wasting the labors of the people under pretense of taking care of them."

    My reading of history convinces me that most bad goverment results from too much goverment."

    No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."

    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is as a last resort to protect themselves againts tyranny in goverment."

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with blood of patrots and tyrants."

    To compel a man to subsidize with taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical."

    I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties then standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up arounds banks will deprive the people of all property-until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.


    Daniel N. Nuzzo

  36. Daniel N. Nuzzo

    Bolton become an ass because he telling the truth/ You and your friends in washington fail to realize that four American were murdered. I bet if they were member of your family you'd be up in arms to find out the truth.
    Former G/ Sgt. USMC
    Daniel N.Nuzzo

  37. Daniel N. Nuzzo

    Richard Earl Griffin You are one of those guys who has one finger in his mouth and the other in his ass and every so often you switch them.
    Daniel N.Nuzzo

  38. Anonymous

    What part of Bolton and a selection of you on this thread, are full of brown matter do you not understand? Get a life and while you're at it, put the wheels back on your trailers so you can move out of here! It really doesn't matter why Benghazi was attacked. What matters is that it's was secured by rent-a-cops, instead of US troops, because of budget cuts, because there were tax cuts that make funding Bush's wars nearly impossible much less finding fresh troops to guard that embassy. If they really want to interview Mrs. Clinton, they could get a deposition or wait until she's better! I don't believe your "diplomatic illness" arguments Mr. Bolton and all of you "Bubba's out there. As much traveling as this lady has done by representing us, it's no wonder that she's had the flu and a fainting spell. Her resistance must be shot from lack of sleep and permanent jet lag. As you you, Mr. Bolton, weren't you told that your services were no longer needed when you left your last job?

  39. Tony Kennedy

    You have no argument about funding. Nothing stopped them from pulling the diplomats out before the atacks. Other countries did pull their diplomats out. There was ample warnning.

  40. Rebecca Tee

    I'm a die hard liberal who believes Obama & his crew are the greatest thing since sliced bread was unvented! I wil buy your bridge! How much yah asking? I can add a toll, right?

  41. Rebecca Tee

    and I don't care that Obamam is sending the deficit parabolic, ObamaCare stinks to high heaven with insurance fraud, and that Obama appeases to Iran who is nuking up & wants to eliminate Israel. I don't care beacause I am a liberal and I worship the ground Obama stands on. Rah rah rah!

  42. Ian Elliott

    I don't think so. I think she really is seriously ill. I've thought so for several months now, ever since she talked about retiring from public life. I think the stress of the job finally got to her. Diplomatically, she has been a fine secretary of state. Expecting someone to take care of the public part of the job and also run a huge department is perhaps unrealistic.

  43. Wm Thomas Hill

    People are listening to John Bolton? Why? Hasn't he been exsposed as a man without honor… as a man without integrity… as a man not worth listening to by enough men of honor. Why is he still being given a platform upon which to speak?

  44. Steve Ehrlich

    So why couldn't the testimony be postponed until she's feeling better and can testify? It's too conveniently timed for her not to have faked it and Nuland's explanation is just a denial of what Bolton said with nothing to back it up, specifically medical records.

  45. Anonymous

    Everyone knows it's important to get your story straight, so a "mild" bump is appropriate for a politician, so she can make sure she doesn't leak any form of the truth. Just know she messed up big time.

  46. Ed Estwanick

    A Clinton doing something not "above board"? That's a shock. Wouldn't doubt it for a minute. In her defense though….look at her…she always looks sickly so who knows?

  47. Phil Semenuk

    Another Whitewater case for us all. She's a liar just like the rest of this administration.

  48. Anonymous

    Hilary is a very strong woman… I don't think she would back down from anything!

  49. Anonymous

    Hillary still wants to be President of the USA after a concussion I would think NOT, she couldn't be

  50. Anonymous

    After Benghazi, Hillary looked in the mirror & realized that her Tax Payer Globe Trotting position was just a Waste of time & money. Everyone is Sick & Tired of "The Clintons", So good bye and good riddance!

  51. Anonymous

    "I don't recall. I can't remember." Hillary's most memorable statements in her illustrious career.

  52. Anonymous

    Don't ever think that Hillary is above lying. All one has to do is look at her record with the Rose Law Firm billing documents. If the Benghazi mess had accurred during a Republican administration, there would be investigations by special prosecutors that would make Watergate look pale. How much coverup does it take by the Barack regime for the news media "watchdogs" to b awakened. James

  53. Joe Moore

    Dick Griffin – when you can't debate the facts, scream fox news and call names – good libby, good…BHO would be proud. Oh and Richard – can you try English next time? "whats whats" and "creditability hes a lier " and then this was just profound "the back pockets licker,JOHN Bolton will lick a wet door knob" – Brilliant you are!

  54. Sonia Ouellette

    of course she is faking…after 4 years and not being sick…she has to confess to the senate…AND SHE GETS SICK? COME ON BE REAL..THIS WOMAN IS A DISGRACE TO AMERICA….HER AND ODUMBO SHOULD JUST LEAVE THE COUNTRY SHE IS TOAST!

  55. Sonia Ouellette


  56. Sonia Ouellette

    no i think she is on heavy meds…maybe related to hillary!!!! one sick girl!!!!! wait till she sees what is going to happen down the road…she will be a disgrace to her family and friends…can't wait!!!!!

  57. Jerri Dobbs

    Hillary Clinton has done or at least tried to more than all the men that are attacking her. A strong woman is always attacked by weak,frightened men. It is just another example of white male america. Will they every learn? Imagine what she could have accomplished had they tried to "listen to and work with" her.

  58. Cheryl Ford

    Well, where is she? Why didn't we see her wheeled into a hospital, like we always do with prominent people? Well, we should pray for her. I am sure she was marching to the President's orders. Is she being thrown under the bus? He's good at that, it seems.

  59. Reyna Borjas

    ofcourse she is faking a concussion, then if they make her testify she is going to say you know that concussion made me abit forgetful and they would let her of the hook again.
    The clintons are expert liars remember! I did not inhale, I did not sleep with that woman, about the real estate fraud, her getting shot if after all this she runs for president we should remind her she is not qualified do to the concussion.

  60. Skip Naler

    As a former Prefessional and College Trainer you don't just go home and rest following a concussion. You go to the doctor as there are tests that need to be performed, She says she will testify next month but her term ends next month and as a private citizen she is not required to do so. Can you spell COVER UP? And she wants to be President? As they say on Sunday Morning on ESPN COM'ON MAN!

  61. Dave Wheeler

    the american people are idiots, everyone lets anything happen so no individual will have to actually take things into their own hands and fight back. by the way give the gov't more $ because they said so!

  62. Sammy Atechi

    Indeed. People need to be serious. paranoid remarks of this kind will never move us an inch to the right direction. Does this poor lady really deserve this?

  63. Lee Abbamondi

    This will be remembered if she ever tries to run for anything in the future. Remember when the FBI agent was killed in Virginia? Remember the memory lapse when she and Bill were suppose to testify about another incident when he was in office? But they cleaned up their memories to write books… my opinion she shouldn't even serve as dog catcher.

  64. Anonymous

    Didn't she claim to have been shot at or under fire also a few years back.

  65. Anonymous

    Kosavo Bosnia claimed to be shoot at.I think she took her training with John the worrior Kerry.

  66. Steve Paquin

    Hillary Clinton is a useless tea bag. Of course she is faking this so-called illness. Wake up people.. I cannot believe you people are falling for this. Amazing left-winged idiots.

  67. Mark A. Clapp

    Perfect prerecoquisite for the Presidency. Dodge, blame Bush, state "I don't recall" 138 times before Congress and then write a memoir and make $15 million on both Clinton autobiographies. Clinton in 2016! Muhamid Ali would be proud of this bob & weave. Someone give this lady a cigar!

  68. Chris Greenhough

    As Clinton continues to receive treatment in New York for a blood clot on her brain, I imagine quite a few people commenting here feel a tiny bit foolish.

    Or maybe it's all an Obama-cooked conspiracy?

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